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Couple Spends $25, 000 To Convert Old Truck Into Mobile Home And It Looks Better Than Most Apartments

Home Ownership

Many people save for years to purchase their first home. They save for the down payment and work on their credit to get the lowest interest rate possible. For some, the idea of a dream home is a two-story home in the suburbs with a big back yard. For others, the perfect home is a large penthouse apartment in the middle of a major city. While these are some people’s ideas of a dream home, not everyone wants to live this way.


Many people spend most of their time traveling. Some travel for pleasure after they retire and others travel for business. This is why the RV was invented. Some people would rather live in a house on wheels so that they would have the freedom to go anywhere they like. One couple wanted something more than an RV. This couple spends $25,000 to convert old truck into mobile home and it looks better than most apartments.

Iona Stewart and Martin Hill

Iona and Martin are a couple from Nottingham, and they love to snowboard. They also enjoy being on the road. They worked together, and their job required them to be outdoors and to travel often. One night, they were at home in their small apartment having a few beers. They were talking about their dream to one day, but a big American RV that they could live in and travel in. They figured that it would save them thousands on the cost of lodging while they traveled. It would also give them a chance to see the world.

Buying a Truck

The next morning, the couple was still talking about buying an RV. It wasn’t just the beer talking, and it was something that they really wanted to do. Iona says that rather than talking about their dreams for years, they would start trying to make it a reality right away. They were looking at RV’s on eBay when they came across an old bread delivery truck. The owner was asking $4,670 for the truck. The couple figured that since it was so cheap, that they would have enough money left over to renovate it and turn it into the home on wheels of their dreams.

Working As a Team

Fortunately, Martin was a handy guy. He handled the labor and construction, and Iona designed the interior of the truck. When they first bought it, it was completely empty. This excited the couple because they had a blank slate to work with. They could design the interior of the truck any way that they wanted. They decided that buying the truck was much better than buying an RV, which has already been designed.

The Renovation Budget

After paying for the truck, the couple had $25,000 left to cover the cost of the renovations. This was a lot of money, so the couple was going to be able to a lot to make their truck a home.

An Open Floor Plan

The couple chose an open floor plan for the kitchen and the living room. Since this style was so popular in high-end homes, the couple went with it. The kitchen had everything that they could need, including a sink with running water, an oven, and a refrigerator. There was also plenty of counter space and storage in the cabinets. The living room had a couch, a built-in entertainment center, and additional storage up by the ceiling. To keep the area warm, they installed a wood burning stove in the living room. Things were really coming together.

The Bedroom and the Bathroom

The couple wanted their privacy when in bed or in the bathroom, so they installed a small set of stairs in front of the door that led to the bedroom. They managed to fit a full-size bed and closet and drawer space. The attached bathroom contained a sink, a stand-up shower, and a toilet. They had everything that they needed for a good night’s sleep and to get ready in the morning.

Four Months

The couple worked on their new home full-time for four months to get it ready to live in. Iona added may artistic details and high-end touches to make their truck a home.


The couple has no intention of heading back to the United Kingdom. Instead, they are going to stay in the truck and keep traveling. They are currently in France, enjoying the incredible views of the mountains. Iona says that what they spent on the truck and the renovations were well worth it because finally, they are out in the world enjoying life. Martin says that they were never happy staying in one place for too long, so the truck was their dream come true.

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