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Bill Cosby Decides to Live His Final Days in Prison

Disgraced celebrity comedian and television star Bill Cosby became the first notable figure in the #MeToo movement to convicted for his crimes. While many of the star’s accused crimes had passed the statute of limitations. One incident was able to get him behind bars. Despite this victory, Bill’s sentence was perhaps a bit light. However, it now appears as if the convicted sex criminal doesn’t have any intention of taking advantage of this easy way out. Join Facts Verse as Bill Cosby Final Days in Prison.

Bill Cosby used to be one of the most beloved and friendly figures in entertainment thanks to The Cosby Show. This all changed once he became one of the first major figures wrapped up in the #MeToo movement around Hollywood. Soon afterwards, Bill became the first figure in the movement to convicted of his crimes. A conviction that saw him forced to spend a decade in a Pennsylvania prison.

Bill accused of molesting dozens and dozens of women. But most of the accusations fell well beyond the statute of limitations. However, there was one particular incident that was able to get the celebrity comedian behind bars. Given the fact that Bill’s conviction came from one crime and not the numerous crimes that he accused of. Many considered the star’s sentence to be rather light.

As a part of his sentence, Bill given parole hearings scheduled throughout his decade sentence. A major caveat of his parole eligibility is that Bill needs to show that he’s remorseful for his crimes. Given the fact that Bill and his team still refuse to admit any culpability, this is proving to be a harder task than it might seem.

Even in the midst of a decade-long prison sentence, Bill is refusing to admit that he did any of the crimes that he accused of. Bill has maintained his innocence through and through. However unlikely that innocence has come to seem in the eyes of the public.

Bill’s refusal to admit culpability means that he is unlikely to be eligible for early release as a result of his probation hearing. Early release on probation would require Bill to complete a sex offender course. Which the comedian simply cannot complete without admitting that he has committed the crime that he has convicted of. Join Facts Verse as Bill Cosby Final Days in Prison.

Bill has currently served three years, with the third year of his term being the first that he is eligible for probation. The star could prove to have a change of heart in the coming years. Still possibly allowing for an early release. However, there are many factors that make it appear as if Bill is simply making the decision to die in prison than face culpability for his crimes in any capacity.

The aging comedian is now 83-year-old. And many in his position would be looking for other ways to spend their twilight years than in a prison facility. However, it appears as if Bill is more than comfortable in the Pennsylvania institute in which he resides. Claiming that his room is more like a penthouse than a cell. If he weren’t in prison, it is likely that Bill would be residing in a facility of another kind. And one not much more hospitable. Because of this, it is unlikely that the sentencing is having all that much effect on the elderly comedian’s life. Still, it seems as if the issue that Bill is more concerned with is that of his innocence.

However increasingly likely it appeared to the public that Bill committed the crimes been either accused or convicted of. The comedian has maintained his innocence at every point. Bill’s pleas of innocence almost allowed him to get off free from his accusations. Given that the majority of them came from times that were well beyond the statute of limitations. However, there’s one crime that Bill accused of that remained timely. And this the crime that inevitably put the television star behind bars.

Surrounding Bill’s criminal conviction has been a hype regarding many years of routine assault against unknowing female victims. However, the incident that put Bill behind bars stems from just one single victim. This victim was Temple University basketball team manager Andrea Constand. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support. As well, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

Bill Cosby and Andrea Constand had met at Temple University, where Andrea was an employee and Bill served on the board of trustees. In addition to his position on the board of trustees. Bill also used his success in entertainment to position himself as a celebrity visitor on campus numerous times. Due to this position that Bill held at the campus, it came as no surprise that he was able to convince Andrea to accompany him socially. However, the social arrangement turned out to be much more than Andrea had bargained for. Join Facts Verse as Bill Cosby Final Days in Prison.

This incident between Bill and Andrea occurred in 2004, making it one of the more recent accusations pressed against the elderly comedian. Because of this, the accusation fell within the statute of limitations and able to be taken to court. Besides the fact that dozens of other women had accused Bill of crimes that were similarly vile. Andrea’s proved to be the crime that put Bill behind bars.

From the moment he accused to the moment that he brought to his cell, Bill maintained his innocence. However, there are few public figures that seem to stand behind him. Bill used to be one of the most revered figures in his industry. Having pioneered black entertainment with 1984’s The Cosby Show. While black people had featured on television to a great degree prior to the introduction of Bill’s flagship program. Bill fought to make them more ubiquitous amongst the general public.

Prior black entertainment had drawn attention to the issue of race, but The Cosby Show broke boundaries by making it seem as if race wasn’t an issue. Bill played a doctor on the program with a successful marriage and family. And he rarely, if ever, ever seemed provoked to draw attention to the color of his skin. The issues that Bill faced in his flagship sitcom were universal. And watchers of any color or creed could identify with them. This allowed both Bill and the black community to reach a wider audience than they ever had. Join Facts Verse as Bill Cosby Final Days in Prison.

Bill’s street cred is perhaps what allowed him to perpetuate his crimes unnoticed for such a long period of time. Bill’s crimes were an open secret amongst the Hollywood community for a number of years. To the point where it was a fairly obscure comedian that was able to bring attention to them for the ultimate time. This comedian was Hannibal Buress, a fellow black comedian who venerated Bill a great deal in his youth. It Hannibal’s unpracticed stand-up routine to an in-crowd at a local venue that inadvertently brought major attention to Bill’s crimes and arguably sparked the flames of the entire #MeToo movement.

Though Bill denies that he ever did any of his crimes, there seems to be an air of guilt around him that is undeniable. The comedian has essentially given a slap on the wrists when you consider the crimes that he has potentially committed, yet he would still rather waste away in his cell than come out and admit to even a fraction of his guilt. It is likely that Bill’s wealthy simply allows him to live a life of luxury in his Pennsylvania cell that leaves him disinterested with the prospect of freedom. Otherwise, it could be that Bill has simply given up on the possibility that he deserves it.

Bill is currently serving time at Phoenix State Correctional Facility, where he seems to be rapidly becoming increasingly unable to function without help. His legal team tried to get Bill released early due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but this journey proved unsuccessful. Still, it was reported that the pandemic was allowing Bill to shower in his own personal cell rather than the public showers forced on other inmates.

Since his stay in prison, Bill has appeared to be suffering from dementia, as well as numerous other health setbacks. His daughter, Ensa, died shortly before his sentencing, and Bill has routinely expressed that he has no awareness of her death. Routinely, Bill has questioned his spouse over the phone about Ensa’s death. Only to be lead through the same routine of guilt and remorse once he realizes that his daughter is actually dead.

Besides these mental handicaps, Bill also doesn’t seem to be doing well physically. Many sources claim that Bill has essentially gone blind due to engorged corneas, and he has also seemed largely unable to get around without personal help. Likely, Bill is currently wasting away comfortably in his Pennsylvania cell. Still murmuring to himself that he is innocent of the many crimes that he has been accused of. However, it remains altogether unlikely that he is remotely as comfortable as he claims to be. Join Facts Verse as Bill Cosby Final Days in Prison.

Despite the massive ramifications of the accusations and conviction pressed against Bill Cosby. His work has still touched many millions of individuals all throughout the world. Comment down below to share whether Bill’s crimes have made you unable to enjoy his artistic legacy. Or if you truly believe that Bill is guilty of all that he has been accused of. As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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