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Celebrities Who HATED Kissing Their Co-Stars

One of the most difficult scenes to film is a romantic one. Getting a kiss right may be the worst part.

Actors have to be intimate with another human being that they may hardly know, be friends with, or even despise. It’s not like a normal piece of dialogue or action they’re used to doing every day.

A few of the most talented actors manage to hide how smelly, wet, or uncomfortable it was. It can take multiple takes to get right, forcing them to endure the torture again and again.

Keep watching to learn about celebrities who hated kissing their co-stars.

Sally Fields and Burt Reynolds

Sally Fields answered a fan question on an episode about her worst onscreen kiss on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live. She was hesitant to name names but then revealed it was Burt Reynolds. She simply said that there was a “lot of drooling involved.”

Sally and Burt first met on the set of Smokey and the Bandit. They immediately hit it off and dated on and off for five years despite the wet kisses. Burt called her the love of his life and said that he’d loved her since he was seven years old. Sally said that he’d always be in her heart but that he was controlling and too much for her to deal with.

Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is a talented and beloved actor, but he does lack one skill. He’s not a great kisser, as Helen Mirren admitted.

They had a few romantic scenes in the series The Mosquito Coast. They didn’t do it for her, and other actresses have come out to say they felt the same when working with him.

Leah Remini and Kevin James

The King of Queens aired from 1998-2007. It was one of the more popular sitcoms in the “manchild finds a beautiful wife” genre. It followed the Heffernans with Kevin James as Doug and Leah Remini as Carrie. The actors got along well, and he even gave her the best jokes on more than one occasion, but they still had problems kissing each other.

The two actors had strong personalities and would often fight behind the scenes. They had days where they wouldn’t speak until the cameras began rolling, and that made it difficult to be romantic. They would try but not make any eye contact. She sees their small spats as a sign they truly cared about each other.

Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis

Marilyn Monroe practically invented the idea of a blonde bombshell. She seems like the type that anyone would love to kiss, but Tony Curtis explained why he didn’t like doing it in the 1959 film Some Like It Hot.

He went so far as to jokingly say it was “like kissing Hitler,” a comment he later took back. What he did stick to was how horrible it was. She stuck her tongue so far down his throat that he couldn’t breathe.

He also said she was difficult to work with on set. She’d show up late and drink while they were filming scenes.

The struggles weren’t enough for Tony not to allegedly start an affair with Marilyn that lasted four or five weeks. In his 2009 book The Making of Some Like It Hot: My Memories of Marilyn Monroe and the Classic American Movie, he said she got pregnant with his child and had a miscarriage. The rumors were never confirmed before her death in 1962 or his in 2010.

Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segal

A bad habit kept these two co-stars from wanting to kiss each other. Jason was a smoker and tried to use gum or mints to hide it, but it wasn’t enough.

Not even money was enough motivation. They set up a bet where he would owe his co-star $10 every time he had a cigarette and had to fork over $200 by the first day of filming.

Jason went cold turkey and didn’t smoke for a year but then went back to it. They’re still friends but also a prime example of celebrities who hated kissing their co-stars.

Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen

Lindsey Lohan was an unlikely pick for Charlie Sheen’s lover in Scary Movie 5. She refused to perform the three kiss scenes. His partying past made her fear what she could catch from his lips.

The executives used body doubles for certain scenes and had to cut others. Despite his reputation for going into fits, Charlie was fine about it. She even gave him a kiss on the cheek when she appeared on a 2013 episode of Anger Management.

Jennifer Lawrence (and Several Costars)

Jennifer Lawrence may win the award for the most failed kisses. She’d eat the most disgusting lunch possible, including garlic and tuna fish, right before her kissing scenes with Liam Hemsworth was set to film.

Jennifer is also friends with Bradley Cooper but called him a “wet kisser.” He didn’t take that as a compliment. Josh Hutcherson returned the comment and called her a slobbery kisser.

Chris Pratt was the first married man she had to kiss when they acted together in the film Passengers. That made her so nervous that she had to drink and call her mom to get ready. She didn’t want to affect his relationship with Anna Farris.

Emma Watson and Rupert Grint

Friendship can ruin a kiss between costars. Emma Watson and Ruper Grint grew up in the Harry Potter films together, and their first romantic scene in Deathly Hallows Part 2 felt like a major leap.

They’d known each other since they were nine years old and felt more like siblings. He says he never looks back on the scene. She wanted to get it over with quickly and “pounced” on him. The positive spin is that it did go over well with fans.  

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner

These actors from the famous Twilight saga also had a strange mixture between love and friendship to deal with. Their characters, Bella and Jacob were involved in a love triangle.

Kristen said in a press conference that any intimate scenes between them went against their character. They just enjoyed looking at how weird it was.

Jennifer Aniston and Alec Baldwin

Jennifer and Alec appeared on the comedy series 30 Rock together. They eventually get together, but Alec wasn’t shy about describing what their kissing scenes were like.

He told New York magazine that their makeout scenes were painful and that he doesn’t know how other actors who have had to kiss her did it. That’s the opposite of what he said at a gala in 2008 where he said that it was the “greatest day of his life.” What is true is his comment that all celebrities who hated kissing their co-stars were getting paid to do it.

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Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayzee

Dirty Dancing is one of the most popular romantic films of all time, but there wasn’t any love lost between the two leads behind the scenes. Jennifer didn’t think they had any chemistry, and Patrick thought she was immature.

Kirsten Dunst and Brad Pitt (and Toby Maguire)

Kirsten Dunst played Claudia in the 1994 film Interview with a Vampire when she was only 11. He originally wasn’t interested in kissing her out of respect for his then-wife Angelina Jolie. The scene eventually went on but wasn’t great for either of them. She wasn’t interested in kissing anyone else onscreen until she was 16.

Kirsten later acted in the 2002 Spider-Man film and gave the world that famous upside-down kiss in the rain scene. Both she and Tobey Macquire had their breath taken away by it in the worst way. At least they won an MTV award for it in 2003.

Claire Daines and Leonardo DiCaprio (and Kate Winslet)

In the 1996 film Romeo + Juliet. Leonardo and Claire Daines took urging from the director to kiss at all. He called her prudish and she said he was unprofessional.

Kate Winslet was reunited with her former Titanic costar in 2009 with Revolutionary Road. What made it too awkward was that the director was her husband, Sam Mendes.

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling

Yes, the stars of another of the world’s favorite romantic movies, The Notebook, did not enjoy kissing each other. Ryan even tried to fire Rachel at one point.

They used anger to fuel love and get close to one another. They even dated for two years, and it was all worth it for the money they earned from the successful film.

Penn Badgley and Blake Lively

One of the only things that could be worse than working with your husband during a romantic scene is working with your ex. That’s what happened to Penn and Blake during Gossip Girl.

They hadn’t told anyone about their breakup, but it soon became apparent. Their final kiss lacked any passion, and they refused to even touch each other after that.

Eva Mendes and Will Smith

Eva was so nervous about her kiss scene in the 2005 film Hitch that she turned to comfort food. Unfortunately for him, it was tuna fish, onions, and Doritos.

She had to eat a box of Altoids to remove the smell. He had nothing but kind words for her after that, telling Oprah that the kiss was “absolutely wonderful.”

Thandie Newton and Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise and Thandie Newton were costars in Mission Impossible II. The only problem was that she felt his kisses were wet and sloppy. Being watched by a massive crew and trying not to squash his face didn’t make it any better.

Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson

The only thing worse than bad breath when filming a kissing scene is an illness. That’s what kept these two stars apart when they were filming Water for Elephants in 2011

He had “the most hideous horrible cold of any co-star” she’d ever worked with. She eventually gave in, but it’s not the best kiss in film history.

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