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Doctors And Nurses Revealed What Happens When A Dad Works Out That The Baby Isn’t Theirs


For a man, becoming a father is one of the most important jobs they will ever have. Many fathers step up and care for their children, even if they are no longer with the mother. Unfortunately, there are some fathers who would rather not be a parent at all.
There are some cases where a man believes that he is the father of a baby that his wife or girlfriend is carrying, only to find out that it wasn’t his baby all along. When this happens, it results in a few different reactions. Some fathers become angry with the child’s mother for lying. Some men become very sad at the thought that they aren’t going to be a father after. In most cases, the men sit there silently, thinking about how they were blindsided. Doctors and nurses revealed what happens when a dad works out that the baby isn’t theirs.

A Sad Case

A NICU nurse shared a story, and it is a sad story. A couple welcomed a baby who had an abnormality at birth due to a faulty gene. The child was missing a limb, but other than that, the baby was healthy. The doctor was discussing future appointments and possible treatment options when the mother asked the doctor what blood type her baby had. The doctor told the couple that their baby’s blood type was A positive, which came as a surprise to the father.
The baby’s father knew that his blood type was O negative, as was the baby’s mother’s. This meant that their baby would also have O negative blood. The doctor rechecked the hospital record and verified that the baby did have A positive blood. The medical staff even ran another blood test to be entirely sure.
The baby’s father left the hospital after the test results came back, and didn’t return until it was time for the mother and baby to go home. The nurse wasn’t sure if the father was planning to stay with the mother when they left the hospital together.

Years After Birth

A man went to the hospital when he found out that his daughter was in labor with their first child. The hospital where the young woman was giving birth used a whiteboard to keep track of patients and their essential medical information. The hospital staff didn’t use the patients’ names because it would have been a violation of privacy. Instead, they used ID numbers. The young woman was the only woman giving birth on the ward at the time, and it was recorded that she had B-positive blood. When the man walked through the ward, he looked at the board. He noticed that it said that his daughter had B-positive blood, and it stopped him in his tracks. He spoke with a nurse, and she confirmed that his daughter’s blood type on the board was correct. The man knew that his wife had A-negative blood, and he had O-positive, which meant that the two of them couldn’t create a baby with B-positive blood. He discovered right before the birth of his grandchild that the child he raised her whole life wasn’t his.

Early Labor?

In October, a woman went into the hospital suffering from labor pains. The baby’s father was concerned because it was too early to deliver the baby. The doctors ran some tests and told the expectant father that the baby would be okay because she was 37 weeks pregnant. They let him know that this was far enough for her to deliver the baby safely. The father was a bit confused and asked what the date of conception would have been for her to be 37 weeks pregnant. The doctors told him that the baby would have been conceived in January, which made the father-to-be very angry. He told the doctors that he was out of town for the whole month of January so that the baby couldn’t have been his. He stormed out of the hospital, leaving the mother-to-be scared and in pain.

The Ultrasound

An ultrasound tech was performing a first-trimester pregnancy test for a soldier and his wife. During the ultrasound, the couple was giving the tech some information. According to the husband, he had just come back from deployment. The mother’s last period lined up with the father’s return from deployment. When the tech started the ultrasound, she discovered that the woman wasn’t ten weeks along as she had initially thought. It turned out that she was 22 weeks along. This number appeared on the screen, and the tech tried to cover it up, but the father-to-be noticed the number and asked what it was. The tech suggested that the couple speaks to the doctor after the ultrasound because she didn’t want to get involved.

How To Tell?

According to a NICU nurse, there are ways a father can tell if a child is his, a fatherhood instinct. If a child has a chin dimple, then one of the parents has to have one. The same is true with Mongolian spots. These are birthmarks that are visible in the upper layers of a child’s skin that are caused when pigmentation gets stuck in the lower layers. These only occur in non-white babies, so if a baby to white parents is born with this mark, something isn’t right with the family. There are ways for a man to tell if a baby is his. The best way to be sure is with a paternity test.

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