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Daydreaming News Anchor Loses Her Job After Blooper Goes Viral

Daydreaming On the Job

Just about every person with a job can say that they have daydreamed on the job at least once. If you spend 8 to 10 hours every day sitting at a desk, there is a good chance that you are going to zone out for a bit. It might not be the best thing to do at work, and it won’t help you earn the title, “Employee Of the Month,” but it does happen from time to time. As long as you aren’t zoning out for hours at a time, it really isn’t a big deal.

There Are Times Zoning Out Isn’t a Good Idea

If you work at a desk zoning out for a minute or two isn’t going to be a very big deal. If you are on the phone with an important client or a customer, a simple daydream can become a big problem. If you are going to zone out at work, just try not to do mid-conversation.

Jobs Where You Should Never Zone Out

There are some jobs where daydreaming is okay, but there are some jobs where it isn’t. In some cases, it is downright dangerous. Would you want to be on the operating table while your surgeon is daydreaming? Would you want to be on an airplane when an air traffic controller is zoning out? How would you feel about walking down the street near a construction site when the man controlling the crane is daydreaming? These are jobs where daydreaming is not acceptable.

Daydreaming On Camera

There are some jobs where zoning out won’t hurt anyone. It will only hurt your career. If you are on live television and you start to daydream, it isn’t going to go over well with your bosses. It might also make you an internet sensation but not in a good way. That is what happened to an Australian news anchor. Daydreaming news anchor loses her job after her blooper goes viral.

Natasha Exelby

The news anchor in question is Natasha Exelby. She was working for ABC24 News in Australia, and she finally landed her dream job. She always wanted to be a news anchor, and finally, it happened. She had been on the air for a while without any incident. She actually did a really good job. Unfortunately, Natasha had an off day.

That Fateful Day

On the day in question, Natasha was sitting at the anchor desk while they were running a report from one of the reporters out in the field. Natasha was sitting at her desk, daydreaming, and playing with what looks like a pair of headphones. When the field reporter sent the cameras back to Natasha, she remained in her zoned out state. By the time she realized that she was live on camera, she jumped up in shock. The video was hilarious, but Natasha likely didn’t feel that way.

Her Bosses Weren’t Amused

After the newscast, Natasha was called into a meeting with her bosses. The meeting didn’t go well at all. Natasha was told that she would be banned from any on-air or news reading jobs in the future. She was basically told that she wouldn’t be able to do the job that she wanted as long as she remained with ABC 24 News.

Twitter Went Crazy

When the video of Natasha’s daydreaming debacle went viral, Twitter users went crazy. One Twitter user wrote, “Same reaction when my ex walked in naked.” Another wrote, “This made me laugh so hard, I for a fraction of a second, became incontinent.” A Twitter user named Nathan Jordan posted, “You can pinpoint the exact second she realized.” People were going crazy. Natasha likely didn’t like the attention that she was getting, but like any good reporter, she landed on her feet.

Leaving and Moving On

Natasha decided that since she wouldn’t have an on-air position again, she would leave ABC 24. Shortly after leaving, thanks to her viral blooper, she was asked to be a guest newsreader on KIIS FM. She also worked on The Project several times as the co-host. She was able to move past the embarrassment that she thought would ruin her career forever.

A New Career

As a result of the media attention that she got when her video went viral, Natasha started a media consultancy business called XLB Media. After being one of the most talked about people for a pretty bad reason, she managed to do quite well for herself.

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