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Cloris Leachman’s True Cause of Death Was Just Revealed

Hollywood lost a legend when actress Cloris Leachman passed away on January 27th, 2021. Cloris plays the role of Phyllis Lindstrom on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and then her own spin-off, Phyliss. She gets an impressive television career. With 22 Emmy Award nominations and a record-tying eight wins, Leachman’s legacy leaves its mark on the entertainment industry. In this video, we’re going to be talking about the true cause of Cloris Leachman’s Death, and her iconic legacy on the modern-day entertainment industry. Make sure you watch until the end of the video to hear some crazy stories about Leachman’s final years.

Cloris Leachman’s Rise to Fame:

With a career spanning five decades, it’s easy to understand why people were so impressed by Cloris’ work. Leachman began pursuing her passion for acting in college when she attended Illinois State University to study drama. She is able to start as a professional actress after winning a scholarship from the 1946 Miss America Pageant. She creates a respectable career as a stage actress on Broadway. 

Landing her breakout role as Phyliss Lindstrom on the beloved sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show in 1970. Her character is so popular with audiences that she receives her very own spin-off series, Phyliss. She earns her both a Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe. Leachman is popular, as she ties with Seinfeld actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus for the most Emmy wins as an actor. A total of eight trophies for her work in projects like Promised Land and A Brand New Life. She also won a prestigious Academy Award for her performance in the film Last Picture Show in 1971.

Leachman Continues to Thrive:

Cloris Leachman continued to dominate the small screen with iconic roles on shows like The Facts of Life and Malcolm in the Middle. She even had a short-lived stint on the reality competition show Dancing with the Stars in 2008, becoming the show’s oldest contestant ever at age 82. While she may have not been the strongest dancer, audiences across the country fell in love with the contestant’s entertaining performances, leading to her coming in seventh overall.

Additionally, Cloris returned to the small screen on the FOX comedy show Raising Hope in 2010. She even ventured into voice acting, with roles in children’s programs like The Croods, Elena of Avalor, and Phineas and Ferb. So, did Leachman’s hard work as an actress pay off? We think so. Her decades in entertainment garnered her a $10 million net worth. Aside from her impressive earnings, Cloris Leachman left behind an invaluable legacy that will live on forever.

Cloris Leachman Gets Diagnosed with COVID-19:

Leachman, who was 94 at the time, got diagnosed with COVID-19 during the pandemic that shut down the world in 2020. According to a death certificate released on Feb. 18th, 2021, the actress had been dealing with the respiratory illness for some time, although her death was ultimately the result of a stroke described as a “cerebrovascular incident.” She passed away on January 27, 2021 at her home in Encinitas, California with her daughter by her side. She is survived by four children and several grandchildren, although her oldest son passed away in 1986. The report also mentioned that the actress was cremated and had her remains given to her daughter, Dinah Englund. Here’s to wishing her friends and family the best during their difficult time.

Cloris Leachman Valued Her Health:

While she dealt with health issues prior to her death in January 2021, Cloris Leachman made a point of leading a healthy and active life. Her secret? No stress. In an interview with WebMD in 2009, Leachman commented that “people get stressed by the most amazing things” and emphasized the importance of relaxation and “slow breathing.” In addition to her calming practices, Leachman also followed a special dietary regimen. Following health issues with arthritis, hay fever, and asthma, Cloris decided to cut meat out of her diet, claiming that her body told her to do it after coming across an eye-opening archaeology book.

On her plant-based diet, Cloris said: “I have not had another bite since [going vegetarian] and I haven’t missed it. I have a little fish once in a while and sometimes I will have chicken or turkey. But neither hog nor cow.” Since cutting out meat, the actress focused her cooking efforts on sprucing up vegetables, explaining that she used “everything fresh and organic if possible,” saying she enjoys seasoning her veggies with garlic, lemon, and other spices. Additionally, she also enjoyed taking part in an exercise regimen, taking on Egoscue posture-corrective exercise alongside a trainer. On the workout, which she described as “half yoga,” Leachman claimed that it seemed to help everything that hurt her body and that she loved doing it. Kudos to that!

Cloris Leachman Didn’t Think Much About Aging:

Throughout her extensive career, there was plenty of discussion surrounding Cloris Leachman’s age and her refusal to let it negatively impact her career. As it turns out, Leachman herself didn’t consider age as a major factor in her life. She told NBC News in 2011 that she was “truly 6 years old,” and her never-ending ambition certainly reflected her youthful spirit. She even once made a joke about her eventual death, saying that in order for her to stop working “they’re going to have to [her] with a lead pipe.”

When interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter in 2016, Leachman was asked about whether or not she had considered retiring from her fruitful career in entertainment. She responded by saying: “You have to be ready to work. If you’re not ready to live, at least you’re ready to work.” During an appearance on The Hollywood Reporter’s Creative Until You Die series, Leachman was asked again if retirement was part of her plans for the future. Unsurprisingly to anyone aware of her spontaneous personality, Leachman responded with a simple “F*** you.” Her vivacious demeanor made an impact on everyone around her. If you love cheeky celebrity stories just like this one, make sure you like this video and subscribe to Facts Verse for more!

Cloris Leachman is Remembered for Her Spunky Personality:

Despite her age, Leachman became known for her lively and fun personality. Upon being nominated for an Academy Award in 1972, Cloris described her current position in life, saying: “I’m at a point where I’m free to go out and have a little fun with my career. Some Oscar winners have dropped out of sight as if they were standing on a trapdoor. Other picked it up and ran with it. I’m going to run with it.” With an ambitious spirit like that, it’s no surprise that Leachman continued to find success in her professional life.

According to an eyewitness at a party for the Starz television series American Gods, the then 91-year-old “was one of the last to leave and jokes on the way out that was going to another bar.” Apparently, the veteran actress made quite the impression on the other party guests, with the eyewitness claiming that “people were ditching their own VIP tables to hang out with her” and that she was “bumping and grinding with her guests.” Clearly, Leachman was committed to having fun no matter how old she got. What a riot!

Leachman Joins her Talented Colleagues

It seems like the past few years have seen the passing of multiple entertainment icons, like Carrie Fisher, Alex Trebek, and Sean Connery. Within the first months of 2021, Cloris Leachman was not the only celebrity to pass away. January saw the deaths of other Hollywood Legends, including Cicely Tyson, Hal Holbrook, and Christopher Plummer. In the era of social media, the legacies of these powerhouses are able to be commemorated more than ever before. Co-host of the Keep It podcast Louis Virtel tweeted: “I used to have romantic visions of the afterlife but now I picture Christopher Plummer, Cloris Leachman, Cicely Tyson, and Hal Holbrook are out there somewhere, working steadily.” We think so too!

Cloris Leachman’s Legacy Lives On:

Up until her final days, Cloris Leachman continued to live her life to its fullest. According to one of her sons, Leachman passed away peacefully. On his mother, he said: “She had the best life beginning to end that you could wish for someone. She left everyone with a lot of love.”

Leachman’s colleagues also expressed their gratitude towards the iconic actress. Her longtime manager Juliet Green confirmed her death in a statement where she described Leachman as “one of the most fearless actresses of our time.” She went on to comment on her talent, saying “There was no one like Cloris. With a single look, she had the ability to break your heart or make you laugh till the tears ran down your face.” She continued, “you never knew what Cloris was going to say or do, and that unpredictable quality was part of her unparalleled magic.” Clearly, Cloris had a massive impact on both the entertainment industry and the lives of everyone she knew We couldn’t agree more!

Well, that just about wraps up our video on the true reasons behind Cloris Leachman’s death. We hope you enjoyed learning about the legendary actress and her life. If you liked this video, make sure to hit the like button and let us know your favorite Cloris Leachman role in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe to Facts Verse for more videos just like this one!

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