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Black Kitty Hears Strange Noises Over The Monitor And Mom Runs For Help

Expecting a Baby Brings Unexpected Things

Most people start talking about their hopes for the future shortly after dating. Before things get serious, people want to be sure that they have the same future plans after marriage. Roy and Bernita Rogers from Kansas City, Missouri always talked about having a big family. They both had the same hopes for their future but sadly, trying to have a baby didn’t turn out the way that they thought it would.

Devastating Loss

Roy and Bernita couldn’t wait to become parents right after they got married. Sadly, just a few years into the marriage, they had lost three babies. Each time, they were devastated, but they refused to give up hope. Bernita needed to fill the void in her heart, so she decided to adopt a kitten. She wanted a kitten to love, and she wanted to focus on something other than her loss. She named the black kitten Midnight. From the time she brought Midnight home, he did exactly what Bernita had hoped. She finally had someone to care for and Midnight depended on her. It was exactly what she needed after what she had been through.

Midnight Brought Luck

It wasn’t long before Roy and Bernita adopted Midnight that Bernita found out she was pregnant. This pregnancy didn’t end like the last. She ended up giving birth to a healthy baby girl. Bernita was sure that Midnight brought her family luck. They named their daughter Stacey and Midnight loved her just as much as her parents did. Midnight was Stacey’s companion and also her protector.

A Sick Baby

When Stacey wasn’t feeling well, Bernita and Roy called the doctor right away. After everything that they had been through, they didn’t want to take any chances. The doctor assured the couple that Stacey was fine. They put her in her crib to rest, and they put the baby monitor on just in case she woke up. When they left the room, Midnight stayed close by to watch over his best friend. It wasn’t long after they put their sweet baby to sleep that they heard unusual screams on the baby monitor. Bernita aways that it was a screech-wail-scream cry. The scream was so frightening that Bernita jumped out of her chair and ran upstairs to check on her daughter. Black kitty makes strange noises over baby monitor, mom checks baby’s bedroom and leaps for the phone.

Daughter In Distress

When Roy and Bernita got up to the room, they found that their daughter was struggling to breathe. Her skin was turning blue, so they rushed her to the emergency room. The doctors told the couple that Stacy had suffered full respiratory failure. Fortunately, they got their daughter to the doctor in time. With treatment, the doctors expected Stacey to make a full recovery. The doctor told the couple that if they had waited any longer to get their baby to the hospital that she may not have made it. If it weren’t for midnight, Stacey would have died. Midnight prevented another tragedy.

Midnight the Hero

Bernita is the first to admit that Midnight is a hero. It was Midnight’s screams over the baby monitor that alerted the couple to their baby’s distress. Black cats are known to be bad luck which is why some people avoid adopting them. Bernita says that people who think this would be wrong. Both Bernita and Roy believe that Midnight is a superhero.

The Family Protector

Since the night that Midnight alerted Roy and Bernita of Stacey’s illness, they trust him completely. Bernita says that Midnight isn’t just Stacey’s protector, but she is the protector of everyone in the house. When Bernita isn’t feeling well or if she is feeling down, Midnight will come and lay on her chest. She often touches Bernita’s face with her paw and gives her a loving look.

Cats Are Smart

Most people don’t give cats credit where credit is due. Cats are much smarter than many people think. Midnight managed to see that Stacey was in distress. The doctors didn’t see it but Midnight did.

King Midnight

Since Midnight saved their daughter’s life, the family treats him like a king. He gets nothing but the best, and they show him how much they love him and appreciate him every day.

A Life Saver

Bernita spoke with the local news about Midnight’s heroism. She says that after losing three children and finally having the child that they always dreamed of was a miracle. Midnight made sure that their miracle would be with them forever. She says that if she never made the decision to adopt Midnight, she may have lost a fourth child.

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