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A Boy is Caught in a Bad Situation at the Bus Stop

Brothers and Sisters

Many brothers and sisters are very close. Many big brothers feel the inherent need to protect their younger sisters no matter what. They often become protective as soon as their younger sisters are born and they remain protective for their entire lives. La’Darious Wylie is one of these big brothers.

A Good Kid

La’Darious was a good boy. He was just 11-years-old, and he was about 4 ½ feet tall, and he weighed about 75-pounds. La’Darious had a younger sister named Sha’Vonta, and he was very protective of her. He proved this one day when they were standing at the bus stop waiting to go to school. It wasn’t a typical day at the bus stop. Others watched in horror as this 11-year-old boy was caught in a bad situation, with sister, at the bus stop.

A Horrific Accident

On a cool morning in October 2016, La’Darious and his little sister, Sha’Vonta were at the bus stop. The area where they waited for the bus wasn’t very safe. There were no sidewalks and the kids had to watch where they were standing. Just one or two steps too far would have them in the path of oncoming traffic. Like most kids, the children at the bus stop weren’t paying too much attention to their surroundings. They were all talking and laughing just like they did on a typical day. Suddenly, out of nowhere, an out of control driver drove off the road and was headed straight for Sha’Vonta.

A Hero Brother

La’Darious saw the car coming straight for his sister. Being the protective big brother that he was, he pushed his little sister out of the way. He knew that she was in danger and he had to act quickly. As soon as he pushed his sister out of the way, the out of control 2003 Nissan hit him. The car hit him so hard that he did severe damage to the car that hit him. After the car hit the boy, it didn’t stop. Instead, the driver immediately left the scene.

Call 911!

While La’Darious was lying on the ground fighting for his life, his sister and the other kids at the bus stop ran to the adults on the street. They begged them to call 911 to get some help for their friend. As the adults called 911, the children were horrified as they saw their friend lying on the ground. The first responders arrived on the scene quickly, and they saw how serious the boy’s injuries were. They had to call a helicopter to rush La’Darious to a Charlotte hospital. The whole way, he fought hard. Sadly, he didn’t make it.

A Devastated Mother

When the children’s mother, Elizabeth McCrorey got to the hospital, she found out that her son had passed away. She says that she always taught her son to watch out for his sister. His final act on in life proved that he listened to his mother and he really did watch out for his sister. He gave up his own life to save her. Elizabeth says that this was proof that he truly did love his sister.

An Amazing Boy

La’Darious’ cousin, Kimberly Robinson had nothing but good things to say about her cousin who had passed. She spoke with the local news and said that he was the apple of his mother’s eye. She said that he was well behaved, he got good grades and he loved to play and watch football. He was a huge fan of the Baltimore Ravens. His school was planning a trip to the Bank of America Stadium to meet the Carolina Panthers. It wasn’t his favorite team, but he was excited about the trip because he loved football. Sadly, he would never make the trip.

Saving More Lives

When Elizabeth got to the hospital, the doctors asked if she wanted to donate her son’s organs. She was told that he could save many people if she agreed. She said that she thought about it and decided that if her son could save another life the way he saved his sister’s, he would have died for a purpose.

The Person Responsible

Two days after La’Darious died, 57-year-old Michelle Johnson turned herself into the police for hitting the young boy. She claimed that she thought that she hit a deer. After she hit La’Darious, she dropped off her grandchildren the way that she did each day. She was charged with felony hit and run, resulting in death. Almost two years after hitting La’Darious, Michelle was sentenced to a five year suspended sentence and 21 months probation after pleading guilty.

Looking at the Mugshot

When Elizabeth saw Michelle’s mugshot, it shook her up a bit, but she says that she doesn’t hate the woman. She hates that her son is gone, but she knows that if she consumes herself with hate, she won’t be able to move on with her life and care for her daughter. La’Darious is a hero, and he inspired many. Elizabeth is proud of her son and with good reason.

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