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Dick Van Dyke’s Wife is HALF His Age – Here’s Why

For married celebrity couple Dick Van Dyke and Arlene Silver, age is simply a number, and one that doesn’t really play into the practicalities of their successful marriage. Despite only getting together in 2012, the couple have seen a much less tumultuous and longer relationship than many other Hollywood couples of their time and before… regardless of the extreme gap in their age. You see, although their marriage may be more successful than the average Hollywood relationship, that’s not the most extraordinary thing about it. The most striking thing about this celebrity couple is that Dick Van Dyke is nearly twice Arlene Silver’s age!

Age certainly doesn’t matter as much to Dick Van Dyke and Arlene Silver as it does to most couples, whether they be Hollywood celebrities or not! With over 7 years of marriage under their belt, this couple certainly has found a way to overcome many stressors that complicate the average marital relationship, and have proven to be one of the most recently successful in Hollywood! Their relationship is notable not just for the extreme difference in age between the two partners, but also for how well they’ve been able to get along both in spite of, and because of, their extreme age difference!

Perhaps the reason that they’ve been able to maintain the perfect Hollywood relationship could be best summed up by a choice quote from Dick Van Dyke, who has gone on record as saying that “[Arlene is] very mature for her age, and I’m very immature for my age, so it’s just about right!” This quote, perhaps more than anything, goes to illustrate exactly how this strange Hollywood couple came to be, and how they’ve managed to get along better than many of their contemporaries. Age truly is just a number when it comes time to factor in the many other things that can affect the attraction between two partners. Perhaps we could all learn a thing or two from Dick Van Dyke and Arlene Silver before we judge them on their differences!

As one can imagine, Dick Van Dyke has lived enough years to know that he shouldn’t be shy when it comes to speaking out about his love for his much younger beau. With limited years to spare, there isn’t much time to waste worrying what others think about the things that make you happy, and he handles all the criticisms with a confident brush of his shoulders. It’s what matters to Arlene that Dick seems to care the most about, and that is perhaps the reason that they’ve managed to find such success as a couple.

Arlene herself is a mature woman at 49, and has certainly seen her fair share of trials and tribulations. You don’t always get to decide how old the right match for you is, and she has wise outlook on what it takes to make a relationship work. At nearly 50 years of age, she herself could be pursuing relationships with much younger men, both due to her status and due to her exceptionally fantastic and ageless looks. Yet, she chooses to stay with Dick because that’s simply the person that she has found herself capable of relating to at the highest level.

The marriage between Arlene and Dick can be seen as a “fairy tale” relationship in more ways than one. On one hand, you have an age-defying parable of eternal youth, with both Dick and Arlene having transcended the norms traditionally imposed upon them by their age. On the other hand, you have two people that get along so well it seems more like something out of fantasy than out of real life! Any way you look at it, the marriage between these two celebrities is something magical. If you’re enjoying this larger than life tale of Hollywood romance, like this video to support more! As well, subscribe to the channel so you can be notified when more videos are coming!

Age is certainly just a number to the Hollywood couple of Dick Van Dyke and Arlene Silver, whose marriage has lasted heartily since 2012. Silver had never been married before, and was perhaps waiting for just the right partner to come along. Having waded through all of the potential matches her age, it was Dick who wound up swooping in and showing her what she had been waiting for. According to Silver, the marriage is “wonderful. He’s the perfect human being but [he’s also] the perfect partner”. She “went through a lot of frogs to get to [her] prince.”

The Hollywood couple first met when Silver was working as a make-up artist during a Screen Actor’s Guild Awards show. The two laid eyes on each other while partaking in a buffet table. Dick eventually approached her. They began in a conversation about Dick’s role in Mary Poppins, a film which came about long before Silver was born. Dick performed in the film as an adult, and one not so different at heart to the one who sat before her! Though the two would become immediate acquaintances, becoming familiar with each other over a long period of time, it wasn’t until later that their romantic relationship truly blossomed. As with all true romances, their’s took time to connect, but, when it did, the sparks really flew!

According to Silver, she “didn’t really realize how powerful the relationship was becoming” as the bond grew. She often found herself wanting more than their current social relationship was allowing, which inevitably lead to the two developing a closer bond and more committed formal relationship. As it turns out, Dyke was sharing similar feelings. Silver would say she found that the sporadic little meetings that she thought meant nothing to Dyke would turn out to be ones that he “was looking forward to… the whole day.” Silver recalls one particular moment where the two were working together on a film shoot late at night when something truly sparked in her that told her that this was the man she was supposed to be with. For those of us who have experienced such feelings, it’s not hard to put ourselves into her shoes.

When it comes time to address the age difference between her and her partner, Silver is keen to express that this age difference has meant very little to the couple, whether for good or for bad. She is perhaps wise beyond her years, and Dyke is perhaps a little more young-at-heart than the average aging Hollywood actor. In fact, given that he’s lived longer than nearly all of his contemporaries, he still seems as vital and active as nearly any other actor alive today! When he does finally age, though, he’ll hopefully be able to continue to rely on this Hollywood romance for the ages.

Silver calls her aging beau “immature… [but not in] a bad way”, comparing his outlook on life to “the wonder of a child”. “[He’s] fun… open-minded… [and] not stuck in his ways…” she continues to say, with them both being “like children [both experiencing] a second childhood.” The two have considered an in-depth reality show that would be focused on their unique relationship, but no plans have ever been finalized. If ever such a show were to occur, it would certainly be an amazing look at what can make a romance truly last in this age of rare success, regardless of age. The two have certainly not turned a blind eye to how interesting their marriage may appear to the tabloids, and have no qualms about standing as a shining example of love beyond their years. “It’s an absolute fairy tale,” Silver exclaims, and “Dick is definitely my prince.”

At the respective ages of 94 and 49, neither Dyke nor Silver are at a vantage point where they want to take any risks in their respective social relationships. This only makes it that much more extravagant that the two found a successful partnership in this most unlikely of Hollywood marriages. With over 7 years of marriage under their belts, it’s amazing to think that the two could sit down together and watch Disney’s Mary Poppins knowing full well that Silver wasn’t even yet born at the time of it’s filming and release, while Dick Van Dyke was a successful adult from beginning to end! It just goes to show you that age is certainly just a number, both in Hollywood and in the real world, and you should never write off a relationship just because the two partners involved have an extravagant age difference, so long as the two partners are both consenting adults!

According to Dyke, he was “bowled over” by his future wife’s appearance just upon their initial meeting at that catering buffet, and that infatuation has only grown over their continuous pursuits. Since they both took it slow, you know that that this relationship has had plenty of time to boil over, and plenty of time for both parties to fully appreciate each other and commit. “I have to have a life partner, and I’ve found the perfect one,” may be Dick’s ultimate words on the subject. For Silver, her love may stem from the fact that she finds Dick to be “the happiest person she’s ever met… an infectious spirit [that’s] always singing, always humming, [and] always in a good mood.”

Any way you look at it, the fairy tale romance between this very unique Hollywood couple is certainly an example we can all take to heart. While we may be all too quick to judge them based exclusively on their age difference, they have managed to find much more common ground and happiness than many other couples within the same age bracket, especially within the small world that is Hollywood. Dick Van Dyke and Arlene Silver continue to stand as a shining example of a marriage between two unlikely partners that has stood the test of time.

What age gaps are appropriate between Hollywood couples is certainly a subject of debate, although the one we’ve discussed is a true example of one that has it’s heart firmly in the right place! If you’d like to share another example of an extreme age difference in a Hollywood romance, or would simply like to share your views on where and when an extreme age difference is appropriate, head to the comment section below to let us know! As well, be sure to like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell if you’d like to partake in similar content in the future!

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