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Celebrities Who Started as Deal or No Deal Models

All celebrities have to rise up through the ranks somehow, and that was certainly true for these celebrities who found their start on the game show Deal or No Deal. From Anchal Joseph to Meghan Markle, join Facts Verse as we take a look at celebrities who started as Deal or No Deal models.

Anchal Joseph

Anchal Joseph might not be the biggest celebrity in Hollywood yet, but it looks as if she’s going to be the newest Deal or No Deal model to rise up through the ranks to major stardom. The model is set to star in Touch the Fire starring Rob Moran, though she’s still modeling on the side. Before appearing on Deal or No Deal, Anchal appeared on America’s Next Top Model in 2006. Anchal started her career as a model when she was just 19 years old, and her Indian heritage makes her stand out from much of the competition.

When Anchal Joseph was a model on Deal or No Deal, it was her job to hold Briefcase #22. Anchal has been at it for well over a decade, and her recent successes will hopefully catapult her into the stardom that she deserves!

Donna Feldman

If Anchal Joseph manages to get success if with her new film role, she’ll be able to rank alongside celebrities such as Donna Feldman. Donna was able to to turn her gig on Deal or No Deal into a legitimate acting career, with her having appeared both in films and on television as an actress. Some of the numerous television programs that Donna has appeared on since starting out as a model on Deal or No Deal include the recent reboot of Magnum P.I., as well as The Oval and NCIS: Los Angeles. In addition to her numerous acting roles on television, Donna also appeared in the Adam Sandler comedy You Don’t Mess with the Zohan. Most of Donna’s acting roles so far have been supporting ones, but she did have a starring role on the series Fashion House. When she was a model on Deal or No Deal, Donna was tasked with holding Briefcase #22.

Anya Monzikova

Anya Monzikova is another former Deal or No Deal model that managed to turn her time on the show into a lucrative career as an actress. Like Donna Feldman, Anya has appeared in films and on television in an acting capacity. One of her more notable film roles was in the blockbuster Iron Man 2. Meanwhile, her acting roles on television have included turns in premium cable programs such as The League and Ray Donovan. She also appeared on the hit network television series Bones. During her time on Deal or No Deal, it was Anya’s job to hold Briefcase #10.

Nowadays, it seems as if Anya Monzikova is becoming more interested in producing than she is in acting. It seems that the former Deal or No Deal Model has recently become a producer for the Atlanta-based production company eKo Atl.

Leyla Milani

Leyla Milani may not be a big television actress like the two former Deal or No Deal models that we just mentioned, but she is a pretty big deal in the world of hair. Leyla was a model during the first four seasons of Deal or No Deal, and she left the show in 2009. During her time on the game show, she held Briefcase #13. Nowadays, Leyla is better known for the multiple hair-care companies that she has started up. One of those companies goes by the name of Hairtamin, with it’s name being a portmanteau of the words “hair and “vitamin”. As one might guess, the company’s aim is to sell supplements for healthier hair. Hairtamin isn’t the only hair-care company that Leyla has started up. She also started up a company by the name of Leyla Milani Hair, which offers such things as extensions and styling tools.

Leyla Milani has a pretty huge following on social media, with her Instagram account being followed by well over a million people. Leyla uses this social-media following to help spread awareness about her brands, and it seems that the former Deal or No Deal model is finding quite a bit of success! Besides these business ventures, Leyla also appeared in an episode of the program Shahs on Sunset.

Brenda Lowe

Brenda Lowe is a former Deal or No Deal model that was tasked with holding Briefcase #4 during the show’s final season. In addition to this modeling gig, Brenda also appeared on the reality series Survivor: Nicaragua around the same time. It seems that Brenda was insistent on becoming a television star, and her appearances on these programs paid off! Brenda was able to use her time on these shows to get herself a role on the recent reboot of Baywatch, though the reboot series was sadly a great deal less successful than the iconic series that spawned it.

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Claudia Jordan

Claudia Jordan is another Deal or No Deal model who appeared on the first four seasons of the hit game show. During those first four seasons, Claudia was the holder of Briefcase #1! As with many of her peers, it was Claudia’s goal to use the attention that she garnered on the program to eventually develop a legitimate career as an actress. While Claudia hasn’t found much success in the world of acting, she has found a good deal of success in reality television!

Soon after ending her time on Deal or No Deal, Claudia could be seen participating in a season of Celebrity Apprentice. This occurred in 2009, and reality-television fans were more than pleased to see the game-show model getting to share more of her personality than she had on Deal or No Deal. Since Claudia’s appearance on Celebrity Apprentice, she has branched further out into the world of reality television with appearances on programs such as Below Deck and Real Housewives of Atlanta.

While Claudia unquestionably remains best known as a reality television star after her years of being a Deal or No Deal model, the former game-show model is still trying to make a name for herself as a legitimate actress. The star has numerous projects in production, and we are hoping that at least one proves to be the vehicle that gets her respect!

Hayley Marie Norman

Fans of the NBC comedy series AP Bio will certainly recognize former Deal or No Deal model Hayley Marie Norman. Hayley was the holder of Briefcase #25 on the show for three seasons, during which she wowed the audience with her stunning looks. Besides AP Bio, Hayley has also appeared in the films Hancock and Top Five.

Amanza Smith

Amanza Smith is a former Deal or No Deal model that appeared during the final two seasons of the game show’s original run. Since then, Amanza has become better known for her role in the television series Selling Sunset. Amanza joined the series during it’s second season and became a fan favorite, appearing in subsequent seasons.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is yet another former model from Deal or No Deal that has managed to find success outside of the game show. Unlike the other former models that we’ve taken a look at so far in this video, Chrissy was only on Deal or No Deal for a handful of episodes. This handful of episodes came during the game show’s second season. According to Chrissy, she believes that the reason she was fired from her gig as a model on the program was because she could never figure out which face she was supposed to make and when.

Meghan Markle

Finally, let’s end this video by taking a look at the person who is unquestionably the biggest celebrity to have started out as a model on Deal or No Deal! Meghan Markle is the most recognizable name to have ever made an appearance as a model on the game show, yet host Howie Mandel has claimed that he doesn’t even remember working with her! Megan not only managed to turn her gig on Deal or No Deal into a legitimate acting career, but she has since managed to turn her acting career into a gig as literal royalty. The general public best knows Megan nowadays as the Duchess of Sussex, with the former Deal or No Deal model having recently joined the royal family by marrying Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle was a model on Deal or No Deal during it’s second season, which started in 2006 and ended in 2007. During that season, it was Meghan’s job to hold Briefcase #24. After ending her time on Deal or No Deal, Meghan managed to find fame as a legitimate actress with her appearance on the series Skins. Meghan played the role of Rachel Zane on the program for many seasons, and this role is what caught the attention of her current husband Prince Harry.

During an appearance on Piers Morgan’s talk show, Howie Mandel claimed that he had no memory of working with the Duchess of Sussex during her time as a model on Deal or No Deal. It’s notable that Piers Morgan has consistently beefed with Meghan, with the talk-show host believing that Meghan is too phony to be a royal figure. Back when Meghan was working on Deal or No Deal, she was only making $800 per episode. Cut to several years later on the set of Skins and she was making around $50,000 per episode. Now that Meghan has joined the royal family, her net worth is said to be well into the millions.

These celebrities started out making a few hundred dollars per episode on Deal or No Deal, but now they’re raking in the bucks as Hollywood celebrities! Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that Piers Morgan claims that he has no memory of working with Meghan Markle, and that the current Duchess of Sussex made only $800 per episode during her time on the game show? As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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