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Beyoncé Reveals Why She Almost Gave Up Her Career For Good


Beyonce has done an awful lot to shape pop culture. Between her music, films, and other endeavors, she is incredibly successful. Most people think that she is a strong, confident woman, which overall, she is. However, like most people, she can be vulnerable. She even almost gave up on the limelight a few tines in her life. Beyonce reveals why she almost gave up on her career for good.

Beyonce’s Early Life

Beyonce grew up with her family in Houston, Texas. Her father, Matthew, sold Xerox machines. Her mother, Tina, ran a hair salon. Together, Matthew and Tina raised their two daughters, Beyonce and Solange. Beyonce started singing at a young age. When she was 7-years-old, she entered a talent contest. Most of the contestants were 16-years-old, and she sang, John Lennon’s Imagine, and she won. When her parents realized how talented she was, it got them thinking.

Girl’s Tyme

Beyonce’s parents got her cousin, Kelly Rowland, rapper LaTavia Roberson, and three other girls to start a hip-hop group called Girl’s Tyme. They appeared on Star Search, but they didn’t win. This didn’t stop Beyonce’s parents. The girls showed a great deal of promise, and they knew that their daughter had what it took to make it.

Trimming Down the Group

Matthew decided to quit his day job to manage the group full time. He decided that the group needed to be reworked, and he trimmed the group down to four girls. He also changed their name to Destiny’s Child. Once he had this figured out, it was time to find opportunities for the girls.

Columbia Records

In 1997, Destiny’s Child was signed to Columbia Records. In the beginning, they thought that it might be a gamble, but they proved themselves right away. Destiny’s Child’s first two albums were hits and garnered a great deal of praise. Beyonce and the other girls in her group were stars, but not everyone was happy.

LaTavia and LaToya Leave

The group consisted of Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, LaTivia Luckett, and LaToya Luckett. LaTavia and LaToya were tired of Beyonce dominating all of the songs and Matthew managing the group, and they were very vocal about their objections. Soon, the two girls were fired and replaced with Michelle Williams. After the girls left and Michelle came into the group, they became more popular.

Beyonce’s Depression

The Destiny’s Child controversy that caused the Luckett sisters to leave landed on Beyonce. Critics claimed that the problems were due to Beyonce being a control freak and a diva. They also accused her of asking her father to do her dirty work. Despite the group’s success and their hit singles and awards, Beyonce began to suffer from depression.


Beyonce decided to throw herself into her work and try her hand at acting. She landed the role of Foxxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers Goldmember. Later, she starred in the Oscar-winning Dreamgirls. While she enjoyed acting, she loved music more. She decided that the only way that she could do things her way is if she were to make a solo album. In 2003, her solo album, Dangerously in Love earned her Grammy Awards and amazing success. While she was focusing more on her music, she continued to act over the years. Her film, Obsessed, got rave reviews from critics and the public.


There were a number of artists featured in Beyonce’s album, and she enjoyed working with Jay-Z the most. Rumors of a relationship began, but Beyonce denied that she and the rapper were dating. Thanks to the success of her solo album, the girls of Destiny’s Child went their separate ways in 2006. She and Jay-Z finally copped to their relationship, and they got married. When she had a miscarriage with her first child, Beyonce went into a deep depression. To get over the grief, she started a fashion line, opened a cosmetology school, and started a campaign against gun violence.


Finally, Beyonce became a mother to her daughter, Blue Ivy in 2012. Shortly after, they had twins, Rumi, and Sir. She continued making music, performed at the Super Bowl Halftime Show and headlined at Coachella with her former Destiny’s Child bandmates. The girls got on stage together to perform some of Destiny’s Child’s biggest hits, and the crowd absolutely loved it. The next day, the reunion was front-page news. Beyoncé Reveals Why She Almost Gave Up Her Career For Good. The depression and the rumors almost caused her to quit and give up for good, but she kept going and has the life that most people dream about. Had she left singing, acting, and fame behind, we wouldn’t have so many of the songs today that we consider our “favorite songs.” Fortunately for everyone, she was stronger than even she thought.

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