Coincidences You Won’t Believe

#1 Funny Airline Photo

This picture is very funny. The man in the photo is flying on Czech Airlines. His hairline has almost completely receded and he has just a little hair on the sides of his head. Under his head is a seat protector, which is normal on flights. What makes this photo so funny is that the seat protector reads, If you split it up properly, it reads Czech Airlines. If you look at it the wrong way, it reads czec hairlines. This is quite the funny coincidence.

#2 Wedding Day Warning

This is one of the craziest coincidences you won’t believe. A young woman got married and she asked her brother to buy a newspaper on her wedding day. She wanted it to be something that she could look back on years later and see what was going on that day. Unfortunately, the newspaper didn’t have the best headline that day. The major headline on the paper read, Tragic Mistake. Hopefully the woman’s marriage wasn’t defined by the headline.

#3 He Fits Right In

There is nothing worse than road construction. Traffic gets backed up and there are orange and white barrels and barriers everywhere. This picture makes road construction look funny. The man in the photo looks just like one of the orange and white barrels in the road. If he planned it, it is pretty funny. If he didn’t, this photo is hilarious.

#4 Crazy Coincidence License Plates

The license plates on these cars aren’t really funny alone. One reads, WE WRITE and the other reads, WEREAD. If you put the two together in a parking lot side by side the way they are in this picture, it is quite the coincidence. At least you know that one driver can read and the other can write.

#5 The Coffee and the Tee

Many people own stripped shirts. It is a very common pattern for clothing. The woman in this photo loves her black and white stripped t-shirt so much that she go coffee cups to match. When her friends discovered the coincidence and decided to take a picture, she seemed to be a bit embarrassed about the whole thing.

#6 A Vampire at a Blood Bank

Everyone knows that vampires love to suck blood, which makes this photo so funny. The license plate on the car at the blood bank reads VAMPYR. The blood bank is the perfect place for a vampire to get the nourishment that he needs.

#7 The Road To Success?

The tractor trailer truck in this photo just smashed into an overpass. On the truck it reads, On the road to success, there are no shortcuts.” Sadly, the person who was driving this truck isn’t on the road to success. They must have taken this route thinking it was a shortcut only to find that the area is not a thru area for trucks.

#8 Cereal

This photo can ruin breakfast for cereal lovers everywhere. On the left is a rabbit and a bowl of rabbit food. On the right is a box of Nesquik cereal and a bowl of cereal below. Both bowls of food look the same and suddenly the Nesquik doesn’t look very appetizing.

#9 Converging Into Reality

These two photos are pretty amazing. In the photo on the left, a dog is walking behind a Chew Moo sign in just the right place to make it look as though the dog has a cow head. The photo on the right is of two billboards. The one on the top simply reads, Jesus. The one on the bottom reads, “beefy cheesy glory.” Both billboards refer to religion, even though one is for McDonald’s it is still a coincidence.

#10 Ironic Photos

These two photos are pretty ironic. The photo on the left has a sign that reads, “Thank you fro driving carefully.” Right beside it is a car on its side that was clearly in an accident. The second photo was taken at an amusement park near a ride called the Wind Seeker. The sign beside the ride reads, “This ride is currently CLOSED due to high winds. Maybe the Wind Seeker found the wind and it shut the ride down.

#11 No-Chew?

The man in this photo bought a spray that is designed to keep dogs from biting, chewing, and licking places where it is sprayed. It is supposed to have a bitter taste. Unfortunately, the taste wasn’t too bitter because his dog had no problem chewing up the bottom of the bottle.

#12 Twins?

Some people say that after a while, a person starts to look just like their pet. In this case it is actually true. The man in the photo and his pet hedgehog have the exact same haircut.

#13 The Perfect Chair the Perfect Shirt

The boy in this photo is wearing a Kiss t-shirt, one of the greatest bands of all time. The lead singer is known for sticking his very long tongue out like he is doing on this t-shirt. The boy just happened to sit in a chair where someone drew a picture of an ice cream cone and he sat in exactly the right position to make it look like he is eating the ice cream cone.

#14 He Was Only Following Directions

The person driving this truck was going to park when he saw the Crush soda machine. Rather than parking in a regular space, the driver chose to follow the directions on the soda machine that read Crush.

#15 Turn To Your Right!

These women are sitting side by side. One is reading the newspaper and the other is biting her nails. The irony is that the headline on the newspaper reads, “Killed By Nail Biting.”

#16 We Don’t Fit

Here is another example of a truck driver who didn’t know the limits of his truck. The ironic part is that on the back of the truck it reads, we fit. Unfortunately, it didn’t fit.

#17 The Devil?

The man on the news is trying to talk is way out of a scandal. The man sitting behind him is wearing a button-up shirt. The collar makes it look like the speaker has devil horns. It makes you wonder what he thought when he saw himself on television.

#18 What a Coincidence

The photo on the left is of a person about to give his cat a treat who looks exactly like the cat on the package. The photo on the right is of the back of a man’s head. The person taking the photo happened to be eating a piece of chocolate that looked just like the man’s head.

#19 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is one of the most popular musicians today. The person in this car happened to be driving behind two trucks, one was a Taylor truck and the other was a Swift. This is quite the coincidence.

#20 The Batman Song

The mother of these children got her kids dressed and couldn’t figure out why her husband thought that it was so funny. If you read the girl’s shirt and then her brother’s it is the Batman song.

#21 The Dog Can Read

The dog in this photo looks like he loves the car and he can also read. The license plate reads, 1EARUP. He just so happens to have one ear up.

#22 Baby Needs Beers & Wines

Most stores have signs at the beginning of each aisle to let you know what is in the aisle. Whoever designed this store made a mistake. The sign looks like it is telling you that the baby needs some wine and beer.

#23 Perfect Placement

The two businesses in the corner of this plaza are Girls Night Out and Planned Parenthood. They go together quite well.

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