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Brooke Shields’ Freak Injury Leaves Her Unable to Walk

In the past year, actress and model Brooke Shields had been undergoing a personal health and fitness journey. Due to increased free time during the COVID-19 pandemic, she began posting workout videos to her social media. As well, she began sharing with fans that she’d had a sort of spiritual awakening. This made it all the more shocking when she recently revealed that she had suffered a pretty serious physical injury. Hopefully, her newfound strength and perseverance will make it so she can overcome this setback and become stronger than before! Join Facts Verse as we explore why Brooke Shields’ freak injury leaves her unable to walk.

Fans of Brooke Shields have been flocking to her social media account more and more as of late. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the actress and model share her own personal health and fitness journey with fans. In addition to developing and showcasing her own exercise regimen, she shares how she discovers her spiritual side. She says she’s more comfortable in her own skin than ever before. However, this happy story saw a dark cloud come over it when Brooke recently shared a shocking revelation. Brooke suffers from a serious injury and one that may take her a good deal of time to heal from. Despite this setback, Brooke’s new outlook on life seems to have carried with her through the ordeal. She continues to share positivity online, and fans remain optimistic that her best years are ahead of her.

Brooke Shields is born on May 31, 1965, and becomes a famous actress in the 1978 film Pretty Baby. Brooke, who‘s only 12 years old, plays a child prostitute struggling during the turn of the 20th century. Due to both her mature performance and the film’s controversial premise, Brooke became an instant star. She then went on to gain further prominence starring in the 1980s The Blue Lagoon and 1981’s Endless Love.

In addition to being a promising actress, the young star also dabbled successfully in modeling. In 1980, 15-year-old Brooke was featured in a Calvin Klein ad that caused even more controversy than Pretty Baby. The ad features her in Calvin Klein jeans, along with the provocative innuendo “nothing comes between me and my Calvins”. Despite the industry’s intent on pushing young Brooke into the role of a sex symbol, the star is always reluctant. Part of this hesitancy comes from the fact that she wants to do more. She opens up that she didn’t feel comfortable in her own skin during the early days of her career. In 1983, Brooke needs to put her child’s stardom behind her for the time being and focus on her education. She attended Princeton University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Romance Languages. 

Having validated herself academically, Brooke returned to her career in entertainment and was back in the spotlight during the 1990s. She shows on television since the beginning of her adult career, including 1996’s Suddenly Susan and 2008’s Lipstick Jungle. In 2017, she had a part in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit that spanned multiple episodes. She never returns to the iconic status that she so effortlessly held as a child. The star maintains a welcoming presence in the media.

In the past few years, Brooke has been undergoing somewhat of a personal renaissance. She was recently signed with IMG Models and has opened up about her newfound confidence and strength. This comes in the wake of the star developing a passion for health and fitness over the past years. Apparently, a large part of Brooke’s newfound desire is to take control of both her body and her self-image. As a result of some playful antagonism from her teenage daughters, Rowan and Grier.

Brooke has always found herself to be a fairly modest person. She enjoys wearing one-piece bathing suits and muumuus, a habit that her teenage daughters poke fun at. As a result of her daughters‘ criticisms, Brooke decided to reevaluate her own perception of her body. According to her, she began “seeing [herself] through [her daughters’] eyes”. Apparently, this revelation opened up a more youthful and vibrant side of the star’s personality. This newfound love of her body has made Brooke realize that “women over 50 are not done”.

With this new outlook on life, Brooke seemed poised to take over the world and have a full-blown career renaissance. Brookes began using her Instagram account to showcase her personal transformation. She posted workout videos and seemed to be getting into the best shape of her life. She shares that she goes on a spiritual awakening, and takes up meditation to ward off boredom during COVID-19 isolation. It appeared that Brooke’s greatest days were ahead of her, and they still may be. However, a recent setback has presented the star with a brand new challenge that she will have to overcome first. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! As well, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

Those who had been following Brooke Shields’ health and fitness transformation were taken aback by the star’s recent revelation on social media. On her Instagram account, Brooke shared with her fans that she had been hospitalized as a result of a broken femur. While the average broken bone isn’t that big of a deal, a broken femur is. Brooke didn’t share how she broke her femur, or how extensive the damage was. However, the fact that she was shown to be on crutches in her social media post shows that she is taking proactive steps to start recovering from the injury as fast as possible.

The road to recovery may be tough, but it’s a fight that Brooke has unknowingly been preparing for with her recent excursions into personal health and fitness. The physical therapy that Brooke will have to undergo to overcome her broken femur will require the same spirit and perseverance that Brooke has been utilizing in her at-home workout routines on social media. As well, her recent self-discovery will likely give her a greater deal of motivation to overcome this obstacle than she might have had otherwise. Although you can’t consider a broken femur a blessing, it seems like a minor miracle that this tragedy befell Brooke just as soon as she had acquired the tools to more easily overcome it. All things considered, Brooke stands to come out of this injury a stronger human being than she has ever been before, and she’ll definitely be ready and excited to work!

Even before her recent journey into personal health and fitness, Brooke certainly has never been a stranger to overcoming adversity. Due to the fact that she achieved success at such a young age, Brooke has had some unique battles that she had to fight in her lifetime. As a child model and actress, Brooke’s finances were given over to her mother.

Brooke’s mother also acted as her manager, but she seemed much more focused on her own needs than Brooke’s. Her mother spent all the money that she got in her early years, leading to the family running out of cash multiple times. This early bad example from her mother ironically paid off pretty well for Brooke as an adult, as she grew to know the importance of keeping one’s finances straight. As soon as Brooke was able to take control of her own income, she stopped having financial troubles.

Another battle that Brooke had to overcome long before her more recent struggles was motherhood. The star made the decision to become a mother in the early 2000s, but it ended up being a pretty tough journey. She underwent the process of in vitro fertilization many times, and even publicly suffered a miscarriage that left her emotionally devastated. However, these difficult times gave way to a light at the end of the tunnel, and that light was Brooke’s first daughter, Rowan. While Brooke suffered from postpartum depression and a few other issues after Rowan’s birth, she eventually overcame them. A few years later, at the age of 40, Brooke had her second child. This child was another daughter, and Brooke named her Grier. Both children are now in their teen years, and Brooke is making sure that she takes better care of them than her mother did of her.

With all that Brooke has overcome in her 55 years, this recent setback doesn’t seem like too much to worry about. Although a broken femur can be a pretty huge deal, Brooke’s drive and perseverance give her a unique advantage that many other people in the same position don’t have. As well, her recent health and fitness transformation has likely provided her with the exact energy and motivation that she needs to make as quick of a recovery as possible. If all goes according to plan, Brooke Shields could very well still have her best days ahead of her. In fact, this freak injury will likely have only made her that much stronger by the time she has recovered.

Throughout her long career, Brooke Shields certainly hasn’t been one to let adversity overcome her. Comment down below to share what your favorite film or television role from her career is, or if you have any personal memories regarding the controversy surrounding the infamous 1980 Calvin Klein ad campaign that she was featured in. As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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