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Celebrity Prom Pictures You Won’t Believe

If you thought your prom pics were cringe-worthy, wait until you see what we have lined up for you today. And let’s see celebrity prom pictures

Facts Verse Presents: Celebrity Prom Pictures You Won’t Believe

Sure, it’s nice to see celebrities looking relatably normal for a change – but we’re guessing that some of these familiar faces are probably wishing that these embarrassing pics never leaked.

Long before many of our most beloved celebrities ever strutted down the red carpet at the Grammys or Oscars they were teenagers just like everyone else.

And yes, before they flaunted their designer wardrobes and had millions of followers on Instagram, they were gloriously awkward and still figuring out what they were going to do after high school.

Some of them were luckier than others and still looked fabulous even before they received their diplomas.

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Kim Kardashian

Here’s little Kim way back in 1996.

It seems that Ms. Kardashian was feeling a little nostalgic when she was stuck at home because of the pandemic because she voluntarily uploaded this one.

Honestly, not much has changed.

Taylor Swift

Was there ever a time that she wasn’t looking classy as hell? Despite those weird hand gestures, she was looking pretty sophisticated in that ivory dress.

Seeing that Taylor has a history of writing songs about her real-life experiences and love interests, we’re curious if she ever wrote any songs about that boy?

No, but seriously what’s up with those hand signs? And somebody’s got to tell that kid that he looks ridiculous with his all-white tux, tie, and goofy white tilted hat.

Jimmy Fallon

Here’s little Jimmy looky gawky and awkward with a date that looks like she was well out of his league. Maybe she knew that only 6 years after that prom he’d be making his debut on SNL.

Fallon certainly has come a long way since this hilarious picture.

Amy Poehler

Is that Leslie Knope getting out of that limo? Looks like she went in style!

Hopefully, her date got her those flowers!


So, there is nothing particularly off about Rihanna’s look here. That dress and necklace combo is on point and her hair and make-up are screaming ‘born-to-be-a-star’ but what’s up with her date?

Now, we’re not going to shame the guy for his looks, he probably grew up to be quite handsome, but if you were going to prom with Rihanna, wouldn’t you at least smile about it? He looks like he’s having an awful time.

Cheer up, little buddy.

Carrie Underwood

Long before she won American Idol and became a pop-country superstar, she was just your typical girl from middle-America.

Looks like the editors of her Checotah, Oklahoma High School yearbook knew she was destined to be a star though.

Lance Bass And Danielle Fishel

Here are two teens that already had achieved stardom before they even finished high school.

Fishel played Topanga in Boy Meets World and Lance was doing his thing with ‘N Sync.

Wonder what Danielle thought when Lance came out as gay in 2006?

Maybe that explains those hover hands.

Seriously man, lighten up!

Barack Obama

Here’s a 17-year-old future president at his Punahou High School prom in Hawaii.

His date that evening was Megan Hughes, and yes, that’s champagne in their hand that they are drinking.

TSK TSK Mr. President. We’d never have taken you to be an underage drinker.

Will Ferrell

Looks like Will hasn’t changed much since high school.

But hey, it’s working for him!

We’re digging the crown! Wonder if he was prom king.

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Meryl Streep

Even back in high school, she was elegant as can be. No one can deny that Ms. Streep is a living legend but It looks like she has always embodied classiness.

Do you think her date knew that he was going to prom with one of the most celebrated actresses of all time?

That’s one lucky guy if you ask us.

Lady Gaga

For a celebrity that is known for off-the-wall antics and eye-popping wardrobe choices, she was looking fairly simple and – dare we say it – normal back in her high school prom days.

But where’s the platinum blonde hair? We barely recognized you, Gaga.

Michelle Obama

It wouldn’t be fair if we just picked on Barack – we should show the former first lady a little respect too.

She sure looked polished and refined even in her teenage years. She almost looks like royalty with that gorgeous dress, confident pose, and that throne.

Born to lead!

Demi Lovato

It’s nice to know that Demi comes through on her promises.

When they were still both in kindergarten, she and Nolan Narddechia made an oath to go to prom with each other.

So even though Demi was dating Nick Jonas at the time, she came through on her vow and took Nolan to her prom in Dallas, Texas.

How cute!

Brad Pitt

Here’s a throwback all the way back to 1982. We can bet you anything that Brad was probably a very respectful date.

Fun Fact; He taught his date that night to dance to the tune of Michael Jackson’s Rock With You.

George Clooney

Here’s George being a ladies man back in 1978. He attended Augusta High School in Kentucky and even back then, he still had his good looks and charm. Just look at that jawline!

Taylor Lautner

Before he played Jacob in the Twilight films, he was Sharkboy in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

But here he is at prom, sporting a very spiky do that probably required a whole lot of hair gel.

Seriously, that’s a lot of gel guy. Are you okay?

Britney Spears

Back when she was the epitome of innocence and long before she was toxic, she attended high school in McComb, Mississippi.

Here she is at prom in a blazing red dress looking sweet as candy.

Jon Hamm

This star of Mad Men fame isn’t the only famous face in this pretty typical prom photo. His date was Sarah Clarke who played Nina Myers on 24 and Bella’s Mom in the twilight films.

Hamm went on Jimmy Kimmel a few years ago and revealed that Clarke was actually dating both him and Paul Rudd at the time… How scandalous.

Lebron James

It’s great to finally see a couple of high-school sweethearts that actually made it. Here we have Lebron and his wife Savannah Brinson when they were first getting to know each other.

Savannah was a cheerleader for a rival school football team. When Lebron spotted her at a game, he knew he had to get to know her. He approached her, asked her out, and the rest is history.

In this prom photo, Savannah is actually 5 months pregnant with their first child – Lebron Jr.

Julia Roberts

Before she was famous a la Pretty Woman, this red-headed bombshell was just a typical American teenager.

Here she is looking like she’s having the time of her life with that iconic smile of hers.

Nick Kroll

Cheesing out with a big goofy grin, this future comedy central veteran and his date looked genuinely like they were having a great time in this classic prom photoshoot.

Reese Witherspoon

Before she starred in legally Blonde as Elle Woods, Reese was a cheerleader at her preparatory academy in Nashville Tennessee.

After graduating, she’d even go to Stanford but would drop out to pursue a career in acting.

John Stamos

Prior to being on Full House, John Stamos was looking pretty clean-cut and boyish in this high school prom photo.

His signature look would evolve in due time.

We might be wrong but sure looks like he’s blushing in this photo.

Ryan Seacrest

When he was younger, he had a bit more baby fat but you can still see that distinctive smile from this soon to be American Idol host looking dashing and dapper with his overjoyed date.

Ahhhh, young love…


Before becoming one of the world’s most beloved queens and ring leader of Ru Pauls Drag Race, he was still looking fierce as ever. Obviously he stole the show that night.

Angelina Jolie

Here is yet another testament to the timeless beauty of Angelina. She was apparently born a diva. Not much has changed for Ms. Jolie. She was probably the talk of the halls when she went to Beverly Hills High School.

Ellen Degeneres

She looks like she was having a pretty decent prom despite that hideous dress. But hey, it was the 70s, so all is forgivable.

In 2008, Ellen brought her high school prom date on to her talk show and recreated the look.

Looks like both of their outfits still fit.

Matthew McConaughey

Do you know what the best thing about high school prom photos is? They still look ridiculous, while Matthew continues to be the heartthrob that he is. He must age like fine wine because the older he gets, the more refined he becomes.

But it still looks like he and his date had a classy, romantic evening.

Bruce Willis

So this one is going to be our last one. But is it just us or does Bruce look absolutely horrified in this picture? No seriously, it looks like he just saw a ghost or something, and his dates hair-do is something to marvel at as well, don’t you think?

Maybe he sees dead people.

Okay, maybe we were a little harsh in the intro. Some of these celebs have been rocking their high-class vibes ever since they were pint-sized and still discovering how the world works.

On the other hand, some of these famous folk went through some major transformations in the time between high school and their rise to fame.

Now we want to hear from you! Who do you think had the most dramatic change between prom night and today?

Was it Bruce Willis looking like he had just killed someone or Barack Obama at the luau-themed prom back in his Hawaii years? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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