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Bo Derek Just Made a Bold Statement About Donald Trump

Recently, actress Bo Derek has come out with some stories from her decades-spanning career in the entertainment industry. Amongst these stories some decidedly kind words she had to share about former president Donald Trump. Donald made his credited acting debut alongside Bo in the film Ghosts Can’t Do It; which directed by Bo’s then-husband, John Derek. Other things that Bo shared include the time she almost died on the set of the 1981 film Tarzan: the Ape Man; as well as the fact that she recently married her longtime boyfriend, actor John Corbett. Join Facts Verse as we take a look at how Bo Derek just made a bold statement about Donald Trump.

In 1989, Bo Derek starred in the film Ghosts Can’t Do It; a lowbrow romantic comedy that directed by her longtime husband, John Derek. The film wasn’t exceptionally notable; being one of many of her husband’s features that Bo starred in over the course of their marriage. However, it has recently gained increased notoriety due to the fact that it served as the credited acting debut of Donald Trump.

According to Bo Derek, she phoned by a supposed spokesperson of Donald Trump’s that asked if she could get him a part in the movie. The movie was filming in New York City; meaning that it would be incredibly feasible for Donald to drop by to appear in a scene. Bo agreed, and it’s possible that some monetary payoff involved. Given that Donald incredibly anxious to get into the entertainment industry. When Donald Trump campaigning for his presidential bid in 2016. Bo realized that the supposed spokesperson that had gotten Donald the role in Ghosts Can’t Do It actually Donald himself. As Donald caught using the same fake name during the campaign.

Despite Donald Trump’s strange hijinks of pretending to be his own spokesperso; Bo claimed that the mogul did an incredible job on the set of the film. Given that it was his first credited acting gig. Donald has always been a natural entertainer, especially since he has lived so much of his life in the view of the public. And as such, he made a natural transition into performing. Following his appearance in Ghosts Can’t Do It; Donald Trump has gone on to appear in numerous other films and also several notable television programs, including The Apprentice.

Following his first credited acting gig alongside Bo Derek in Ghosts Can’t Do It; Donald Trump has continued appearing in various other pieces of media. Other films that Donald Trump has appeared in include Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, while some notable sitcoms that he has made cameos in include The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and The Nanny. After all the negative attention that has come Donald Trump’s way in the wake of his much-maligned presidency, many surprised to hear Bo say such kind words about the man. However, she remains adamant that, despite his strange hijinks and his possibly poor politics, Donald remains a professional entertainer.

Although Donald Trump may have performed professionally in Ghosts Can’t Do It; the film was still a pretty huge failure in terms of both performance at the box office and critical evaluation. The film infamously won several Golden Raspberry Awards; though Donald Trump’s entertainment career didn’t seem to suffer very much as a result. The same can’t be said for Bo Derek and her husband; who had both been working in the entertainment industry for many years up until that point. Bo would see her celebrity status wane considerably in the decade following the film’s release. And the 1990s would also see the passing of her longtime husband, John Derek.

Bo Derek was such a big star during the 1980s that she had been offered the role of a Marvel superhero. That superhero was named Dazzler and was created as a way for the fledgling comic book publisher to capitalize on the success of disco music. They envisioned a big-budget film adaptation featuring the character, though that film adaptation never occurred. Bo was in talks to play the character, though she was hesitant to take on the role of a superhero given the fact that it would likely require a good deal of physical training.

If Bo Derek had more interest in the role of Dazzler; perhaps the film project could’ve seen the light of day! Maybe then Bo would’ve had more success in her career over the course of the 1990s. Although Ghosts Can’t Do It represented a low point in Bo’s film career. Bo was able to make a nice transition into television. She began appearing more and more on television programs during the 1990s and is still a notable star in the medium to this day. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! Also, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

Bo Derek’s breakthrough film role came in the 1979 feature 10. Her appearance in the film made her a superstar, and she remained so over the course of the 1980s. In 1981, she appeared in the film Tarzan: the Ape Man. During the filming of the movie, Bo had a near-fatal run-in with a lion! The lion was a part of the scene in which Bo’s Jane Porter met Tarzan. But it went rogue during the scene’s filming. Thankfully, the actor playing Tarzan intervened. Apparently, the lion went to leap at Bo, but the actor playing Tarzan grabbed the lion by the waist. This gave Bo the time to escape, though the lion still managed to slice her on the shoulder. The actor playing Tarzan was thankfully okay; though one can imagine he was fairly mad at the film’s director for not having an animal handler handy!

The director of Tarzan: the Ape Man was actually Bo’s aforementioned longtime husband, John Derek. So, if Bo had any problems with John’s handling of the animals on the set of his film; he probably heard about it at home. John actually kept the footage featuring the rogue lion in the film, believing that it provided the feature more authenticity.

If the lion attack on the set of Tarzan: the Ape Man was emblematic of troubles at home for couple Bo and John Derek; they managed to work them out! The couple remained married until John’s death in the 1990s, though the origin of their relationship was somewhat problematic. Bo came to stay with John Derek and his then-wife Linda Evans in the late 1960s as a live-in protégé. When Bo was only 17 years old; John announced to Linda that he was in love with her and wanted a divorce. Linda, who had taken to enjoying Bo’s company, wasn’t sure how to feel. She ended up coming to terms with the arrangement and remains good friends with Bo Derek to this day!

John Derek had met Bo when she was only 16 years old while vacationing in the Greek Islands; and they lived in Europe during her time as his live-in protégé. Due to the fact that Bo was underage. The couple forced to remain in Europe until Bo turned 18 to eschew the wrath of America’s laws regarding statutory rape. Despite their relationship’s problematic origins, the two remained married until John’s death in 1998. At the time of his death, John was 71.

Soon after John Derek’s death, Bo Derek went on to find a new romantic partner in the form of television actor John Corbett. The actor had previously received notoriety thanks to his time on the cult series Northern Exposure; and more recently he had portrayed Sarah Jessica Parker’s love interest on the HBO series Sex and the City. Bo and John Corbett were together for two decades before eventually deciding to tie the knot just recently, in 2020. Though both Bo and John Corbett remain notable celebrity figures. They managed to keep their marriage ceremony a secret from the public. According to them, they decided to finally tie the knot due to the fact that they wanted 2020 to be remembered for something other than the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bo Derek and John Corbett began dating in the early 2000s, and John has reported that he was incredibly nervous about their first date! Mutual friends apparently set them up, and Bo was a far bigger name in show business at the time than John was. Bo hadn’t dated in several years, having chosen to remain single since the death of her former husband. Bo found her new John appealing, and the two started a relationship that has stood the test of time.

Although Bo and John Corbett have been happily together for nearly two decades, both of them have expressed skepticism in the past about the need for a traditional wedding ceremony. Still, it seems that the COVID-19 pandemic was enough to convince the couple that it was finally time to tie the knot. Alternatively, Bo could’ve been worried that John Corbett’s upcoming gig on the Sex and the City reboot was going to be getting him some increased attention with the ladies and wanted to make sure to put a ring on his finger beforehand!

Bo Derek is currently 65 years old, having come a very long way since her breakout role in the 1979 feature 10. John Corbett is only a few year’s Bo’s junior, having turned 60 in May of 2021. John Corbett will reprise his role from the original series in the upcoming Sex and the City reboot, which will premiere on HBO Max in December of 2021.

Although Bo Derek may not agree with everything that Donald Trump has done politically, that doesn’t stop her from sharing that the much-maligned mogul was a consummate professional on the set of the film that served as his credited acting debut. Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that Donald Trump made his credited acting debut alongside Bo Derek in a film called Ghosts Can’t Do It, or did you think that the former president was above such classless material? As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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