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Billy Bob Thornton Has Too Much Hate in His Heart

Billy Bob Thornton is a star whose name is well known in the film industry. Unfortunately, not always for the best reasons. The actor and filmmaker has made his fair share of enemies throughout his prolific Hollywood career. In addition to stepping on toes, stirring up drama, and beefing with fellow actors and filmmakers. Thornton is known for someone that is staunchly unapologetic for his views and behavior. He’s someone that speaks his mind and couldn’t care less what people think about him. If he ruffles a few feathers with his opinions, then that’s just the way it is.

Billy Bob started working in the entertainment industry as a musician in a ZZ Top cover band called Tres Hombres before he decided to shift gears and try his luck as an actor. He had his first big break when he co-wrote and starred in 1992s One False Move. He further cemented himself as a force to reckoned with in Tinsel Town after writing, directing. And starring in the Academy-Award-winning drama flick Sling Blade in 1996.

Thronton went on to appear in box-office hits like 1996s Armageddon, 2001s Friday Night Lights, and 2003s Bad Santa. As a writer, Thornton has penned the scripts for films such as 1996s Family Thing, 2000s True Grit, and 2012s Jayne Mansfield’s Car – just to name a few. In 2014, he starred in the first season of the critically acclaimed drama series Fargo. And as a musican, Thornton is the frontman for the rock band The Boxmasters.

Despite having a successful Hollywood career, life hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Thornton. He’s had to contend with several tragic losses, a turbulent childhood, poverty, heartbreak, addiction. And many other hardships that have shaped his outlook and attitude. It’s reasonable to assume that these more challenging chapters of his life have had a hardening effect on him. And judging by some of the more controversial remarks he’s made in the past. It’s safe to say that Thornton is a celebrity that has quite a bit of hate in his heart.

Keep watching to learn about some of Billy Bob Thortnon’s most-publicized hate-filled tirades. Oddly-specific pet- peeves, cringe-worthy hot takes, and headline-stealing meltdowns. Join Facts Verse to learn more about the Billy Bob Thornton Has Too Much Hate in His Heart.

Billy Bob Hates Cupcake Wars

This one might seem like it’s coming straight out of the left field. But as it turns out, Billy Bob Thornton absolutely detests Food Network’s realty-based television show Cupcake Wars with a fiery burning passion.

For the uninitiated, Cupcake Wars is a baking completion show where contestants are judged by their cupcake-making abilities. If you haven’t noticed, there are a ton of these kind of shows on television and streaming services in recent years. Why people want to sit and watch people make baked goods that they’ll never able to taste for themselves is anyone’s guess.

Apparently Billy Bob shares this sentiment because he’s quite outspoken about his hatred for the show.

In 2014, while appearing on an episode of Oprah’s Master Class. Thornton expressed his dismay at why there needed to a show about cupcakes in the first place. He went on to complain about why then said shows had to be a competition.

Thornton then suggested that anyone that had ever in an actual war must take offense to the show’s lax use of the word before adding that such reality programs likely making society meaner.

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He Hates The Faces Actors Make On Movie Posters

In 2016 Billy Bob was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. During his interview, Thornton opened up about one of his personal pet-peeves in Hollywood by describing what he refers to as “Actor Movie Poster Face”.

Thornton explained that there are really only a couple of faces that actors ever make when posing for film promotional posters. He even admitted to having made the face in question himself at one point before he “caught on”.

After demonstrating the facial expression, he described it to Fallon as looking far off into the distance with one’s mouth gaping open.

Thornton then went on to complain about a time when he was posing for “Bad Santa’ photo-op where he’s in character as the titular trouble-making lead. He explained that he had a sack of presents over his should and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. But then the studio forced him to swap out the cigarette for a toothpick in order to be more politically correct.

Thornton, however, thought that this swap-out was ridiculous since the whole point of the Bad Santa character was that he was rough-around-the-edges kind of guy who had a whole slew of nasty habits and vices. So, you might as well add ‘censorship’ to the list of things that Billy Bob hates as well.

The Time That Thornton Canceled A Canadian Tour After Insulting A Crowd

While touring Canada in 2009 with his band The Boxmasters. Thornton got irate with the audience and described them as ‘mashed potatoes without gravy’. Just days later, Billy Bob canceled the remaining dates of the tour after receiving pushback for his insulting comments.

The controversy began a week earlier when Thornton lashed out against a radio show host named Jian Ghomeshi with Canada’s CBC radio on the program Studio Q. Ghomeshi had evidently warned before doing the interview not to mention Billy Bob’s acting career. But when he introduced him, he referred to him as an ‘Oscar-winning screenwriter, actor, and director’.

That’s when things got awkward. And for the remainder of the interview, Thronton answered the majority of questions with “I don’t know” or “I don’t know what you’re talking about”.

Thornton then decided to take a jab at his Canadian fans by saying that Canadian audiences seem too reserved. He explained that in other places, people tend to throw things and get excited at his shows. But in Cananda, they just ‘sit there’.

After Ghmosehi wrapped up the interview, he introduced The Boxmasters. Who were planning on playing an instrumental version of one of their songs. Billy Bob, seemingly still peeved by how the interview started, declined to join in during the performance.

Not long after that interview, The Boxmasters played a show in Toronto where they widely booed. One fan could even heard shouting ‘here comes the gravy!’ – referencing Billy Bob’s earlier dig on the radio show.

After playing two more shows in Montreal, Quebec and London, Ontario in which the band subjected to similar treatment. Thornton announced that they would forego playing any more shows in Canada due to some kind of mysterious illness.

Billy Bob’s Hatred Of Antiques

While filming 2003s Love Actually, in which Thornton had a minor role as the President of the United States. It came out that he had a crippling phobia of antiques.

When filming scenes with Martine McCutcheon and Hugh Grant, he reportedly became very uncomfortable when he forced around items that were 500 years old. In a later interview with the New York Times, he clarified that it wasn’t all antiques that rubbed him the wrong way. Instead it was as he described, ‘French, English, and Scottish old mildewy stuff’. ‘old dusty heavy drapes and big tables with lions head carved in it’ . And other items that were too big to be functional that gave him the creeps.

He Doesn’t Think Talent Is Necessary To Be An Actor

If you asked most professional actors about their career choice. They would probably say that you need a great deal of talent if you want to climb to the top of the industry. But Billy Bob Thornton sees things in a very different light.

Thornton believes that instead of talent, actors simply need to think of significant moments from their past and channel the emotions that they felt in those moments while delivering their performance. Of course, it can argued that believably adopting past emotions into a role requires talent in and of itself.

Even so, it’s undeniable that Billy Bob has had a life full of emotional highs and lows. For one thing, he’s gone through more than one painful divorce – most famously with actress Angelina Jolie.

Beyond that, Thornton has frequently talked about his time cleaning up after fatal accidents when he worked for the highway department before becoming an actor. Arguably more heart-pulling was when he had to process the tangled web of emotions. That came with his estranged daughter being sentenced to 20 years in prison.. It is for aggravated manslaughter or the time when his brother suddenly died from a rare heart condition.

If that wasn’t enough, Billy Bob Thornton has also been surprising forthcoming about the ways that his father physically and emotionally abused him as a child. And although the man put him through the wringer for many years. Thornton had a difficult time dealing with the complex emotions that came flooding in when his dad lost his battle with cancer.

So yes, Billy Bob Thornton certainly does have a vast well of emotional baggage to pull from when stepping into character. But the fact that he thinks that talent is unessential to be a an actor is pretty bizarre. Clearly, not everyone can simply flip a switch and bring all of their most troubling emotional memories to the surface whenever the cameras are rolling. That alone takes a level of skill that, frankly, most people don’t possess. You’ve heard what we have to say about Billy Bob Thornton’s seemingly bottomless fountain of hate. Now we’d love to hear what you have to say.

Did you realize that Billy Bob Thornton was such a hate-filled man. And do you think he was in the wrong for insulting his Canadian fans while touring with his band The Boxmasters? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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