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Celebrities Who Deeply Regret Their Plastic Surgery

In life, unfortunately, there is no undo button. You can’t simply CTRL+Z everything that you wished you hadn’t said or done. Although, wouldn’t that be nice?

Now, as everyone knows, Hollywood is a pretty cut-throat place. Stars are under a tremendous amount of pressure to look beautiful and perpetually young. While, there is nothing wrong with getting a little cosmetic work done to make you feel comfortable in your own skin, some celebrities have gone a little far in their pursuit of vanity and pefection.

Plastic surgery is one of those things that you simply can’t undo. And while some stars have gone under the knife with positive results, some of them eventually found themselves wishing they hadn’t had all that work done.

Join FactsVerse as we discuss several Hollywood stars who deeply regret their plastic surgery. Not everyone we’re going to talk about transformed themselves drastically, but a few of them certainly did. Regardless of the extent of their cosmetic alterations, the stars that regret their various nips and tucks have many different reasons for wishing that they had done things differently.

Hollywood stars who deeply regret their plastic surgery :

Melissa Gilbert

Best known for her work on Little House on the Prairie, in which she played the character, Laura Ingalls, Gilbert told the press in 2018 that she is done with going under the knife. She explained that she had spent much of her life wrestling with the fact that she was growing older in the limelight. Now, she has learned to embrace the fact that she is aging and intends to do so naturally.

Over the years, Gilbert has done just about everything to combat the reality of growing older. She’s had a nose job, breast augmentation, various fillers and botox treatments, and ton of other work done. The reason why she has felt the need to do all of this comes down to what she says is Hollywood’s preoccupation with youth. She told the outlet First For Women that women in Tinsel Town aren’t allowed to age, gain weight, or simply be themselves.

At 57, Gilbert no longer wants to play that game. After spending decades in the spotlight, she wants to finally be who she really is without having to constantly alter herself just to fit the entertainment industries unrealistic expectations.

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Kenny Rogers

From the 1970s to the 1990s, the late Kenny Rogers was one of the most prolific singers in the Country music scene. Some of his best known hits included ‘Lady’, ‘She Believes in Me’, and ‘The Gambler’. He’s also well known for his many duets with the Queen of Country herself, Dolly Parton. Rogers additionally did his fair share of acting throughout his career as well.

He was a man that had a very distinct look. With his trademark beard and sunglasses, combined with that velvety smooth singing voice, Rogers spent the last six decades of his life making his fans swoon whenever he took the stage.

In the late 90s, Rogers went under the knife and had several cosmetic procedures done that drastically altered his appearance, leaving him virtually unrecognizable to his fans. These procedures ended up

being one of the biggest controversies of Rogers’ career.

In 2006, Rogers told People that he wasn’t satisfied with the work that he had done on his eyes. He complained that there was too much tension around his eyelids and that it was driving him crazy. In 2012, revealed to CBS This Morning that the only reason why he chose to have surgery was boredom combined with a desire to change up his image during a lull in his career. Ultimately, he said that he regretted having it done and that he was curious what he would have looked like if he had never went under the knife.

Even though he tried to stay busy after having all the work done, Rogers inevitably had to slow down and tour less often. In 2017, he gave his last farewell tour before passing away from natural causes in 2020.

Jane Fonda

Actress and devout activist Jane Fonda freely admits that she has had plastic surgery. She also doesn’t mind admitting that she isn’t really that proud of the fact that she has had so many different procedures done.

In the documentary film Jane Fonda in Five Acts, she expressed regret for giving into the pressure to alter her looks as she aged. At 84, she still looks pretty good for her age, but she told People a few years ago that she wouldn’t look anything like she does now if she hadn’t had a ton of plastic surgery done.

When talking to the outlet, she lamented about how society pressures women to look a certain way and expressed how she wished that she was braver than she was when facing the realities of her golden years.

Jamie Lee Curtis

The 62-year-old icon told US Weekly last year that she can’t stand behind altering your face. She went on to explain that she has been a long-time advocate for natural beauty, mostly due to own negative personal experiences with cosmetic surgery. Even though she’s had plastic surgery before, she now feels like it’s a waste of money. From Botox to liposuction, Curtis says that none of it actually works.

Jennifer Gray

After starring in Dirty Dancing, Grey infamously went under the knife to have a nose job. The surgery, which she refers to as the ‘nose job from hell’, drastically affected her ability to land roles. The actress told the media in 2012 that she went into the operating room a celebrity and came out anonymous. Since then, she says that she feels like she is a once-famous star who nobody recognizes anymore.

Kathy Griffin

For years, actress and comedian Kathy Griffin suffered from low self-esteem. In her book, Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin, the star revealed that she now can’t figure out why she wasted so much of her time worrying about her looks.

Even though she’s now comfortable with who she is, for years she did whatever she could to change her appearance. At 26, she decided to get a nose job. Kathy also became obsessed with her weight. She worked out constantly and starved herself all day while binging at night. She even tried taking speed for a couple of weeks to get her weight down, but admits that it only made her feel extra hungry afterward.

Eventually, she decided to have liposuction, but after having an awful experience with the procedure she had a revelation that she didn’t need to obsess over her looks. After all, she’s a comedian, not a runway model. Griffin now uses her experience with cosmetic procedures as inspiration for her stand-up routine.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Actress turned health guru, Gwyneth Paltrow recently told Harper’s Bazaar that when it comes to skincare, she’ll try just about anything. Anything, that is, except for Botox. While she’s done it before, she says that Botox just makes her look crazy like – quote – “Joan Rivers”.

Pamela Anderson

While she might not entirely regret getting breast implants, the Baywatch star didn’t like how big they were. In 1999, Anderson had them re-worked to be smaller. When the doctors removed the first set, they discovered that one of them had actually developed a leak.

After feeling like she was prancing about like “Dolly Parton”, Anderson wanted to experience what it felt like to embrace her natural beauty once again, because even though her bosom clearly was one of her biggest assets, she was starting to feel self-conscious about it.

Courtney Cox

Over the years, the Friends star had many different doctors suggest that he have various cosmetic procedures done. After taking their advice, she’s now left with layer upon layer of enhancements that she wishes she had never gotten.

Talking to New Beauty in 2017, Cox said that she has now had all of her fillers dissolved and is now as close to her natural beauty as possible. She told the outlet that she now feels a lot better because she looks more like herself.

Sharon Osbourne

Former co-host of The Talk, Sharon Osbourne, admitted in 2016 to being on her ‘third face’ and counting. Even though she has had extensive cosmetic surgeries and procedures done, she says that she now regrets it. At certain angles, she says her face even looks plastic’.

Despite having gone under the knife quite a bit throughout her life in the public eye, Osbourne says that she is now done trying to fight against the inevitable. At 69 years old, she’s ready to start aging the way that nature intended.

Mickey Rourke

After sustaining damage from his boxing career, actor Mickey Rourke underwent a great deal of plastic surgery to “fix” his appearance. In 2009. Rourke told the Daily Mail that he went to the ‘wrong guy’ for his surgeries and ended up being very dissatisfied with the results.

Well, that about wraps up our run-down of celebs who regret having plastic surgery. Which star do you think underwent the greatest transformation because of their cosmetic procedures? And can you think of any other Hollywood stars that probably shouldn’t have gone under the knife as many times as they have? Let us know in the comments.

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