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Divers Looking For A Shipwreck Stumble Onto A Sunken ‘UFO’ That Raises Serious Questions

An Explorer’s Life

The life of an explorer isn’t an easy one. Sure, it is easier than it was in the days of yellowed maps and ancient telescopes; however, even modern-day explorers have their fair share of obstacles and disasters. These explorers look forward to the day that they discover something more than pebbles in the sand. It is what they live for. The Ocean X explorers are willing to deal with disappointment after disappointment, trying to make an incredible discovery. It is their goal to find something that will shock the world. Maybe a shipwreck in ocean.

Ocean X

Peter Lindberg and Dennis Asberg led the Swedish Ocean X diving team. While treasure hunting about 300 feet below the surface of the Northern Baltic Sea, they weren’t expecting to find too much. The water was freezing, dark, and challenging to navigate. It was their goal to find the remnants of an old shipwreck. They were keeping an eye out for anything that had an odd shape or a strange color.

Sonar Equipment

While the team was searching, they listened to the beeping sound that came from their sonar equipment. Seconds before, the equipment was silent. It showed only murky darkness. Suddenly, the screen showed a tall, mountainous structure that was surrounded by rock. This caused the device to start beeping. The structure turned out to be a canyon made of stones, sand, and molten rock. This structure wasn’t what caught the team’s eyes. It was actually something located just a few feet away that surprised them.

A Mysterious Discovery

According to Dennis, they were surprised and puzzled by what they had found under the water. They didn’t think that it was a shipwreck, but they weren’t sure what it was. According to Dennis, when you are an explorer with any kind of skill, you don’t jump to extraterrestrial conclusions the minute you see something unusual. Because of this, Peter and Dennis started to bounce logical explanations off one another about what the object really was.


Their first theory was that it was a submarine left over from World War II. They also thought that it could have been an old battleship gun turret. Each time they looked back at the blurry sonar image, they couldn’t shake the feeling that their theories were wrong.

The Object’s Appearance

The object was a circle about 200-feet in diameter. It had odd cracks and rivets across the top. The image was grainy; therefore, they couldn’t see much else. They bounced ideas back and forth for a year before they decided it was time to go back. This time, they were going in with some backup. Dennis believed that what they found could have been something incredible, and the backup that they were bringing in was more advanced equipment that could answer all of their questions.


As soon as the men returned to the site, they immediately started having problems. This issue wasn’t with the clarity of the image but with the equipment itself. The device wouldn’t take a photo. You’ll imagine that it is a sunken UFO Each time the camera got close to the object under the water, it would cut out completely. The malfunction left Stefan Hogerborn, a professional fiver with Ocean X puzzled. He says that anything electric would stop working as soon as it was above the object.

An Online Leak

The sonar photo of the object was leaked online, despite the fact that Peter and Dennis wanted to keep it quiet. When the internet got a hold of the pictures, they quickly drew a conclusion. Most people thought that it was an object from outer space. It’s like a sunken UFO. One user claimed that it was Han Solo’s ship, the Millennium Falcon.

Sunken UFO-Like: Metal

It wasn’t the size or shape of the object that left Peter and Dennis baffled. It was the fact that the object was made of metal. They couldn’t figure out why a 200-foot object made of metal would be lying on the ocean floor. Scientists all over the world weighed in on the object, and everyone had differing theories. The men reached out to a geologist named Steve Weiner, who performed his own tests. He determined that the structure was not a geographical formation. It looks like a sunken UFO.

2019 – Sunken UFO

Divers looking for a shipwreck stumble onto a sunken ‘UFO’ that raises serious questions. Without any answers, Peter has suggested that Ocean X will return to the object at some point in 2019, but this time, they will bring along a camera crew. They are hoping to shed more light on their discovery. Knowing what they know about the structure, Peter says that there is no way that he and his team can stay away. He is hoping that when they return, they will finally be able to determine what it is under the water.

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