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Cher’s Son Elijah Blue Allman is Exiled from the Family

Pop singer Cher has two children, though one of those children is much more a part of the singer’s life than the other. Cher had her first child with first husband Sonny Bono, and that first child is named Chaz. Most people know about Chaz Bono, but fewer people know about Elijah Blue Allman. Elijah is the son that Cher had with second husband Greg Allman. Sadly, Cher’s relationship with Elijah has had some turbulent moments over the years. Join Facts Verse as we explore why Cher’s son Elijah was exiled from the family.

Cher Is Closer with Her First Child Than Her Second

Pop singer Cher has had two children over the course of her lifetime. Elijah Blue Allman is Cher’s second son, and the two have sadly had a pretty turbulent relationship. Today, Elijah Blue Allman is in his late 40s. Cher and Elijah are doing their best to patch things up after decades of not being very close. Elijah was born in 1976. He father was Gregg Allman, who was Cher’s second husband after Sonny Bono. Cher and Gregg’s marriage didn’t last all that long. Since Gregg was more into partying, Cher ended up being the one who got to take care of the child. Given that Cher was still fairly active in her career around the time period, she didn’t have a whole lot of time to dedicate to raising him.

As a result of his mother being busy with her career and his father being too into partying, Elijah Blue Allman ended up being sent away to boarding school at a fairly young age. This resulted in some serious feelings of resentment towards his parents. Specifically, Elijah felt that his mother should’ve been there more for him while he was growing up. Elijah has claimed that he felt that his mother didn’t want him. When Elijah came of age, these feelings still reverberated in his mind. Today, he is still dealing with the ramifications of these feelings, but it seems that he and Cher are closer than ever.

During the early years of his adulthood, Elijah Blue Allman began suffering from Lyme disease. According to Elijah, his mother didn’t believe him when he claimed that he wasn’t feeling well. Cher began to believe that her adult son was a hypochondriac, which drove an even bigger wedge between them. Elijah pursued treatment for his alleged Lyme disease for years without getting better. However, one day, he received words that there were some doctors in Germany that may be able to help him out. Elijah then travelled to Germany, and the doctors were able to make his symptoms go away. It seems that Elijah had been right about the fact that he was suffering form Lyme disease, though this didn’t immediately heal his relationship with his mother.

Cher Didn’t Approve of Her Second Son’s Marriage

While in Germany, Elijah Blue Allman met a woman by the name of Marieangela King. The two quickly fell in love, and were married in 2013. The two first eloped, but then decided to have a small ceremony in Beverly Hills featuring some close friends and family members. As it turns out, Cher didn’t make the cut. It seems that Cher didn’t approve of her second son’s new relationship. Having already been estranged from his mother for the majority of his life, Elijah didn’t care too much when his mother opted out of making it to the ceremony. In fact, she likely wasn’t even invited!

Sadly, it seems that Elijah and Marieangela’s marriage wasn’t meant to last. The two separated in 2020, and Elijah recently filed for divorce from his wife in 2021. It seems that the divorce is still being finalized. This sad news comes alongside the decidedly happier news that it seems that Elijah has made some moves in mending his relationship with his mother. It’s quite a coincidence that Elijah should have entered into a short-lived marriage, as he was the product of one! Cher married Elijah’s father in 1975, and they were only together for a few years before divorcing in 1979.

Before being married to Greg Allman for a few years, Cher was married to Sonny Bono for over a decade. Still, that doesn’t mean that her first marriage was any happier than her second. Cher and Sonny had their fair share of problems. Most believe that Sonny only entered into his relationship with Cher so that he could take advantage of her burgeoning career. When it came time to choosing a second husband, Cher knew she was going to have to pick someone who was already a celebrity in their own right.


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Cher and Gregg Allman Formed a Strange Couple

When Cher and Gregg Allman started dating, it caught the world of popular culture by surprise. Cher was a pop icon, while Gregg Allman was a tried-and-true rock-and-roll star. Though the two were both exceptionally popular musician, they came from completely different worlds. Gregg Allman being completely different than previous husband Sonny Bono was likely a big part of what attracted Cher to him. Sadly, the pair’s marriage didn’t end up lasting long.

Elijah Blue Allman wasn’t the only thing that Cher and Gregg Allman made together throughout their short-lived marriage. In 1977, the two musicians released a collaborative album. The album wasn’t all that big of a success, and it’s lack of success was largely blamed on the fact that Cher and Greg Allman were two very distinct artists that made music aimed at different demographics. There was also the fact of the matter that the album was critically derided, with many feeling that neither party was bringing their all to the material. The lack of passion that can be found on the album, which was dubbed Two the Hard Way, can be seen as emblematic for the lack of passion in the marriage that inspired it. Cher and Gregg were only together for around four years before getting a divorce.

Elijah Blue Allman was born in 1976, which means that get got to spend the first few years of his life with his parents still being together. When his parents separated, it was Cher that got custody of the boy. Still, she made sure that Elijah could spend at least a little bit of time with his father as he was growing up. Though Elijah has a lot of hard feelings about some of the choices that his mother made during his childhood, he claims that he understands completely why his mother tried to keep a distance between him and his father.

Elijah Made Up with His Father Before His Death

Gregg Allman passed away in 2017. In the years leading up to the musician’s death, Elijah was just as estranged from him as he was from his mother. However, Elijah decided that he wanted to patch things up with his father before his death. This is another thing that furthered the divide between Elijah and his mother before the two eventually decided to mend their own relationship. Elijah was grateful for the opportunity to be there during his father’s last days.

Though Cher and Gregg Allman’s marriage was incredibly short-lived, it was almost even more short-lived than it ended up being! A little over a week after the two musicians first got married, Cher filed for divorce from her new husband because she didn’t realize just how heavily he was into drugs and alcohol. The two were able to patch things up and get on with their short-lived marriage, though drugs and alcohol remained an issue over the entirety of it. They even remained an issue after the divorce, with Gregg’s substance abuse being one of the main reasons that Cher limited the time their son spent around him.

Today, it seems that Cher and Elijah are well on their way towards mending the wounds that kept them estranged for so many decades. Thankfully, Cher has maintained a much better relationship with her child over the years. However, that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been any bumps in the road for Cher and her first child. As we’ve already discussed, Cher’s first child is Chaz Bono. However, at birth, the child was known as Chastity Bono.

Cher Has Had Issues with Her First Child, As Well

Many might not be aware that Chaz Bono was actually born female but has since had his gender reassigned. The transformation was gradual, with the first hint of it coming in the form of Chastity revealing to her mother that she was a lesbian. According to Cher, she didn’t initially take this news very well. When it came time for Chastity to fully undergo the transition into Chaz, Cher was even more put off! However, Cher eventually learned to accept her first child for who she is. Today, Cher is an outspoken supporter of trans rights.

Given that Elijah Blue Allman is the son of two prominent musicians, it should come as no surprise that the man is also a musician himself. According to legend, none other than Gene Simmons himself gave Elijah his very first guitar. This event occurred when Elijah was only 13 years old. Several years later, Elijah would found a rock band by the name of Deadsy. The band was active from 1995 to 2007, during which time Elijah could be seen hooking up with such female celebrities as Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton. Elijah wanted to embody the rock-star lifestyle just like his dad had, and he ended up doing a fairly good job! Sadly, he also matched his father’s propensity for substance abuse. Deadsy went on hiatus in 2007 because of this. Thankfully, Elijah has since pulled himself together, and Deadsy came back into existence in 2017!

Though Cher and second son Elijah Blue Allman were estranged for decades, the two are currently doing their best to patch things up. Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that Cher and Gregg Allman had a son named Elijah, and that this son and Cher were estranged for decades? Comment down below!

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