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Celine Dion Gives Devastating Health Update

In the past few years, fans have become increasingly concerned about pop diva Celine Dion’s health. These concerns pop up when a number of upcoming tour dates in Las Vegas residency are set to begin in late 2021. As a result of an ongoing battle with what she claims are muscle spasms. Fans are worried about the singer’s weight loss since the loss of her husband and brother from cancer in 2016. Celina’s 2022 concert dates are still on to occur, but fans are awaiting the announcement to be canceled, as well. Join Facts Verse as Celine Dion gives a devastating health update.

In January, Celine Dion announces that she is canceling tour dates scheduled between March and April of 2022. The announcement comes in the singer recovering from a health concern, which later turns out to be a muscle spasm. However, there remains some concern among fans that there may be something worse going on with the beloved pop diva.

The shows that Celine Dion canceled in January were going to be the remaining North American dates of her ongoing “Courage World Tour”. Prior to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020; Celine had managed to perform 52 dates of the tour successfully. The pandemic starts to come to a close recently Celine claims that she is suffering from a new health problem.

According to Celine, the health concern that caused her to cancel her tour date is muscle spasms. The singer claims that, despite months of treatment from her team of physicians, the muscle spasms still haven’t entirely abated. The singer remains optimistic that she will make a full recovery sooner rather than later. But the recovery process certainly took a lot longer than she hopes.

Celine expects to be back to full health by the time of her canceled tour dates. She’s now optimistic that she recovers in time to make good on the upcoming European dates of her tour. Those European dates schedule to start in May, which means that Celine Dion is going to recover pretty quickly!

When it comes to cancelling tour dates; Celine claims that she has to think ahead due to the massive amount of planning that goes into her extravagant performances. If the singer doesn’t know several months out whether or not she’ll be able to perform. Her crew won’t be able to start making the necessary accommodations. Celine’s insistence that she’ll be ready for her May tour dates suggests that she is close to making a full recovery. But there are plenty of fans anxiously awaiting the potential announcement that these European dates will be canceled, as well.

The fact that Celine Dion’s recent health troubles are coming in the wake of the end of the already-strenuous COVID-19 pandemic have made the past year exponentially more difficult for the singer. This comes in addition to the fact that Celine has been losing weight for a number of years, ever since the death of her husband and brother in 2016.

As Celine Dion continues her long recovery process in hopes that she’ll be ready to perform her European tour dates starting in May, fans are reaching out to the singer on social media to show their support. Many fans are taking the singer at her word that her health troubles are coming to an end and that she’ll be back to full health soon. However, there are also plenty of fans that think there may be more wrong with the singer than she lets on given her weight loss.

All the fans that had purchased tickets to Celine Dion’s cancelled tour dates have received full refunds. The European dates of Celine Dion’s tour are set to start occurring on May 25, 2022. With the first show taking place in Birmingham, England. If Celine’s recovery goes as expected, she’ll be ready to perform. And we can hopefully look forward to seeing the singer continue to do so for many years! However, if those speculating that the singer’s health may actually be worse than she lets on are right; we may be close to seeing her last days.

Celine Dion is the youngest of 14 children, and broke out onto the music scene at the tender young age of only 13 years old. Following her debut, Celine went on to become a massive pop diva thanks to her many hits. With the singer’s signature song arguably remaining “My Heart Will Go On”, which is the theme song from the 1997 film Titanic.

Throughout the singer’s career, Celine Dion has received a total of five Grammy Awards. Including with her most prestigious wins being those for Record of the Year and Album of the year. In 2016, the singer earned a Billboard Icon Award for her contributions to the music industry. That much-deserved award came at just the right time to pick up the singer’s spirits after the aforementioned deaths of her husband and brother earlier that same year, in January.

After Celine Dion rose to fame throughout the 1990s. She capitalized on that fame with a memorable Las Vegas tenure throughout a majority of the 2010s. During the decade, Celine Dion performed over 1,000 shows in Las Vegas. An scheduled to take on a new Las Vegas residency before plans fell through as a result of her recent health troubles. While plenty of attention has ben paid to Celine Dion’s recently cancelled tour dates in 2022. Fewer people are talking about how the singer set to begin a new Las Vegas residency in late 2021 that fell through as a result of the very same supposed health troubles.

Celine Dion’s new Las Vegas residency set to begin on November 5, 2021. And it doesn’t look as if any solid plans have been put in place to schedule the start of a new residency for the singer. However, if Celine does, in fact, make the full recovery that she claims she’s optimistic that she’s going to. The singer will certainly return to Las Vegas at some point in her future career. In the meantime, the European dates of Celine’s “Courage World Tour” remain the only upcoming events the singer has scheduled.

While Celine Dion claims that her recent health troubles are merely a result of severe muscle spasms. There are still those fans that are concerned that there may be something more deeply wrong with the singer than she’s letting on. Ever since the death of her husband and brother in January of 2016, Celine Dion has seemingly been losing weight at an alarming rate. However, when confronted with her weight loss, Celine Dion consistently claimed that it’s simply a result of her new fitness regimen. Apparently, this fitness regimen includes ballet dancing.

After the death of her husband and brother, Celine Dion mourned for a period of time. During which not much seen from her. When the singer reemerged after being out of the public eye for a number of months. Fans shocked at how emaciated she looked compared to the way she had looked previously. Since her reemergence, Celine Dion has failed to gain any of her previous weight back. In fact, there are many who feel that she continue to shed the pounds!

Celine Dion has always been a very skinny woman with a slender and long frame. And the singer is claiming that there is absolutely nothing to be concerned about; when it comes to her recent apparent weight loss. For the most part, Celine attribute any weight loss that she’s experienced since the death of loved ones; to ballet lessons that she has started taking with one of her backup dancers. Celine claims that she has always interested in dance. And that delving into the hobby has helped her take the mind off the pain of losing her aforementioned family members.

Despite Celine Dion’s insistence that her skinny looks are totally natural and healthy. There are many who think that the singer’s absurdly skinny frame may be the result of an eating disorder. Or, even worse, the result of substance abuse. Some think that Celine Dion is losing weight because she simply refuses to eat. While others think that she may experience a loss of appetite due to prescription medication that she is taking for either physical or emotional pain.

Prior to his 2016 death, Celine Dion married to her husband, René Angélil, since 1994. In addition to being her husband, he was also her manager. At the time of his death, he was 73 years old. In addition to being survived by Celine, René also survive by his and Celine’s three children. The longtime manager passed away as a result of throat cancer. An illness which he had successfully battled previously before it came back even worse. Two days later, Celine Dion’s brother, Daniel, passed away.


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