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Crocodile Dundee Cast Then and Now (1986 to 2023) These Cast Members Died Tragically!

Since its release in 1986, Crocodile Dundee has become a beloved classic of Australian cinema, capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide with its charm, humor, and adventurous spirit. But for some of the film’s cast members, life after Crocodile Dundee cut short in tragic ways. In this video, we pay tribute to these talented actors who brought the Outback to life on the big screen, while also exploring the impact their untimely deaths had on their fellow co-stars. We’ll also check in with these surviving cast members and delve into their memories of the making of the film, sharing in their nostalgia and fond recollections. Join us on a journey of discovery and reflection, as we celebrate the enduring spirit of Crocodile Dundee and the remarkable cast who brought it to life.

Factsverse Presents: Crocodile Dundee Cast Then and Now (1986 to 2023) These Cast Members Died Tragically!

Paul Hogan

Paul Hogan, the mastermind behind the iconic Crocodile Dundee franchise, had a clear vision of its success long before its release. He confidently predicted that the movie would earn millions of dollars and serve as Australia’s first proper film, entertaining audiences worldwide. Hogan’s commitment to his project unmatched, as he invested a whopping $600,000 of his own money, on top of funding from over a thousand other investors, to bring his vision to life.

Before his breakout role as Mick Dundee, Hogan had already established himself as a beloved comedian in Australia and South Africa. And thanks to his popular sketch comedy show, “The Paul Hogan Show.” He even starred in a television series about World War 1, “Anzacs,” alongside an impressive cast of Australian actors.

But it was Hogan’s appearance in British Foster’s Lager ads that would lead him to international fame, showcasing his quintessentially Australian humor and catchphrases like “throw another shrimp on the barbie.” When Crocodile Dundee finally hit theaters in 1986, Hogan’s performance cemented his place in film history. He not only came up with the movie’s story but also co-wrote the screenplay. And earning him the 1987 Golden Globe for ‘Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy’.

Following Crocodile Dundee’s immense success, Hogan went on to star in several other films, including Almost an Angel, Lightning Jack, and Flipper. He even returned to his iconic role as Mick Dundee in 2001s Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles. In addition to his film work, Hogan also toured Australia with his stand-up comedy show and appeared in Subaru Outback ads.

Despite his successful career, Hogan’s personal life was not without its challenges. From 2003 to 2012, Hogan embroiled in a lengthy dispute with the Australian Tax Office regarding his tax affairs. The ATO claimed that Hogan had concealed $150 million of income from his work in film and television using offshore tax havens. The ATO pursued Hogan for unpaid taxes, penalties, and interest. But Hogan denied any wrongdoing and challenged the ATO’s allegations in court. He accused the ATO of damaging his reputation and career by publicly accusing him of being a criminal and tax evader.

In 2010, the ATO issued a travel ban against Hogan. And which prevented him from leaving Australia after attending his mother’s funeral. However, the ban lifted after two weeks, thanks to public outcry and legal action by Hogan. In 2012, Hogan settled his tax dispute with the ATO on a “without admission” basis before a former High Court judge. The terms of the settlement were confidential, but Hogan expressed relief that the ordeal was over. He further clarified that he did not pay any money to the ATO to drop the charges. And as some media reports had suggested.

As far as his love life is concerned, Hogan divorced and remarried his first wife before eventually marrying his co-star from Crocodile Dundee, Linda Kozlowski. Speaking of…that brings us to our next cast member to check in with.

Linda Kozlowski

Following her breakout role as Sue Charlton, Kozlowski went on to star in a number of films throughout the 90s and early 2000s. She appeared alongside 80s icons Bill Paxton and Tim Curry in Pass the Ammo. And had roles in 1990s Almost an Angel, 1994s Backstreet Justice and The Neighbor, and 1995s Village of the Damned.

After a hiatus from acting, Kozlowski reunited with Hogan for Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles in 2001. However, she ultimately decided to step away from the industry due to the toll it was taking on her personal and professional life. Kozlowski has since been open about the stress of working on low-budget, straight-to-video films. And feeling like the only one on set who cared about the production.

In addition to her acting career, Kozlowski was also in the spotlight for her relationship with Paul Hogan. The couple married in 1990 after Hogan’s divorce from his first wife. They have one child together, a son named Chance. However, after 23 years of marriage, Kozlowski filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences”.

In interviews, Kozlowski has discussed feeling overshadowed by Hogan’s fame and wanting to find her own place in the world. Hogan has also acknowledged their differences and the fact that they simply grew apart over time. Despite their divorce, the two remain on good terms and often speak on the phone or have coffee together. That said, Hogan reportedly surprised by Kozlowski’s marriage to her Moroccan partner Moulay Hafid Baba in 2017.

John Meilon

Hailing from New South Wales, John Meillon began his journey with the Shakespeare Touring Company at a mere sixteen years of age. From 1959 to 1965, Meillon set his sights on England, where he worked tirelessly in pursuit of his passion. Despite being offered numerous Australian roles during his time in the UK, Meillon deliberately chose to steer clear of them.

Sadly, Meillon’s career was cut short on August 10, 1989. And when he passed away from liver disease at the age of 65. And leaving behind a legacy that included his unforgettable portrayal of Walter Reilly in Crocodile Dundee. It’s 1988 sequel Crocodile Dundee II.

David Gulpilil

David Gulpilil, a celebrated actor and traditional dancer from Indigenous Australia. And was widely known for his performances in various movies and TV shows, including Crocodile Dundee, where he played the character of Neville Bell, a close friend of Mick Dundee. After the success of Crocodile Dundee, Gulpilil continued to grace the screen with his talent in productions like 1977s The Last Wave, 2002s The Tracker, 2006s Ten Canoes, 2008s Australia, and 2013s Charlie’s Country. In addition to acting, he also showcased his skills on stage and excelled as an artist and writer.

Sadly, Gulpilil passed away on 29 November 2021 at the age of 68, after battling lung cancer for four years. However, he left behind a powerful legacy that included his documentary, My Name is Gulpilil. And which he filmed while fighting his terminal illness. In this remarkably candid film, he reflected on his career, his culture, his family, and his impact.

Throughout his career, Gulpilil received numerous awards for his outstanding performances, and he was highly respected as an elder of the Yolngu people. As a child, he demonstrated his talents as a hunter, tracker, and ceremonial dancer while growing up in the bush. And far from any non-Aboriginal influences.

Mark Blum

In the 1970s, Mark Blum began his acting career on stage, but he later transitioned to the big screen. He appeared in several movies, including 1983s Lovesick, 1985s Desperately Seeking Susan, 1986s Just Between Friends, 1987s Blind Date, 1988s The Presidio, and of course, Crocodile Dundee.

Blum was also known for his talent as a character actor, bringing depth and nuance to every role he played. He was married to fellow actress Janet Zarish, and their partnership was a true example of artistic collaboration and love. Unfortunately, Blum passed away on March 25, 2020, due to complications related to COVID-19.

Michael Lombard

Michael Lombard’s impressive acting career spanned decades and left a lasting mark on the entertainment industry. He first gained recognition for his memorable portrayal of Sam Charlton in Croc Dundee, which proved to be just the beginning of his success.

Lombard went on to star in a variety of acclaimed films that showcased his undeniable talent. And including the Academy Award-winning Prizzi’s Honor in 1985, Pet Sematary in 1989, The Devil’s Advocate in 1997, Rounders in 1998, and The Thomas Crown Affair in 1999.

In addition to his big screen roles, Lombard made numerous appearances on television in popular series such as Three’s Company, Miami Vice, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Law & Order.

Lombard passed away at the age of 86 on August 13, 2020, after battling a non-communicable illness.

Terry Gill

Terry Gill was a multi-talented English-Australian artist, who had a prolific career as an actor, producer, director, writer, and even a theater owner. He became a household name in Australia for his outstanding performances as police officers in popular TV shows such as Prisoner, The Flying Doctors, and Blue Heelers. His acting skills also graced the big screen, notably in Crocodile Dundee. And where he played Duffy, the tough leader of a group of kangaroo shooters who cross paths with Mick Dundee at the bar.

Sadly, Terry passed away on February 25, 2015, at the age of 75, after battling lung cancer. He left a remarkable legacy that included his last acting role in the short film Charlie. And which was released in the same year. Throughout his life, Terry was married to his beloved wife Carole-Ann Aylett for 52 years, and they had two children. As a true visionary, Terry ran a theater restaurant in Melbourne named The Tivoli for many years. And showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and love for entertainment.

Steve Rackman

Steve Rackman, an English-born Australian, had an illustrious career as a professional wrestler and actor. He gained fame as the infamous villain ‘Crusher’ on the World Championship Wrestling telecast in the 1970s. And where he even wrestled against the legendary Andre the Giant.

In addition to his wrestling career, Rackman appeared in more than 40 feature films. And including the iconic Crocodile Dundee series, where he played Donk. A tough guy and friend of Mick Dundee. His notable performances also include films like 1979s The Last of the Knucklemen, 1982s Turkey Shoot, 1989s The Blood of Heroes, 1977s and The Gift.

Despite his successful career, Rackman has kept a low profile in recent years. And now runs a gym in Sydney, Australia.

Gerry Skilton

Gerry Skilton brought the character of Nugget to life in all three Crocodile Dundee films. And later in 2010, he portrayed the character once again with permission from Paul Hogan. In an outback adventure reality series named Nugget Gets A Life. He also showcased his acting abilities in the Australian mini-series Cyclone Tracy and The Heroes. And along with featuring in the 1996 Australian movie Mr. Reliable.

Well, that’s all that we have for you for now. Were you surprised to see where any of the Crocodile Dundee alums ended up later on in their careers? Did you know that so many of the film’s cast have since passed away? Let us know in the comments section down below. And as always, thanks for watching!

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