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Dick Van Dyke’s Lifestyle at 95 Years Old

95 year-old American actor, singer and dancer Dick Van Dyke has had an impressive, to say the very least, career over the past 70 years.

Originally a radio and television entertainer in the 1940’s, Dick Van Dyke’s career began to take off in 1961 when he starred in the original Broadway production of Bye Bye Birdie. His career took off so much from this role that he even won a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical for his performance. He then cast, by none other than Carl Reiner, as Rob Petrie on CBS’s The Dick Van Dyke Show, which really excelled his path to fame.

Since The Dick Van Dyke Show, which ran from 1961 to 1966, Dick Van Dyke has starred in an incredibly long list of movies and television shows including the movie version of Bye Bye Birdie, Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Carol Burnett Show, Diagnosis: Murder, Dick Tracy, Night at the Museum and, most recently Mary Poppins Returns, which he filmed at a remarkable and highly impressive 91 years-old, if we do say so ourselves.

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As expected from someone who has had many a starring movie role, five Primetime Emmy Awards, a Tony Award and a Grammy Award, Dick Van Dyke has done quite well for himself. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he has an estimated net worth of $50 million. To put that in perspective, DQYDJ reported that in 2020 the average household net worth was $746,821. Needless to say, Dick Van Dyke is way beyond average and that goes beyond just his dance moves.

Now how exactly has Dick Van Dyke spent that fortune?

For starters, he’s invested in some very nice real estate. He was formerly the owner of a 12,015 square foot home in Encino, California that sits on more than an acre of land. The three bedroom, five-and-a-half bathroom house has a theater/billiard room, a fitness room, a tennis court and a wine cellar. In the late 1990’s the home sold for $1.25 million. Then in 2016 it sold again for $6.512 million, even though it’s original listing price $8.995.

An interview with The Day reports that he bought a home in Malibu in 1986 from Canadian-American actress Margot Kidder. The 2,220 square foot three bedroom house built in 1973. Is about a mile from the beach and is on about one-third of an acre of land. Kidder sold Dick Van Dyke the home for $750,000. Today, as reported by Heavy, the Malibu pad is worth $5,255,205 according to Redfin. Now that’s not too bad of a profit.

He also owns the childhood home that he grew up in Danville, Illinois. While Dick Van Dyke himself has described the home as a “simple two-story frame house” he did. At one point, have plans to renovate it and turn it into a museum. And make it the headquarters for his scholarship foundation The Dick Van Dyke Foundation Inc., as reported by Associated Press in 2015. As of December 2020, The Commercial-News reported that renovations had yet to begin.

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In addition to real estate, Dick Van Dyke has also done some investing in pricey cars. After his Jaguar XJ car caught fire and was destroyed back in 2013 (don’t worry, Dick was totally unharmed, thankfully). It came out that Dick Van Dyke was a lover of the luxury car brand. In fact, he loves Jaguars so much that even one catching on fire didn’t stop him from getting a new one. Soon after the fire, USA Today reported that Dick Van Dyke had a brand new Jaguar in his possession right after the incident.

As Dick himself said “…I just bought another one. I like Jaguars”. Yeah, we do too, but with a price tag ranging from $40,000 to $76,000. We might have to spend some time saving up before going out and just buying a new one. Hopefully the fire extinguisher that Dick Van Dyke now keeps in his front seat will help keep his purchase safe and last a long time.

Having money is, of course, nice, but it can’t necessarily keep you healthy and it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll live a long life. To live to be 95 like Dick Van Dyke has. You’ve got to spend at least some time taking care of yourself and focusing on your health. And that’s exactly what Dick Van Dyke does. When CBS This Morning interviewed Dick Van Dyke at his Malibu home in June 2021. The actor made sure viewers got a look at his daily. Yes, Dick Van Dyke works out everyday at the age of 95 – workout routine, sit-ups and legs circles included. Dick Van Dyke stressed the importance of staying active even at his age. And credited his regularly active lifestyle for his ability to still dance.

In fact, he can still dance so well that he chose to learn and perform the hardest version of a dance while he was reprising his role in 2018’s Mary Poppins Returns. That dance included jumping up onto a desk. Which Dick Van Dyke did all on his own and without anyone’s assistance. He is a big proponent of keeping yourself moving. Which he stresses numerous times in his book Keep Moving and Other Tips and Truths About Aging. Guess we should have known he liked to move based on the title.

Dick Van Dyke also advises not going down stairs sideways as it tends to throw your hips and back out. Additionally, he credits his optimism for his ability to keep going. During a 2015 interview with NPR, Dick Van Dyke shared that he gets up on the right side of the bed each morning. Enjoys a cup of coffee and heads to the gym before he has the chance to talk himself out of it. Positive vibes only for Dick Van Dyke.

Dick Van Dyke is certainly leading an impressively active lifestyle for someone of his age. But that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t had to make some sacrifices. Such as playing tennis, which he apparently retired from doing. But lucky for us and audiences worldwide, he’s still singing and dancing.

Dick Van Dyke and his make-up artist wife Arlene Silver have been married for seven years. The two met at the SAG Awards in 2013 when Van Dyke was 86. And, while their friendship blossomed quickly, the romance part took a little longer. But they got there and soon fell in love.

Despite the 46-year age gap between the two, Dick claims the decision to marry Arlene was one of the smartest and one of the best moves he’s ever made. To add to that, Arlene has said that they have a fairytale romance and that Dick is still young at heart. Which helps them not feel the age difference. The two were even working on a TV show about their relationship and their life at home at one point.

Prior to his marriage to Arlene, Dick Van Dyke was married to Margerie Willett for 36 years before divorcing in 1984. They have four children together. Van Dyke then lived with his longtime companion. Actress Michelle Triola Marvin, for thirty years before she passed away in 2009.

Clearly age has not kept Dick Van Dyke from doing anythin. Marrying later in life, sit ups, jumping up on desks and acting. As we mentioned, he filmed Mary Poppins Returns in 2018 at the age of 91. But that’s not his only acting credit as of late. In 2015, he appeared on an episode of The Middle and then he did two episodes of Kidding in 2020. He also starred in the 2017 independent comedy Capture The Flag. Which was produced by Barry Van Dyke, one of Van Dyke’s sons.

In May 2021, Dick Van Dyke was honored at the 43rd Kennedy Center Honors where none other than Mary Poppins herself. Julie Andrews, introduced him. Andrews described her Mary Poppins co-star as “an artist, a one-man band, a profound philosopher, a high-stepping showman and spreader of charm”. In addition to being “endlessly kind, wildly imaginative, insanely talented and hilariously funny”. Steve Martin, Van Dyke’s Bye Bye Birdie co-star Chita Rivera, Bryan Cranston and Lin Manuel Miranda. Who worked alongside Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins Returns, were also there to pay tribute to the Hollywood legend.

Prior to receiving the Kennedy Center Honor, Dick Van Dyke sat down with TODAY’S Al Rocker for an interview where he reflected on his career. His love of entertainment and his passion for acting shines through the interview and Van Dyke says he doesn’t know what he would do if acting wasn’t a part of his life. He even still has aspirations of performing Shakespeare’s King Lear! Needless to say, he’s not stopping or slowing down anytime soon.

The Kennedy Center Honors is far from the only accolade Dick Van Dyke has received. In addition to his Grammy, his Tony Award, and five Primetime Emmy wins. He has been nominated for 10 Primetime Emmy Awards. He also received the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award in 2013.

So there is your full glimpse into Dick Van Dyke’s lifestyle at 95 years old… or perhaps we should say 95 years young. Whose lifestyle do you want a glimpse of next: Carol Burnett or Julie Andrews? Let us know!

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