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Dad Shaves Daughter’s Head After She’s Caught Bullying Cancer-Stricken Classmate


When you become a parent, you worry about your children every day. You fear that they will be happy and healthy. You also worry that they won’t make the right decision for themselves. We all want to think that our children are perfect, but in reality, they will make mistakes, and they will do things that fail to make you proud. It is all part of parenting. This is something that one father quickly learned from her daughter.

Teenage Drama

Teenage drama is normal. What seems like the end of the world to a teen really isn’t much in reality. There are times when teens cross the line when fighting, but that is what kids do. They don’t think about the consequences of their actions and say whatever comes to mind. The father in this story had to deal first hand with the teenage drama in his daughter’s life.

The Argument

The man’s daughter was having an argument with a classmate, which the man called “stupid teenage gossip.” The man says that a girl in his daughter’s class told her that her boyfriend was just using her for sex. Since the man didn’t know that his teenage daughter was sexually active, this came as a complete surprise to him. The fact that his daughter was called a slut was shocking. While this did bother him, the way that his daughter reacted was even more upsetting.

The Girl

The girl who the man’s daughter was fighting with has cancer. Because she has been going through chemotherapy, she lost her hair. To try to fit in better, she started wearing a wig. When the two girls had their fight, the man’s daughter started making fun of her sick classmate for being bald. What she did next left her father appalled, and he knew that he had to do something significant to teach a lesson. While the two girls were arguing, the man’s daughter pulled the other girl’s wig off in front of everyone. She was left standing in front of her classmates with no hair at all. The girl was devastated, and the man’s daughter thought that it was funny, and the punishment fits the crime.

The Punishment Of Bullying Classmate

When the girl’s father heard about what his daughter had done to her classmate, he was beyond angry. When he confronted his daughter, she was given two punishment options. The first option was for her father to throw away all of her electronics. This included her computer, her tablet, and her phone. After he threw her things away, she would have to go without because he would never buy her another piece of electronics ever again.

This meant that she would go without these things until she had a job. Her second option was that she would be able to keep her electronics, but she would have to go to the hairdresser to have her head shaved. Her father didn’t mean a short haircut. He meant that she would have to shave her head completely, and she wouldn’t be allowed to wear a wig. He figured that his punishment would let his daughter see how difficult her classmate’s life was.

His Daughter’s Choice

It didn’t take too long for the man’s daughter to make her choice. Like most teenagers, she knew that she couldn’t live without her computer, phone, and other electronics, so she agreed to go to the hairdresser and have her head shaved. Even though she was given a choice of punishments, there were people who bashed the man for forcing her daughter to shave her head.

Heading To the Hairdresser

The girl accepted her punishment, and the two went to the hairdresser to have her head shaved. When the man told the hairdresser what she wanted to have done and why the hairdresser got to work. She didn’t stop until the young girl had a military-style haircut.


The man had full custody of his daughter; therefore, her mother had no part in the punishment process. When she found out that her daughter had saved her head, she was livid. She says that just because her ex-husband has full custody of their daughter, it doesn’t give him the right to force her to make such a drastic change in her appearance. She says that had he asked for her input regarding the situation, she never would have allowed her daughter to shave her head. And she was livid and made sure that her ex-husband knew it.

Public Backlash

It wasn’t just the man’s wife who had something to say about the unusual punishment. When the man posted to story on Facebook, it was shared many times. He also received plenty of comments bashing him for his punishment. He didn’t care what the naysayers believed. Then, he says that he gave his daughter two punishment options. She didn’t have to choose to shave her head, but it was her decision.

End To Bullying Classmate

Bullying is a huge problem today, and it is up to parents to put a stop to it if they find out that their children are being bullies. This dad shaves daughter’s head after she’s caught bullying cancer-stricken classmate, and he doesn’t regret his decision. Regardless of what people say, he believes that he was right because he wanted to teach his daughter a lesson that she would never forget.

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