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Celebrities You Didn’t Expect to be Republican

Republican Celebrities… what do you think?

When you think about politics and Hollywood, your mind might justifiably jump to how the vast majority of the entertainment industry pays it’s allegiances to the political left.

There is some truth to that assumption as well. The news is constantly filled with celebrities pushing advocacy for causes and beliefs held dear by the Democrat party. There is no shortage of criticism from famous folks of more conservative incumbents and public figures.

You might start to assume that the right has no foothold in Hollywood – that show business has basically been monopolized by liberal cults of personality – and it’s true that those voices are sometimes the loudest ones – or at least the ones that receive the most media attention.

This off-balance of political ideologies might leave some conservatives feeling alienated or underrepresented in the public forum.

It might pleasantly surprise you that there are actually plenty of actors, athletes, musicians, and television personalities that are members of the Republican party. Let’s sort through the sea of blue and see just who is more likely to vote red this coming election cycle.

Facts Verse Presents: Celebrities You Didn’t Expect to be Republican

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Denzel Washington

Not only has he starred in dozens of astounding films like Training Day, Crimson Tide, John Q, and Unstoppable, but he is also a proud and outspoken member of the Republican party.

In an industry predominately composed of liberal Democrats, Denzel has held true to his principles and has maintained his conservatives views – not even shying away from talking about them when he feels the need to.

Lindsay Lohan

Growing up in Hollywood, Lindsay Lohan was afraid to express her conservative views in fear that it might alienate some of her fanbase. More recently however she has been more vocal about her support of right-wing politics. Notably, she endorsed Mitt Romney in his 2012 bid for the white house.

Hillary Duff

Another familiar face that owes their fame to their work with Disney has seen first hand how conservative values can help ensure the success of voters on an individual level but also in the realm of business. Duff too found it hard to ‘come out’ as a conservative but has since embraced her views as a part of who she is.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

He rose to fame in the ring as a pro wrestler and subsequently became one of the world’s most prolific action stars, but when he isn’t embodying the tough-guy persona he is fighting for stronger education programs and upholding American Values.

He’s arguably a moderate – siding with candidates that he can relate to – so he hasn’t necessarily always voted red but he is a member of the Republican Party.

Caitlyn Jenner

It might come as a surprise to you to learn that Jenner has been a loyal member of the Republican party for their entire career and Caitlyn has also been a close friend of President Donald Trump in the past as well – despite voicing some concerns about his leadership style in recent times.

Jenner strives to be a voice of the LGBT community in the Republican Party – as polarizing and controversial as that aim may be at times.

Kris Jenner

Like Caitlyn, this matriarch of the largely liberal Jenner family is also a proud Republican. She has opened up how her family is very much so split politically. The parents are conservative but all of the children are avid and ardent Democrats.

She described the conversations in her home as being somewhat like ‘political warfare’ whenever they turn to politics.

Stacy Dash

She told People magazine that being open about her political views has hurt her Hollywood career a bit, but this Clueless, ‘Mo Money, and View From The Top movie star hasn’t shied away from letting her conservative viewpoints be known. She has gone on numerous talk shows and has never held back her beliefs or refrained from letting her opinions be known.

Brett Favre

It might not make you the popular kid at the lunch table to be a Republican in Hollywood, but the world of professional sports actually is a lot more open to athletes with more conservative political beliefs.

Brett Favre is a great example. When he mingles in celebrity circles, he too doesn’t hold back from sharing his support for the Republican party.

Vince Vaughn

Vinny ran into a little bit of push-back with his Hollywood cohorts when he made it known that he fully supports the Second Amendment and believes that the best way to prevent school shootings is by allowing guns to be in the possession of teachers and staff.

Yet again his strong republican views have tarnished his career a bit in Hollywood which is dominated by subscribers to liberal ideologies.

Melissa Joan Hart

You might remember her from Clarissa Explains It All, or Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

Most child stars can’t make it through their teen years without having some kind of meltdown or some overblown scandal. Hart however affirms that her decades of success in the entertainment industry are not only a testament of her faith but also of her republican values. She is one of the rare teen stars that didn’t veer to the left after they grew into adulthood.

Peyton Manning

Just like his buddy Brett Favre, Peyton is also unabashedly a republican. He grew up in the south in a conservatively religious family. He has publicly stated that his religious views and faith has led him to his political views and stance.

Mel Gibson

If producing The Passion Of The Christ wasn’t enough to insinuate his positioning on the political spectrum, Gibson has been a lifelong conservative and has fervently supported the GOP for as long he has lived in the states.

Jessica Simpson

Ms. Simpson followed in her father’s footsteps. She grew up in a religiously conservative household that sided with candidates that had strong core values that embraced Christianity and conservationism

Her father was once quoted as saying that Jessica “Loves the heck” out of George Bush, but other than her dad’s testimonial support, Simpson herself has been a dedicated member of the Republican party for many years.

Drew Carey

The renowned actor and comedian from Cleveland has been a registered Republican for many years. Over that time he has donated to numerous political campaigns of candidates that he relates too. He describes his personal leanings as being closer to libertarian and has historically been a huge supporter of Ron Paul’s various campaigns.

Adam Sandler

One of Hollywood’s most cherished funnymen, a devoted Jewish man of faith, and a friend of the Republican party, you’d be hard-pressed to find Sandler mocking conservative politics. Adam has also made it a habit of donating financially to republican campaigns – notably New York’s Rudy Giuliani.

Laura Prepon

Best known for playing the very liberal Donna in That 70s Show, Prepon has expressed support for some Republican candidates over the years. She may not be your textbook republican per se, but she is a right-leaning moderate, to say the least.

50 Cent

Above everything, 50 Cent loves America. Back in 2005 when George Bush was getting a lot of flack from the rest of the world, 50 expressed the desire to meet Mr. Bush and to shake his hand.

He has been less enthusiastic about Donald Trump but he still loves the heck out of his country.

Sylvester Stallone

‘Rambo is a Republican’ was a catchphrase coined by Ronald Reagan. He has been a republican since the 80s. As a person however he dislikes the label of being a flag-waver for any particular party. He supported John McCain in 2008 but opted out backing a candidate in the 2016 election expressing a lack of faith in either of the prospects in that race.

Donald Trump called Stallone his ‘good friend for a long time’ in 2018 in a press conference where he pardoned the boxer, Jack Johnson.

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis may have voted Democrat back in 1988, but every single general election since then he has sided with the GOP. He is a card-carrying Republican and a staunch advocate of the Second Amendment.

Kid Rock

Yup, Kid Rock has been a Republican for years. He has historically supported the campaigns of Mitt Romney and Ben Carson and has expressed loads of support for Trump. He says that he is happy to have a non-career politician in office for once and has enjoyed how entertaining his presidency has been so far. Recently, he called trump “Down to earth and cool” and has endorsed his 2020 bid.

Owen Wilson

He and his buddy Vince Vaughn are both conservatives. In 2016, the two tried to attend the Young Republicans Convention in D.C. Vaughn was denied entry but they let Wilson in.

Britney Spears

You may remember her being a strong supporter of Bush back in those years. She comes from a southern conservative family and has always been a person of faith.

In 2017 she made comments giving support to Donald Trump and his presidency. She has expressed support for DACA and the dreamers, however, proving that she is still willing to deviate from the mainstream republican ideology from time to time.

James Earl Jones

Yup, the voice of Darth Vader and Mufasa from the Lion King is a strong supporter of the republican party. He has also expressed disapproval and disappointment in the Obama administration.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly was born and raised in a conservative republican household and even as an adult, her ideologies have still stayed in the right-wing. She is seen as a heroic voice for conservative values and has previously supported libertarian candidates like Ron Paul.

Gary Sinise

Made famous for his roles in films like Apollo 13 and Forrest Gump, Sinise is a devout supporter of the American Military and all of the troops. His passion for the brave souls defending his country has inspired him to vote Republican for years.

Well, that wraps up yet another one of our facts-packed video.

Were you totally blown away to learn how many famous Republicans were out there? Our list is only the tip of the iceberg as well.

Who were you most surprised to learn held right-leaning political ideologies? Caitlyn Jenner or maybe Owen Wilson? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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