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Celebrities Who Are Expected to Die in 2022

Recently, published it’s list of the celebrities that are most likely to pass away in 2022. This list includes such beloved Hollywood entertainers such as Dick Van Dyke and Mel Brooks; as well as royal figures such as Queen Elizabeth II. Join Facts Verse as we take a look at celebrities who are expected to die in 2022.

Dick Van Dyke

Those who caught Dick Van Dyke’s recent performance in the film Mary Poppins Returns must surprised to learn that the star is nearing the age of 100. Dick shared that he have three dance routines to choose from when he showed up to perform his role in the feature. And he ended up choosing the most complicated one just to prove that he still had it in him. Still, many are predicting that the beloved entertainer is nearing the end of his life.

When Dick Van Dyke made his appearance in Mary Poppins Returns; it paid homage to the role he had played in the original feature over half of a century prior. Dick’s turn in the original Mary Poppins remains one of his most memorable roles. In addition to his lead performance on The Dick Van Dyke Show. Today, the 96-year-old entertainer prefers to keep his work to a minimum. He married to a woman half his age since 2012. A few years back, Dick shared on social media that there was a strange banging noise in his head every time he laid down. It turned out that this banging caused by titanium dental implants.

Besides the previously mentioned banging in his head; it seems that Dick Van Dyke remains in fairly good health for a man his age! However, at 96 years, it’s only a matter of time before the beloved entertainer draws his last breath. It remains whether or not Dick will include through 2022 in one piece, but we’ve got our fingers cross!

Angela Lansbury

Angela Lansbury is another star that is currently 96 years old, and she also appeared in Mary Poppins Returns!. She is known nowadays for performing the lead role on the series Murder, She Wrote. Like Dick, Angela seems to be in pretty good health for her age. However, at 96, it’s only a matter of time before death comes calling.

Over the years, Angela has shared her secret to longevity is taking her vitamins and having a glass of red wine a day. Doctors have often preached that having a small amount of red wine can help keep you young thanks to the antioxidants present. Hopefully, Angela’s health regimen will help keep her alive and well throughout 2022!

Bob Barker

For nearly four decades, Bob Barker served as the host of the beloved game show The Price Is Right. For many, the game show host came to known as a secondary member of the family. And they were devastated when he retired from his longstanding role in 2007. Bob Barker had begun serving as the host of The Price Is Right all the way back in the early 1970s. Prior to hosting The Price Is Right, Bob had been the host of the game show Truth and Consequences.

Since Bob Barkers’ retirement, not much has been seen from the iconic celebrity. He made a return appearance to The Price Is Right in 2015. Making a surprise cameo as part of an elaborate joke for April Fool’s Day. Despite persistent rumors, Bob Barker remains alive. Though he has suffered from many health struggles in the years since his retirement. Bob was already 84 years old at the time of his retirement in 2007, and is now 98. It remains to be seen if Bob will be able to make it to 100, but we’re holding out for him.

Some of the many health issues that Bob Barker has had to deal with in recent years include skin cancer, a stroke, and having to underdo prostate surgery. Besides these issues, Bob has always suffered from several notable falls at his home in the Hollywood Hills. These falls have caused numerous injuries. And Bob got even hospitalize as a result of these falls on one or two occasions.

Currently, Bob Barker is doing his best to remain properly isolated during the COVID-19 pandemic. The former game show host is hoping that he can stay alive long enough to reach the triple digits. Though many are predicting that he doesn’t have long. Bob Barker only married once throughout his lifetime, and his wife deceased for four decades. At the impressive age of 98, Bob attributes his relatively good health to his vegetarian diet.

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Loretta Lynn

Onlookers have been predicting that 89-year-old country singer Loretta Lynn has been at death’s door for many years. Though the star has remained adamant that she still has some life left in her. Several years back, there’s a rumor that the country legend had been residing in an assisted living facility. Though the singer soon put these rumors to an end. Still, that hasn’t stopped people from continuing to speculate that Loretta Lynn is nearing her end.

Tony Bennett

For the past several years, legendary crooner Tony Bennett has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The disease has only gotten worse, even though the singer continues to perform and release new material up until just recently. Apparently, even as the beloved singer’s health has been deteriorating; singing has been one of the things that he’s still been able to do. However, increasing health concerns have prevented the performer from continuing to tour, even if he still is technically capable of singing.

At the age of 95, Tony Bennett is apparently so far gone into his Alzheimer’s disease that he even aware of having it. While the performer still has awareness of his family and can still apparently sing. His rapidly failing health make it so that the singer isn’t likely going to publicly performing before his death. Many are predicting that the singer won’t make it through 2022. Even if he does, his days in the spotlight are certainly behind him.

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is another elderly celebrity whose health has been failing considerably in recent years. Her failing health comes at an inopportune time, as set to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee this year. That celebration, if it is to occur, will mark the royal figure’s 70th anniversary as the Queen of the United Kingdom. Everyone is hoping that Queen Elizabeth II will make it to the celebration; which set to occur in June of 2022. However, the royal figure’s rapidly failing health may have other plans for her.

Queen Elizabeth II recently took a break from many of her duties in order to recuperate from an episode that saw her in poorer health than usual. And it remains just how well the royal figure has recovered in the wake of this period of rest. Currently, Queen Elizabeth II isolated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Officials have their fingers crossed that she will live to see her Platinum Jubilee. The royal figure is currently 95 years old.

Mel Brooks

Mel Brooks is another 95-year-old celebrity. While Queen Elizabeth II is adamantly fighting to make it to her Platinum Jubilee; Mel Brooks feels as if he might as well keel over right now. Since the death of his beloved friends Carl Reiner and Gene Wilder; as well as the passing of his late wife Anne Bancroft, Mel has been incredibly lonely in his old age.

According to Mel Brooks, he has a hard time finding the joy in life without being able to share it with his close friends Carl Reiner and Gene Wilder. Similarly, he often finds himself flipping through the channels and seeing late wife Anne Bancroft on the television. This will cause him to painfully reminisce about their time together, and it seems that he is anxiously awaiting the opportunity to reunite with her.

Despite Mel Brooks’ best wishes, it seems that the beloved comedic filmmaker is still in relatively sound health. However, once the will to live has left a person, it’s only a matter of time before their body follows suit. Many are predicting that 2022 could be Mel’s year. Carl Reiner died in 2020, Gene Wilder died in 2016, and Anne Bancroft died in 2005. Carl Reiner which Mel’s last remaining close friend, and it seems that Mel is ready to call it quits now that he’s gone.

Jimmy Carter

Finally, many seem to be predicting that former president of the United States Jimmy Carter may be nearing his final days. At the age of 97, Jimmy stands as the oldest former president that has ever lived. The former politician has keeping secluded lately as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. though he recently known to have had a friendly get-together with Joe Biden.

In 2015, Jimmy Carter diagnose with melanoma, but he thankfully able to recover from the disease within only a span of months. More recently, the former politician has undergone a series of falls, one of which relegated him to a walker. At 97 years of age, it seems that Jimmy could be ready to call it a day at any moment.

According to, these are some of the celebrities that are most likely to pass away in 2022. Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that beloved comedic filmmaker Mel Brooks has lost his will to live after the death of his closest friends, and that Jimmy Carter is the oldest former president of the United States that has ever lived? As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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