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Celebrities Who Disappeared and Were Never Seen Again

The paparazzi seem to have a knack at tracking notoriously elusive celebrities down, from time to time stars go missing. Usually, they are eventually found, slinking out of the shadows when they have something new to promote.

Recently Melania Trump ghosted after a brief stint in the hospital and – the world proceeded to lose its damned minds. Fortunately, the former first lady is safe and sound in Florida and she seems to be doing just fine. The same can’t be about her husband though as he is facing legal problems that will get you nervous.

Then there was the recent incident when 90s icon Pauly Shore reportedly got lost in the rainforest in the Congo. That tale turned out to be completely untrue but it was bizarre enough to inspire its own parody Twitter account. Join Facts Verse to learn more about those celebrities who disappeared and were never seen again.

Not An Unexpected Disappearance

The fact of the matter is that most celebrities disappear because they want to. You might consider faking your own death or fleeing to an islet too if you are in the public eye. Every decision pluck apart and scrutinize by the unforgiving media and the peanut gallery of online opinion.

Everyone deserves the right to live their lives in peace, but most celebrities struggle to ever find it. Some might drop out of the spotlight for a spell so they can recharge their batteries. Occasionally a famous individual goes missing and is never heard from again.

So you be the judge. The stars we’re about to discuss in this video are the victims of foul play or some kind of conspiracy. They just want to restart their lives somewhere far away under a different identity. Join Facts Verse to learn more about those celebrities who disappeared and were never seen again.

Richey Edwards – Missing Since 1995

The Manic Street Preachers release their fifth studio album This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours in 1998. It becomes one of the most popular records of the years in the United Kingdom. The Welsh rock band’s single ‘If You Tolerate This Then Your Children Will Be Next’ rises to the top chart. Sadly, guitarist Richey Edwards never got to witness this feat. Just three years before the album hit store shelves, the rocker made headlines for becoming one of the most infamous missing person cases in music history.

Edwards went missing on February 1, 1995, and his body was never recovered. Reportedly, he checked out of his London hotel room early in the morning and drove to Wales. Nothing else is known about his activities after that because he seems to have poofed right out of existence leaving behind no clues of his whereabouts or what might have happened to him.

The Committed Suicide

A lot of people assume that he committed suicide, thus joining the 27 clubs with all the other musicians who died at that age like Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, and Jimi Hendrix.

There has never been discovered any definitive proof that Richey took his own life. As a matter of fact, there is no evidence that he died at all. The book Withdrawn Traces: Searching for the Truth About Richey Manic, presents the theory that the musician faked his death and started a new life in Israel, but yet again, there is very little evidence to work with to arrive at that conclusion either. Join Facts Verse to learn more about those celebrities who disappeared and were never seen again.

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Amelia Earhart – Missing Since 1937 

Perhaps one of the most famous disappearances in history, Earhart rose to fame in 1932 when she became the first female pilot to solo fly non-stop stop across the Atlantic Ocean. This achievement springboarded her career. Afterward, she made bank writing books, giving lectures, and even designing her own line of women’s clothing.

Unfortunately, when she embarked on the journey to be the first person to fly around the globe, something terrible went wrong and she never returned. To this day, no one knows exactly what happened to her, but this is what we do know.

Journey With Navigator

She began her journey with her navigator, Fred Noonan, on June 1, 1937. By the very next day, they had completely vanished without a trace. Last anyone heard from her, she was struggling to see the landing strip while running low on fuel. The US Navy subsequently went on one of the most chaotic search-and-rescue missions in history racking up a bill of nearly a quarter-million dollars before they gave up the search. Neither Earhart nor her navigator was ever located and in January 1939, they were officially declared dead.

Over the years, her disappearance has been tied to a number of conspiracy theories. Some say she was a victim of the infamous Bermuda triangle curse while others swear that she either found the lost city of Atlantis or was abducted by aliens. Join Facts Verse to learn more about those celebrities who disappeared and were never seen again.

Joe Pichler – Missing Since 2006

Joe was the star of films like Varsity Blues, the Beethoven series of movies, and Shiloh 2. He had been working in Hollywood since he was six when he landed his first commercial role. Sadly, the child star never got the chance to take on any adult roles because he went missing shortly after turning 18.

His mother had encouraged him to move back to his Washington state hometown in 2002 to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. She really just wanted him to have some semblance of normalcy in his life, but he was reportedly unhappy to be away from LA.

Just four years after returning home, he disappeared shortly after making a phone call to a friend. What’s most concerning is that his apartment was found to be unlocked with the lights still on. A week later, police found his silver 2005 Toyota Corolla near a narrow waterway along with a note asking that all of his belongings go to his younger brother. Join Facts Verse to learn more about those celebrities who disappeared and were never seen again.

Harold Holt – Missing Since 1997

Conspiracy theorists remain convinced that the disappearance of Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt in 1967 was no accident. According to some folks, he faked his death to start life anew with a young mistress just like British MP John Stonehouse did years later.

Other popular theories state that he was either kidnapped by foreign players or captured by a Chinese submarine where he was interrogated and murdered. The only definitive thing that we know about this case is that his body was never found.

The most probable cause of his disappearance, however, is a lot more tragic than any fictionalized version of events. Apparently, on the day he went missing, he was swimming at Cheviot Beach in Melbourne and the surf was especially highwith a notably strong undercurrent. Even though his friends all thought the water was too dangerous, Holt swam right out to sea anyway. He never emerged from the surf and a couple of days later he was declared drowned. An elaborate search mission was conducted but his body was never found.

Jimmy Hoffa – Missing Since 1975

As President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Jimmy Hoffa ran America’s largest labor union. Even though he was popular among the people he served, he was also tangled up in some pretty alarming criminal activities. Reportedly, he had a connection with the Mafia and was involved in crimes like racketeering, embezzlement, and extortion. When he went missing, that’s precisely why the Police immediately looked towards the Mob for leads.

Hoffa counted high-ranking mobsters as his associates. And he plead guilty to crimes like jury-tampering, mail fraud, and bribery landing him a hefty 13-year prison sentence. He served just four years of his sentence before President Nixon pardoned him in 1971. It was fully expected for him to make a comeback in his union role, but he vanished from a restaurant parking lot in Detroit, Michigan before he ever got the chance.

The same day that he went missing, he was supposed to meet up with a couple of Mafia bosses named Anthony ‘Tony Jack’ Giacalone and Anthony ‘Tony Pro’ Provenzano, so you do the math. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened to him, but his body was never found.

Connie Converse – Missing Since 1974

Connie is celebrated as being one of the first to popularize the singer-songwriter genre of music. She helped paved the way for artists like Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell. Sadly, she never got recognized for her contributions before she went missing in the Summer of 1974.

She disappeared just days after celebrating her 50th birthday. Those that knew her say that she was disillusioned with how her life had panned out. She spent her younger years playing gigs in Greenwich Village witnessing a lot of her colleagues went on to find mainstream success in the music industry. Converse never found what she was looking for though so she turned her back on her career and moved to Michigan to accept a job in education. After abandoning her dreams, she fell into a deep depression and started drinking heavily. Join Facts Verse to learn more about those celebrities who disappeared and were never seen again.

Intentional Disappearance

In 1974, she sent letters to her friends and family informing them of her intentions to start her life anew. She packed up her car, left her home in Michigan, and was never heard from again. Her family members assume that she probably committed suicide, but her remains were never found.

Welp, everyone enjoys a good mystery, right? It’s just a bit frustrating knowing that these will never be solved.

Just an FYI, if I ever go missing, just assume it was aliens.

For real though, It is sad to think about the friends and family of all these missing stars. It must be heartbreaking to lose a loved one but never get any closure about it. You would think that someone contemplating taking their own life would at least give their mother the courtesy of a note or something. Join Facts Verse to learn more about those celebrities who disappeared and were never seen again.

Anyway, if you got a moment, we’d love to hear from you. Do you think Amelia Earhart’s plane just ran out of fuel, crashed, and sunk to the bottom of the ocean, or do you buy into the conspiracy theories about the Bermuda triangle and aliens and all that jazz? Let us know your thoughts on the subject in the comments section below.

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