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Colorized Photos of the Vietnam War that are Hard to Stomach

The Vietnam War was a strange time for America, dividing the country more than it had been divided since the 19th century. The war led to a notable anti-war movement, and the creation of some of modern cinema’s most iconic war films. For those who want to know what the war was really like, these colorized photos help give a better idea than ever before! Unless you were really there, these photos are the closest most will ever come to experiencing the terrors of the Vietnam War. Join Fact Verse as we take a look at colorized photos of the Vietnam War that are hard to stomach.

Lyndon B. Johnson Listens to Marine Recordings

There were multiple American presidents in charge over the span of the Vietnam War, but the one who was in charge during the height of the war was arguably Lyndon B. Johnson. This photo shows the president listening to recording from Marine soldiers that were situated on the front lines of the war. The fact is made all the more poignant when you consider that the president’s son-in-law was one of those Marines. It’s certainly never been an easy decision for any president to put a draft in place, and it was likely all the more hard for Lyndon knowing his family was out there.

Sammy Davis Jr. Entertains the Troops

The Vietnam War was the third major war America was involved in following the creation of the film industry. It was also the first war during this period where the media seemed to be routing against the war effort instead of for it. Everywhere you looked in the media, it seemed that the majority of stars were against America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. While being in support of America during World War II was the enforced norm, public and the critics largely shunned the few stars that showed their patriotism during the war effort in Vietnam. One such star was John Wayne, whose support of the Vietnam War proved the final nail in the coffin for the aging star’s public respect.

Though most artists weren’t necessarily for the war effort in Vietnam, many would still go overseas to entertain the troops when asked. This was mainly because the artists felt bad for the soldiers and wanted to provide them with some emotional support. One artist who falls firmly into this category is Sammy Davis Jr. Sammy was a vocal detractor of the war effort, but that didn’t stop him from packing his bags and heading overseas as soon as he was asked to perform for the troops. As a man of the people, Sammy felt it was his obligation to spread his love wherever he could! This photo shows Sammy in the middle of a passionate bleat.

Troops Arriving at Vietnam via Airdrop from the Shore

During the spring of 1965, there was a massive drop of nearly 4000 Marines that occurred along the Vietnamese beaches of Cape Batangan. Many consider this moment to be when the Vietnam War kicked into full gear, and this photo shows exactly what it was like to be one of the many Marines showing up on the shore ready for battle. Pictures like this were used to show Americans back home just how intense it was to be in the middle of the war effort, and they still have a pretty powerful effect on viewers today.

Troops Watch a Miss America Show

There were lots of different forms of entertainment offered by the troop, and the most notable offerings came in the form of USO shows. The most notable USO shows that took place during the Vietnam War were emceed by Bob Hope and featured a rotating selection of other celebrities. However, those weren’t the only USO shows that occurred. Several years into the war, there was a USO show featuring beautiful pageant winners that was dubbed the “Miss America Show”. This photo shows troops watching this USO show, and most of the members in the audience were likely very titillated. At this late hour in the war, many soldiers had been without female contact for years, and this was the best they got.

Vietnam Soldiers Find a Cute Puppy

This photo shows a group of Vietnam soldiers that have just stumbled upon an adorable little puppy that was trapped in a manhole. The puppy brightened up the soldiers’ day, and the picture stands as a nice remind that, even in the midst of an incredibly dire situation, cute puppies still exist.

Pop-Top Cans Were a Useful Innovation for Soldiers

In the early 1960s, pop-top cans were introduced. These types of cans would gradually go on to become the norm for soda manufacturers over the ensuing decades, replacing glass bottles. These pop-top cans made sodas easier to distribute than ever, which made them perfect for soldiers in the Vietnam War. At the time, RC Cola was one of the first soda manufacturers to adopt the pop-top cans, and that means that pop-top RC Cola cans could be found strewn all over the place wherever America troops were in Vietnam. But crafty Vietnamese solders found ways to turn these pop-top cans into homemade bombs they’d use as weapons.

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There Was Some Risqué Entertainment During Vietnam

The most interesting type of entertainment that was available to American soldiers during the time was the adult entertainment. The act showcased in this picture certainly seems to know how to get the attention of the crowd, and this is just one of the many acts that was tasked with providing adult entertainment to soldiers! There were also plenty of Vietnamese prostitutes that could be found hanging around looking for soldiers.

Lela Falana Entertains the Troops

Though there were women that American soldiers could get their hands on for the right price during the Vietnam War, it seems that most preferred to simply gawk at the beautiful celebrities on stage at the USO shows. One such beautiful woman was Lola Falana, who accompanied Bob Hope during his very last USO tour in 1972. For those who don’t know, Lola was one of the most popular dancers in Las Vegas at the time, and she put on a great show!

The Donut Dollies and Their Ditty Bags

Anyone that is a fan of World War II history will likely already be familiar with the concepts of Red Cross and the Donut Dollies. During World War II, the Red Cross handed out donuts to American soldiers. In order to hand out these donuts, the Red Cross hired a team of beautiful ladies that would become known as the “Donut Dollies”. The concept of the Donut Dollies was carried over to the Vietnam War. However, this time, they weren’t handing out donuts. Instead, the Donut Dollies handed out goodie bags to American soldiers. If this photo is any indication, receiving one of these goody bags helped keep them happy. In addition to handing out goodie bags, the Donut Dollies would also work together to put on game-show type shows for the American troops. Centers run by the Red Cross and their Donut Dollies could be found could be found at most large base camps during America’s war effort.

Soldiers Holding a Giant Python!

Vietnamese soldiers were far from the only danger that American soldiers faced while sneaking through the jungles of Vietnam. This picture shows several soldiers holding an incredibly deadly snake. This snake is known as the reticulated python, and it kills it’s prey in a different way than the majority of snakes. While most snakes rely on venom to subdue their prey, the reticulated python uses it’s massive body and great strength to crush it’s pray to death before eating them. Once you’ve found yourself in the grasp of a reticulated python, there’s arguably no getting out!

Raquel Welch at a USO Show

Raquel Welch made a name for herself as one of the most notable sex symbols of the 1960s and 1970s thanks to her appearance in films such as One Million Years B.C. Because of Raquel’s status as one of the leading sex symbols of the time, it makes a lot of sense that she was asked by Bob Hope to take part in his USO shows. Raquel loved entertaining the troops, and the troops loved seeing her!

Surfing Was Popular Amongst American Soldiers in Vietnam

Besides ogling female celebrities at the USO shows and drinking RC Cola out of pop-top cans, another thing that American soldiers in Vietnam loved to do to pass the time was surf! The movie Apocalypse Now has popularized the notion of soldiers spending their free time surfing on the shores of Vietnam, though many may not realize just how much of this was based on fact. The beaches of Vietnam were great for surfing, and surfing was one of the few things that solider could do to pass the time. Soldiers were able to get surfboards sent to them from back home by claiming that they were useful as floating devices.

Phyllis Diller Entertains the Troops with Comedy

Not all of the women that were utilized during USO shows were there just to be ogled at. Phyllis Diller is another notable performer who helped Bob Hope out during his USO tours, and her gift to the American troops in Vietnam was comedy! Phyllis had the gift of being able to make almost anyone laugh, and troops loved seeing her on the stage.

With these colorized photos of the Vietnam War, viewers can get a better idea than ever what it was actually liked for soldiers during this infamous part of global history. Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that there were topless shows put on for American troops during the Vietnam War, and that Vietnamese soldiers used litter from American troops to make homemade bombs? As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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