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Bob Newhart Struggling Through His Final Days

Bob Newhart is one of the most legendary and recognizable comedians. His deadpan humor and distinctive stutter set him apart from other comedians. Born in 1929, however, it wasn’t until 1958 that Bob Newhart launched his career as a comedian. In fact, it took him a long time to discover his true passion. Still, his career has lasted well over six decades, and he’s kept well in the public eye over the years.

Even at 91 years old, Bob Newhart is still performing despite of his health. But close friends and longtime fans are beginning to realize that he’s slowing down. Despite remaining in the public eye, it’s obvious that Bob Newhart is a shadow of his former self. In today’s video, we’re going to take a look at Bob Newhart’s failing health. As well as look back at some of the fascinating stories behind his career. Make sure you stick around, because we’re going to reveal how one dangerous habit landed him in the hospital. Join Facts Verse to learn more about bob newhart health.

The Long Road to Becoming a Comedian

Bob Newhart has had a long, rich career as a comedian. But he dabbled in a lot of other careers before finding his true calling. Growing up, Newhart had no idea he wanted to go into comedy. He attended Loyola University of  Chicago, and after graduating in 1952. He was drafted into the army and served in the Korean War. After being discharged in 1954, he tried to get a degree in law. But an internship left a bad taste in his mouth after he was encouraged to behave immorally. Instead, he decided to work as an accountant for United States Gypsum.

After a while, however, Newhart realized he wasn’t precise enough to really excel as an accountant. And he frequently used the motto “that’s close enough” while working. He quit his job and soon found work as an advertising copywriter. He worked under producer Fred A. Niles, who helped him learn more about the world of film and television. While working, he and his co-worker engaged in a lot of hilarious banter with one another. And after spending a lot of time making up skits and funny scenarios, they decided to record their phone calls. They sent their work to a few different radio stations, and finally landed work on a talk show! Thus, Bob Newhart’s career as a comedian started to take form.

Bob Newhart’s Scary Visit to the Hospital

It may have taken a while for Bob Newhart to find his true calling. But once he finally did, he never wanted to stop working as a comedian. Tragically, however, after over six decades of working in show business, it’s clear that Newhart is slowing down. While he’s now trying to take better care of his health. He’s admitted that one terrible habit likely shortened his lifespan by a lot.

In the fifties, sixties, and seventies, Newhart was a heavy smoker. He realized that nearly every photograph of himself during that time period featured him holding a cigarette. In 1985, his habit ended up having dangerous consequences. One day, he developed a heavy nosebleed that just refused to stop. He went to the hospital immediately, and the doctors diagnosed him with secondary polycythemia. A condition that causes excessive production of red blood cells and increases a person’s risk of stroke. Newhart was scared straight immediately, and within weeks, he had quit smoking altogether. Thankfully, the scary condition subsided, and he felt much healthier afterwards. Still, it’s undeniable that several decades of smoking took a toll on Newhart’s body.

Why He Changed His Name Before Becoming Famous

It’s very common for celebrities to change their names so they sound more catchy or glamorous. Bob Newhart is another celebrity who wasn’t actually called Bob Newhart at first, but the reason he changed his name is actually quite different from most celebrities. When he was born, his parents named him George Robert Newhart. While growing up in the 1940s, however, Newhart became increasingly frustrated with his name.

At the time, “Let George do it” was a popular idiom which was commonly used to describe passing responsibility onto another person. People thought it was funny to continuously use the phrase as a joke around him, since he shared the same name. Newhart may be a master of comedy, but that doesn’t mean he can always take a joke! After a while, he finally grew so tired of the joke that he changed his name to Bob, after his middle name, Robert. Of course, he’s so well recognized that most people couldn’t even imagine what it would be like if he had kept his old name.

Fans Thought He Was Going to Die at 89

People have been thinking more and more about Bob Newhart’s mortality in the past few years. In fact, even the comedian himself has admitted that he thinks about death a lot more than he used to. But two years ago, Bob Newhart hosted a party that left fans wondering if he was secretly saying goodbye.

On September 4th, a day before his birthday, Bob Newhart celebrated turning 89 with close friends and family at a restaurant in Hollywood. People remarked that he seemed much sadder than normal, and they wondered if he knew his life was drawing to a close. Part of the reason for the melancholy atmosphere was likely because his former co-star, Bill Daily, had just passed away, rendering what should have been a happy occasion far sadder. Perhaps this was the moment Bob Newhart realized he didn’t have much time left because of his health, and spent his birthday reflecting on his own mortality.

Another reason for Newhart’s increased sadness has also become increasingly apparent over the years. Make sure you stick around until the very end, because we’re going to reveal how the loss of all of his old friends has left Newhart depressed. And if you’re enjoying this video so far, please take a moment to like this video, and don’t forget to subscribe to Facts Verse for more!

Bob Newhart Is a Shadow of His Former Self

Bob Newhart may continue to perform and guest star in shows, but it’s clear that he’s nearing the end of his life. Most horrifyingly is the fact that he’s wasted away, and now only weighs about 105 pounds! Despite the fact that old age is slowing down his body, however, Newhart’s mind remains sharp as ever. In one interview, he explained that he didn’t feel like he was over 90 years old, because he’s as witty as he’s ever been.

His Comedy Album Once Beat the King

With Bob Newhart’s life evidently drawing to a close, it’s more important than ever to reflect on his amazing legacy. Throughout his career, the legendary comedian has released a grand total of eleven different comedy albums, each more anticipated than the last. As a result, his albums have also won a total of three Grammys. His first album, The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart, was such a huge hit, though, that it earned him two of those three prestigious awards, including the 1961 Grammy Award for Album of the Year.

More amazingly, however, is the fact that the album topped the Billboard charts, and even beat the King of rock n’ roll himself, Elvis Presley! And to top it all off, Newhart’s follow up album, The Button-Down Mind Strikes Back! held second place atop the Billboard charts while the original album held first place.

Why Is He Continuing to Perform at 91?

Despite his failing health and gaunt appearance, Bob Newhart doesn’t appear to be slowing down when it comes to performing. Even throughout the dark time of COVID-19, Bob Newhart was always ready to perform with his usual deadpan humor and distinctive stutter. Most people his age choose to settle down and retire, so they can spend the rest of their days in peace. So why is Bob Newhart so determined to remain in the public eye?

Bob Newhart’s answer is simple; laughter. He explained in one interview that he’s always loved the sound of laughter, and it’s all he’s ever wanted to give to people. So even though he’s nearing the end of his life, Bob Newhart is determined to bring laughter to others for as long as he can.

Bob Newhart Has Tragically Outlived All of His Friends

Even though Bob Newhart appears to be in good spirits during his performances, it’s clear that time has taken a toll on him. His closest friend, Don Rickles, passed away in 2017, leaving Newhart incredibly depressed. He’s also outlived many of his other co-stars, including Bill Daily, Marcia Wallace, Tom Poston, and Suzanne Pleshette. Now, Bob Newhart is one of the few comedians left of his generation, and it’s clear that he misses his old friends dearly.

Bob Newhart may be determined to continue performing comedy for as long as he can, but he’s probably ready for whatever great journey comes after death. He’s spent decades entertaining us, and he’s getting ready to take one long, final rest.

Bob Newhart has had a long, rich career as a comedian, but some believe that he’s beginning to slow down. Are you surprised to learn that Bob Newhart is still remaining in the public eye and continuing to do comedy despite his failing health, or not? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to subscribe to Facts Verse for more!

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