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Awesome Syringe Life Hacks

Awesome Syringe Life Hacks

#1 Hulling a Strawberry

Hulling a strawberry can be difficult because they are a relatively small fruit. Most people who try to use a knife end up cutting out a great deal of the strawberry. Hulling a strawberry can be easily done with a syringe. Start by heating a knife with a lighter. Make sure you don’t touch the blade after it is heated. Next, use the knife to cut the tip off the syringe, right at the plunger. Discard the plastic that you cut off. Next, pull the plunger up as high as it can go and push the syringe into the strawberry. When you pull the syringe out, push the plunger down and the hull of the strawberry will come right out. The best part is that you can use the syringe over and over again.

#2 Peel an Orange Easily

If you have trouble digging your fingers into the skin of an orange to peel it and if you cut too deeply into the orange with a knife, a syringe can help. Simple take the syringe complete with a needle and fill it with water. Next, poke it into the black core on the top of the orange. Be sure to push the needle all the way in and push the plunger so that the water goes into the orange. When you remove the syringe, you will easily be able to start the peel with your fingers. The water will help the orange separate from the peel. If you use a syringe, you can peel your orange in half the time with half the effort.

#3 Core an Apple

Coring an apple can be difficult. If you don’t have an apple corer, you can use a knife, however, you might end up cutting out part of the apple which is a waste. You can core an apple with a syringe similar to the way that you would hull a strawberry. Using a heated knife, but the top of the syringe off. This will allow you to get the core out of the apple. Next, push the syringe over the stem and into the core. It might take a bit of strength. After you have pushed the syringe completely through the apple, pull it out and push on the plunger. This will push the core out of the syringe so that you can use it again.

#4 Syringe Dart Board

If you want to find a way to pass the time and you have a thumb tack, glue, cardboard, and a syringe, you can create the perfect game. Start by cutting two small triangles out of a piece of cardboard and glue it to a thumb tack. On a piece of paper, draw a bullseye. Next, load the thumb tack into an empty syringe, the sharp part facing out. Next, aim the syringe at the bullseye, and press the plunger so that it shoots at the bullseye. It might not make your life easier, however, it will make your life more fun.

#5 Give a Baby Liquid Medication

This is one of the most awesome syringe life hacks. It can be difficult to give a baby their medication. The baby doesn’t want to take the medication and she doesn’t understand how important it is that she take it. Many baby medications come with a dropper, however, the baby can control how fast or slow she is going to swallow the medication. She can also spit it all out if she doesn’t want to take it. Not only does this make the dose ineffective, it also makes a mess. You can use a syringe without the needle to make it much easier to give your baby the medication that she needs. Start by making sure that the plunger is pressed all the way in and stick the syringe into the medication. You should look at the recommended dosage and then match it up with the corresponding line on the syringe. Because syringes are marked by teaspoons and tablespoons, this is a great way to give your baby medication. Pull the plunger up until the syringe is filled to the recommended dosage. When you give the baby the medication, put the syringe in her mouth and press the plunger quickly. This will shoot the medication into her mouth quickly, so she won’t have a chance to spit it out.

#6 Don’t Waste the Toothpaste

Many people throw away their toothpaste before it is empty because it is too difficult to squeeze it out. This is where a hypodermic needle can help. Simply poke the needle through the toothpaste tube and pull the plunger out to suck out the toothpaste. When you are ready to use the toothpaste, push in the plunger over the toothbrush and you won’t need to waste any toothpaste.

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