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Barry Williams CONFIRMS Maureen McCormick Hook-Up (Untold Romance)

Ever since the classic sitcom The Brady Bunch first rose to popularity, fans always wondered if stars Barry Williams and Maureen McCormick ever got together. The show followed the exploits of the Brady family, and those two stars played the family’s eldest children. Recently, the truth has finally revealed about whether or not these two stars ever hooked up. Join Facts Verse as Barry Williams finally reveals the relationship he had with Maureen McCormick.

The Brady Bunch first came on the air in 1969. The show followed the large Brady family, made up of Mike and Carol Brady, as well as their six children. The six children included Carol’s three daughters from a previous marriage. As well as Mike’s three sons from a previous marriage of his own. Rounding out the cast of the show was their maid, Alice.

Greg and Marcia were the oldest of the Brady siblings. Marcia was Alice’s eldest daughter, and Greg was Mike’s eldest son. The two stars were just starting to come of age at the time that the show was filming. Making it only natural for the audience to wonder if the two ever hit it off. For a while, the answer remained shrouded in mystery. However, it has recently revealed that the two did, in fact, have a relationship off of the screen. Still, it took nearly four decades for this truth to confirmed!

Following The Brady Bunch’s end in 1974. Both Barry and Maureen have consistently kept busy with other projects, as well as their personal lives. Maureen has become a reality television star, appearing on such programs as Celebrity Fit Club and Dancing with the Stars. She even appeared alongside many of her other former Brady siblings, including Barry, on a miniseries called A Very Brady Renovation. That miniseries centered on the premise of fixing up the house that had used as the original set for The Brady Bunch. Barry also continued his work in entertainment in other ways, having done some notable work on Broadway.

Besides having recently featured on the HGTV miniseries A Very Brady Renovation. Both Barry and Maureen have also appeared alongside each other in many made-for-television reunion specials since The Brady Bunch came to an end. Barry even made a cameo in 1995’s The Brady Bunch Movie. While Maureen had a voice cameo in that film’s 1996 sequel. Those two movies parodied the original show while also being loving homages.

The 1996 sequel to The Brady Bunch Movie called A Very Brady Sequel. In addition to it’s voice cameo from Maureen, it was also notable for a running gag that referenced the ongoing rumors that Barry and Maureen hooked up on the set of the show. In the movie, the characters of Greg and Marcia find themselves incestuously attracted to each other to comedic effect. Thankfully, Barry and Maureen weren’t siblings in real life. Because the two did actually have a fling on the set of the show.

Though it has taken nearly four decades. It has recently confirmed that Barry and Maureen did actually have feelings for each other while they were filming The Brady Bunch. Though these feelings did become apparent, the two were never able to make it truly work. This was partly because of their age, and partly because of interference from the producers trying to keep them apart.

Barry and Maureen were in their teens when The Brady Bunch began filming. Of course, the teen years are a time when hormones can act up a great deal. It makes sense that the two developed feelings for each other while filming the show. Given their similar age range and sheltered lifestyles. Barry was one of the only boys her age that Maureen had any contact with, and the two inherently bonded.

Despite the fact that Barry and Maureen had romantic feelings for each other, the producers of the show never let those feelings blossom into anything much more than just a friendship. Still, the two managed to experience a few memorable romantic moments together. While the cameras off during the filming of a fourth season episode wherein the Brady family had taken a trip to Hawaii, Barry was said to have given Maureen her first kiss.

The stars that played the eldest Brady siblings may have been each other’s first loves, but they certainly weren’t each other’s last. Both stars ended up married to other people later on in life. In fact, Barry has married three times! However, Barry and Maureen still remain close friends. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! As well, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

The producers of The Brady Bunch came out after the show’s end and claimed that a large unspoken part of their jobs had keeping the young stars that played the Brady siblings from getting involved with their respective counterparts of the opposite gender. This went beyond just Barry Williams and Maureen McCormick. Even the stars playing the younger Brady kids were susceptible to developing feelings for each other due to their proximity and age. The producers were afraid that these feelings could grow to cause problems on the set, so they were sure to try and shut them down as early as possible.

Barry and Maureen understood that they prohibited from becoming involved, but that didn’t stop them from flirting with the idea. For all intents and purposes, the two involved in a playful on-and-off-again romance during much of the filming of The Brady Bunch; it just had to be kept a secret. The two managed to keep the secret not only at the time, but also for several decades after the fact.

Maureen recalls the moment that Barry given his very own dressing room during the filming of a later season. After that, the two were able to spend a lot more time together behind closed doors. However, Maureen has shared that the two were never able to get too intimate before the producers came knocking on the door.

In addition to having feelings for Maureen, Barry also had a crush on his on-screen mother during the early days of The Brady Bunch. Of course, Barry’s on-screen mother Carol Brady, who portrayed on the show by the beautiful Florence Henderson. Famously, Florence said to have playfully given into Barry’s request to accompany him to a romantic dinner. Though Barry wasn’t old enough to drive at the time, he was able to secure his dinner. Barry was under the impression that the dinner was a date, and Florence played along. Sadly, the young man devastated once he realized that the elder actress was simply being nice and fulfilling the boy’s whims.

If things didn’t work out between Barry and his on-screen mom, they worked out slightly better between him and his on-screen sister. Still, the relationship between Barry and Maureen simply not meant to be. After The Brady Bunch came to an end, the two both ended up becoming involved with other people. Barry is currently married to his third wife, while Maureen is still with her first husband.

Maureen’s husband is a man by the name of Michael Cummings, whom she met and married in 1985. She met Michael while attending a concert, and has claimed that she became instantly infatuated with him. The two began dating, as well as attending church together. Soon after their initial meeting, they engaged and subsequently married.

Both Maureen and her husband have a close relationship with their own personal faith, which Maureen says has helped them stay together over the decades. Maureen has been with her first husband for over three decades, while Barry is already on his third wife! Maureen and her husband also have a daughter, whose name is Natalie. Instead of following in her mother’s footsteps and becoming an actress, Natalie decided to become a businesswoman.

Barry married his third wife, Tina Mahina, in 2017. Barry had married twice previously, once in 1990 and again seven years later. Barry’s first wife was Diane Martin, and they divorced in 1992. His second wife was Eila Mary Matt, and they divorced in 2005. Over the course of his three marriages, Barry has had two children: a son named Brandon from his second marriage and a daughter named Samantha that he had with an ex-girlfriend.

Barry and Maureen are both currently 66 years old, and they seem to be doing very well. They have each experienced troubles with substance abuse, though those issues appear to be well in the past. Although they aren’t romantically involved, Barry and Maureen still remain close friends. As well, they continue to appear alongside each other on made-for-television reunion specials and other related events. Including the miniseries A Very Brady Renovation.

A Very Brady Renovation premiered on HGTV in 2019, and lasted for seven episodes. In addition to Barry and Maureen, the miniseries also featured all of the other actors that played the six Brady children on the original show. In the 1990s, CBS attempted a short-lived series called The Bradys. The show featured many of the original cast from The Brady Bunch, including Barry and Florence Henderson. However, it only lasted for six episodes before being cancelled. The premise of the show centered on the Brady siblings as adults. Maureen chose not to reprise her role for the show, so another actress had to be hired to play Marcia.

Barry’s recent revelation that he and Maureen had a romantic relationship during the filming of The Brady Bunch served as a belated confirmation for decades of fan theories. Comment down below to share if you were one of many fans that wondered if the two ever got together behind the scenes of the classic 1969 sitcom, or if you were surprised to learn that it didn’t go further! As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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