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Bad Luck Superstitions From Around The World


Many people believe in superstitions. Some people think that if they break a mirror, they will have 10-years bad luck. Even a sweet little black cat walking in front of you is supposed to be bad luck. The same is true about walking under a mirror. Here are bad luck superstitions from around the world.

Germany: Lighting a Cigarette With a Candle

You should never use a candle to light your cigarette in Germany because it supposed to bring bad luck superstitions to sailors. Historically, sailors made money on matches, so using a candle to light your cigarettes would be taking money from them.

Rwanda: Eating Goat Meat

Women in Rwanda avoid eating goat meat because they believe it will make them grow facial hair.

Latin America: Marriage

In Latin America, you should never get married on a Tuesday. Most people wouldn’t because your guests might not be available, but it believed to bring bad luck superstitions to a relationship.

Many Countries: Umbrella

This is a superstition in many places around the world. It considered bad luck if you open an umbrella indoors.

Iceland: Knitting

If you are planning to knit in Iceland, you should do so indoors. It believed that knitting outside will prolong winter. Who wants to knit outdoors during an Icelandic winter anyway.

Various Countries: Sleeping

Many counties believe that you should avoid sleeping with your head facing North or West. In Japan, bodies are buried with their heads facing north. In Africa, they face west.

Lithuania: Whistling

In Lithuania, you should never whistle while you are working. It said to bring demons.

Various Countries: Ladders

Many countries believe that it is bad luck to water under ladders. This superstition dates back to medieval times. The ladder symbolizes the gallows where people hanged.

Azerbaijan: Salt and Pepper

In Azerbaijan, spilling salt or pepper is bad luck. It used to be very expensive and was wasteful to spill. If you do spill, sprinkle some sugar over the spill to cancel out the bad juju.

South Korea: Tapping or Swinging Your Legs

In South Korea, you should never tap or swing your legs when you are sitting. If you do, it believed that all of your luck and wealth will pour out of you.

China: Flipping Cooked Fish

If you are eating fish in China, you should never flip it over once it is cooked. If you do, it believed that a ship will capsize.

Pennsylvania Germans: Bathing

Pennsylvania Germans believe that it is bad luck to bathe between Christmas and New Year’s. They also think that it is bad luck to change your underwear during this time.

Serbia: Babies

In Serbia, you should call your baby ugly. If you compliment a baby, it considered taboo.

Ireland: Brides

In Ireland, brides wear bells on their gowns to ward off evil spirits that will try to ruin the marriage.

Argentina: Mixing Watermelon and Wine

In Argentina, you should never mix wine and watermelon because it is believed to cause certain death.

Kenya: Owls

In Kenya, owls are bad news. If you hear or see an owl, death us upon you. Also, owls are said to deliver curses.

Various Countries: Chopsticks

In various countries, it is considered bad luck to use your chopsticks improperly. You should never point them at anyone, and never stick them in your rice. This can make them look like the symbol for four, which is very unlucky.

Brazil: Purses

In Brazil, you should never put your purse on the floor. If you do, it is believed that you will end up broke.

Syria: Yo-Yos

Yo-yos were banned in Syria in 1933 because it was believed that they would cause a drought.

Russia: Flowers

In Russia, you should avoid putting yellow flowers in an arrangement, especially in a bridal bouquet. They are a symbol of infertility, and they can bring on the end of a relationship. You should also use an odd number of flowers in your bridal bouquet because even numbers are used for funerals.

Korea: Misshapen Fruit

In Korea, you should never eat misshapen fruit while you are pregnant. If you do, you will have an ugly baby.

Sweden: Manholes

In Sweden, you should never step on a manhole with the letter A on it. If you do, it will result in bad luck and a broken heart.

India: Snakes

In India, snakes are worshiped because they are associated with Lord Shiva the Destroyer. If you dream about a snake in the morning, it means that destruction will come your way.

The Philippines: Wakes

In the Philippines, you should never go right home after a wake. If you do, an evil spirit could tag along. Instead, go to a store or restaurant first.

Western Culture: Cats

In Western culture, it is considered bad luck if a black cat crosses your path.

20th Century America: Rags

In 20th century America, people never brought old clothes or rags with them when they moved. They believed that these things should be burned or they would bring bad luck superstitions to the new house.

Middle East: Scissors

In the Middle East, it is bad luck to open scissors unless you have something to cut.

Greece: Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is considered bad luck in many parts of the world, but in Greece, people fear Tuesday the 13th. This is because it is the day that Constantinople fell twice. First to the Fourth Crusade, and later to the Ottoman Empire.

Italy: Bread

In Italy, you should never lay bread upside down. Since it represents the body of Christ, you should respect the bread and lay it neatly.

Asia: Forgotten Items

In Asia, you should never go home to get something that you forgot. It is believed that if you forgot it, it was never meant to be on the trip with you.

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