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Creative Things People Do To Avoid Fixing Things Properly

Broken Or Inefficient Items

When something that you use daily breaks, or if you cannot use it efficiently, it can be frustrating. If you don’t have the time, or if you want to make things easier, there are a few creative things people do to avoid fixing things properly. Maybe one of these hacks will work for you.

Giving Kids Medicine

Many kids hate taking medicine. Rather than forcing it down their throat, stick the mediation cup to the side of your soda can. With the use of a straw, your child won’t know that they aren’t drinking soda.

Hang Your iPad

Holding your iPad while watching a movie can be tiring. If you have duct tape and a few extra minutes, you can hang it from the ceiling. Now, you can watch your movie without tiring out your arms.

Broken Laptop Hinge

After opening and closing your laptop too many times, the hinges can wear out. If your computer doesn’t stay open, you can stick the back of a picture frame to it. This will keep up open all day long.

Floating Shelf

In a small home, it can be hard to find a place to store your internet equipment. If you aren’t handy enough to hang a shelf, you can hang one from two hangers in the closet. It is the perfect place to hide the modems and wires.

Broken Touch Screen

A crack in your phone can cause the touch screen to fail. If you cannot afford a new phone, you can rig a micro CUB to a Bluetooth mouse. This will allow you to navigate through your phone’s screens until you can buy a new phone.

Avoid Being Robbed

If you are planning to keep your valuables in a public locker, it may not be enough to keep them safe. If you keep your things in a wrapped up diaper, you won’t need to worry. Nobody is going to go through dirty diapers looking for cash.

No Cheating

If you and a friend are playing video games on a split screen and cheating is an issue, use a cardboard box. The top screen player can sit in a chair with the bottom screen player sitting on the floor with a cardboard partition sitting on their head. This way, nobody can cheat.

Broken Toaster?

If your toaster is broken, have no fear. If you put a metal colander over your stove burner, you can have a perfectly cooked piece of toast. Just don’t forget to flip it.

Hot Dogs in the Microwave

Cooking several hot dogs at once in the microwave can be difficult because they will cook unevenly. If you want your hot dogs cooked to perfection, create a tower with toothpicks. Genius!

Hairy Back?

If you have a hairy back and nobody is there to help you shave, stick a razor to your back scratcher. Its the perfect way to handle your hairy issue on your own.

Broken Bathroom Lock

Using a public bathroom with a broken lock makes using the bathroom stressful. If you are in a restaurant, bring your butter knife to the bathroom with you. It’s not for protection; it is to slide through the lock to keep it closed.


Some people worry that people outside the stall in a public bathroom will peek through the crack. If you are one of these people, hang a long piece of toilet paper over the crack, and you will have all of the privacy that you need.

Overheating Computer

If your laptop is on too long and the fan isn’t working like it once did, stick a fork underneath it. It will give the laptop the lift that it needs to get some cool air.

Avoid Doing Dishes

If you hate to do dishes, wrap the inside with foil before you eat. When you’re done, simply wrap up the aluminum foil and throw it in the trash. This way, you can put your dish back in the cupboard without needing to wash it.

Cutting Onions

Cutting onions can burn your eyes and make you cry. If you put on a pair of ski or snowboard goggles, your eyes will be completely protected.

Quick Fix for a Sinkful of Dishes

Dirty dishes and not time to wash them? If you put a picture of a clean sink over the dirty dishes, it will hide them temporarily so that nobody knows.

Too Short Phone Charger

If your phone charger is too short to reach a table or the ground, you can’t just let it hang. This can damage the charging port. Instead, create a hammock with the cord length that you do have to cradle your phone right near the outlet.

Crossing a Pond

Why walk all the way around the pond when you can walk right across on safe, homemade stilts.

Phone or iPod Broken?

If your phone or iPod is broken and you really want to listen to your music, your laptop is your only option. You can put it down the back of your pants, plug in your headphones, and let the music play. Just don’t try sitting down because you could be left with a broken laptop.

Table Tennis Racket To Direct Traffic

Bill’s friends always made fun of him for keeping a table tennis racket in his lunchbox. When an issue occurred on the road, and the crew needed to stop traffic, that table tennis racket came in handy, and Bill was the hero of the day.

Another Hack For a Short Phone Charger

The charging ports on buses can be too high if you have a short cord. If you are wearing a hat with a large brim, you can charge your phone while it rests on your head. It might not be ideal, but it is a good solution for the situation.

Rest Your Phone on the Bus

Taking a bus a long distance can be boring. Fortunately, you will have your phone with you to watch movies. If you are wearing a hat, you can clip it to the seat in front of you and rest your phone inside. Now you don’t need to worry about holding the phone during your entire trip.

Make Cleaning Quick and Fun

Washing floors is no fun. This soldier has the right idea. Washing the floors on a hoverboard is not only fun; it gets the job done quickly.

Protect Your Packages

These days, we hear stories about people stealing packages from doorsteps all the time. This family has the perfect solution. They just asked the delivery person to wedge their packages on the ceiling. When the thieves can’t see the packages, they can’t steal them.

Eating in the Tub

Eating in the bathtub is gross, but if you insist on doing it, use Styrofoam plates. They float, they are waterproof, and they make the disgusting process of eating in the tub possible.

Take That!

Do you have a noisy neighbor? If you create a contraption like this one, you can let them know what it’s like. It just might make them think twice about making so much noise.

Makeshift Visor

When the sun is shining in your eyes at the racetrack, and you forgot to wear a hat, order a cheeseburger and fries. When you are finished your meal, you can cut out a hole for your head, and the box can block out the sun.

Really Needing a Charge

This might seem a bit much, but if you really need to use your phone and the battery is almost dead, a solar panel will do the job.


Standing on the subway is never any fun. If you want to watch videos but you need to hold on to the rail, simply tie your phone to your sweatshirt strings. Just don’t look down for too long, it will strain your neck.

No Pizza Cutter?

Do you need to cut your pizza but can’t find the pizza cutter? All you need to do is go to the closet and grab a pair of ice skates. If they are sharp enough, they will cut right into the pizza. Just make sure to clean the blade first.

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