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Celebrities Who Are Incredibly Mean to Their Fans

We would like to think that most celebrities are at least halfway decent to their legions of adoring fans. Sure, they can’t be super friendly all the time. They have lives too – and it must be pretty stressful to constantly be approached by members of the public. Everyone in their shoes would, at least, sometimes come off as a bit flustered by all of the hubbub that goes along with being a star.

There’re quite a few stars that are famous for treating their fans with the care and respect that they deserve. Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift, and Keanu Reeves have all been said to go out of their way to be cordial with their fans – but this video isn’t about any of those folks.

Oh no! Quite the opposite. Today we’re going to be discussing a few celebs that have earned nasty reputations for being extremely rude, short-tempered, and downright mean to their fans and colleagues. Join Facts Verse as we take a look at some of the meanest stars in Hollywood.

Mean Celebrities #1 Chevy Chase

Comedian Rob Huebel reveals to Seth Meyers on Late Night that Chevy Chase approaches him the first time they meet. Huebel attends an event put on by New York’s UCB Theater improv troupe ASSSCAT. It is on the evening that Chase schedules to guest perform alongside the group. Huebel, being a fan of Chase’s work, wants to introduce himself to his idol before the show goes on. But when he approaches him and says that that he’s a ‘big fan’, Chase loses his nerve and slaps Huebel. It’s across the face so hard that Huebel says that he ‘saw red’.

Eventually, Chase slapped the poor guy in some kind of attempt at being funny. He’s trying to show Huebel how ‘rude’ it’s for him to interrupt him while he is talking to somebody else. The general reaction by everyone around seems what Chase did isn’t very cool. Huebel is apparently as thrilled as he slaps by his hero.

But even though Huebel took that shocking interaction in stride, not everyone has been so amused by Chase’s antics. At least in the realm of Hollywood, he’s known for being one of the most difficult actors to work with.

A $7 Million Per Film

The core issue that most people bring up when discussing Chase’s unlikability is his arrogance. At the peak of his career, he was able to pull in at least $7 million per film. And inevitably, that success went to his head. These days, while still being a talented comic, he is better known for his spectacular talent for ticking people off.

According to Bill Murray, Chase’s infamous archenemy, Chevy is a victim of his own success. Murray feels like he never fully recovered from having his ego fed at the height of his career. And in 2012, Chase agrees with this assessment when he tells Entertainment Weekly. He isn’t prepared for fame and he didn’t handle it very well. Chase says that when he’s a young, up-and-coming hot star, he calls ‘unbelievable arrogance’. As time goes on, he claims that some of this narcissism and arrogance diminish.

He tries to assert that he recovers from his nasty streak. Some of Chase’s recent co-stars seem to think that he’s still the same old Chevy that he is. Just ask his Community co-stars what it was like working with him, and you’ll hear nothing but horror stories.

Mean Celebrities #2 Pierce Brosnan

Pierce appears on The Late Late Show with James Corden for a segment, ‘Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts’. Truth or dare game, Khloe Kardashian asks Corden to name a celebrity that’s rude to him at a party. Corden is unwilling to take a sip of bird saliva to not answer the question. He chooses to ‘spill his guts’ by recounting a time that he’s a less-than-stellar run-in with a star.

Corden hesitates for a moment before muttering the person. He is thinking isn’t rude in general but simply just rude in a singular moment. Corden then tells a story about a time when James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan pushes him out of the way. He and his wife are out seeing a U2 concert.

Kardashian suggests that maybe Brosnan is just drunk, but Corden jokes back that ‘maybe he’s just a bit effing rude’.

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Mean Celebrities #2 Sandra Bullock

Bullock portrays a compassionate mother in The Blind Side, but that doesn’t mean that she’s actually kind in real life. The actress marries neo-Nazi supporter Jesse James. One of the cruelest people in Hollywood and refuses to make time for her fans.

Star Magazine runs a story about the Oscar-winning star a few years ago. It involves a fan in a wheelchair approaching her for an autograph. According to the disabled veteran’s wife, Denise Kodes, Bullock covered her face and yelled at the poor guy. While she could have simply explained to the man that she was feeling a bit overwhelmed at the time or politely declined to give an autograph on some other grounds, she ended up getting into a full-on screaming match with him.

That’s not a very good look Sandra! If you don’t want to alienate your fans and lose all of your credibility, then you probably should start treating the people that literally pay for your lavish lifestyle with a little bit of care.

Mean Celebrities #3 Jerry Seinfeld

So, as it turns out, Jerry Seinfeld is definitely not a hugger – and apparently, he has no clue who the pop star Kesha is.

In 2017, a video emerged of Seinfeld repeatedly rejecting a request for a hug from the “Take it Off” singer.

Seinfeld was giving an interview on the red carpet at a benefit for the David Lynch Foundation at the Kennedy Center in DC when Kesha swooped in and told the star that how she loved him ‘so much’. The bemused-looking Seinfeld comedian then awkwardly thanked her for the compliment.

Then, Kesha asked him for a hug and received a very emphatic ‘No Thanks’. Kesha then pleaded somewhat pathetically, to which Seinfeld doubled down with a string of nos.

“A little one?” Kesha asked, moving in a bit closer.

“Yeah, no thanks” Seinfeld replied while taking some very clear personal space. Kesha then walked away in a shameful huff.

After she had left, Seinfeld then quipped that he had no idea who she was. That’s when he was told that it was Kesha. With a bit of roll of his eyes, Seinfeld then said that he wished her the best.

Mean Celebrities #4 Ellen DeGeneres

Not too long ago, Ellen DeGeneres was considered the most popular talk show host in America, but all of that changed in 2020 when some of DeGnereres’ staffers came forward painting a very different picture of who she is when the cameras aren’t rolling. According to reports, Ellen is a lot less chipper in person and contributes to what’s been called a ‘toxic work environment’.

This news has inspired some viewers to rewatch old episodes of her show in a whole new light. In retrospect, Ellen was always a little bit rude to her audience, even when they didn’t really notice it.

Whenever you receive a gift, it’s always best to say thank you and be appreciative of the giver’s intentions – even if the gift isn’t the most amazing thing in the world. Well, a few years back, Ellen received a painting from a fan featuring a portrait of her and her wife, Portia de Rossi. The painting was titled ‘Ellen and Portia No !0′.’ and Ellen immediately mocked the fact that it took the artist ten tries before he finally got it right.

She then proceeded to say that the two people in the painting looked more like Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest and added that she might give it to them instead. If that wasn’t enough, DeGeneres continued to insult the artist by stating how scary the image was, claiming that no matter where you stand in the room, that her and Portia’s chins seem to follow you.

The Ellen Show In 2019

On another occasion from an episode of The Ellen Show aired in 2019, DeGeneres nosely rifled through a guest’s bag while questioning it’s contents. When stumbling upon the woman’s money, Ellen insultingly asked if it was all the cash she had at the time before scoffing that she obviously wasn’t rich.

Ellen then handed the lady $1.000, but it’s questionable whether that was worth being made fun of on live television.

On yet another occasion, Ellen publicly called someone out for taking more free souvenirs than she was instructed to while airing a clip of the incident that was caught on a hidden camera. The woman defended her actions by saying that she took extra for her sister, who wasn’t able to make it, but Ellen accusingly told her that there were a lot of people’s sisters who couldn’t come.

Last but not least, we have a recurring segment where DeGenerous would set up an ‘Idiot Test’ for her audience members where she would put their knowledge to the test with trivia questions. Anyone that successfully answered the questions would get to stay in their seats while fans who answered questions incorrectly were relocated to a designated ‘idiot section’ where they would have to wear demeaning dunce caps.

Mean Celebrities #5 Rachel Ray

From celebrity chefs to servers at restaurants that she has gone to, there is no shortage of people that think that Rachel Ray is mean. Martha Stewart, Giada DeLaurentis, Emeril Lagasse, and even the late Anthony Bourdain have all also publicly confirmed their dislike of the talk show host. Not only that but Ray is also claimed to be one of the worse tippers in Hollywood.

Then there was the time that Ray’s Aunt Geraldine Dominica Scuderi died after accidentally locking herself out of Ray’s mom’s house and being overtaken by the freezing cold, but instead of attending the poor woman’s funeral, Ray was too busy tweeting about cats, recipes, and television shows.

Russell Crowe

Last but not least, we have a star that has been repeatedly called out for being insensitive and arrogant. But this incident just might take the cake.

When making a guest appearance on The Late Late Show back in 2015, Crowe berated the audience for not clapping the way he wanted them to. The Gladiator star was asked by Ryan Tubridy to give the studio something that everyone could tap their toes to while giving an impromptu performance on the set’s balcony.

Crowe joined the house band for a rendition of the Johnny Cash song Folsom Prison, but just a few lines into the classic, he stopped to shout at the audience. He proceeded to yell that if they couldn’t clap in time, then they should just shut up.

Well, that about wraps up this video. Were you surprised to learn how mean any of these stars we just discussed reportedly are? Can you think of any other celebrities who are known for being particularly rude? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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