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Doctors Insist Wife Pull The Plug On Her Husband So She Kisses Him And Covers His Trach

A Horrible Day In April

Scott Hawkins, a 37-year-old husband, and father was at home Michigan home while his wife, Danielle, attended a class in a neighboring county. Danielle was in the class when Scott called. He was slurring his words and told his wife that he had a severe headache. He knew that something was wrong. Danielle agreed, and they both called 911 to get Scott some help. Danielle rushed back home so that she could be by her husband’s side. She knew that he was in danger and she had to get to him as quickly as possible.

Scott Was Intubated

When the EMT’s got to Scott and Danielle’s home, they quickly loaded him in the ambulance. His lungs quickly started to fill with fluid. This was making it difficult for him to breathe and they intubated him. Danielle rushed to the hospital to be by her husband’s side and got news that no wife ever wants to hear. The doctors told her to call her family because her husband might not make it though the night. His oxygen level which should have been above 90 was in the 60s and ’70s. Danielle was terrified.

The Cause

Scott suffered from a burst arteriovenous malformation aneurysm near his brain stem. He had it since he was born and when it burst, it caused a stroke. His condition was serious, and the doctors had to operate immediately to stop the bleeding in his brain. While he was on the operating table, Scott suffered from a heart attack. The surgical team lost him for a few minutes, and his brain was deprived of oxygen.

Scott’s Prognosis

Scott’s prognosis was not good. A week after the surgery, he couldn’t respond or follow direction. The doctors told Danielle that her husband would never regain consciousness. He told her that Scott would never speak, function normally, or kiss her. The man that she once knew was gone. Danielle refused to believe this. The doctors told her to let her husband go but she couldn’t. She knew something about her husband that they didn’t. He had a strong spirit, and he was a fighter. Rather than pulling the plug on her husband, Danielle leaned down and kissed him. She couldn’t believe what happened next. He kissed her back.

Was It Her Imagination?

Danielle wasn’t sure if she was imagining the kiss or not, but it gave her hope to keep his machines plugged in and to fight for him. She was going to keep him on life support and wait for him to recover. She was sure that he would prove everyone wrong.

Proving Them Wrong

Her faith in Scott was well placed, and after five weeks of pulmonary rehabilitation, Scott didn’t need a ventilator. Danielle wanted the doctors to see that she was right. Scott was a musician, so she brought in thumb guitars. When he played, the doctors told her that it was just a reflex. She told Scott to play a different note, and he did.

Scott Speaks

Danielle wanted to hear Scott’s voice, but she knew that because he had a trach, he wouldn’t be able to speak. Danielle covered the surgically created airway in Scott’s neck, and he spoke. He said, “I love you.” Next, he said, “Get me pain medication.” When the doctors asked Scott what he was playing, and he said that he was playing an instrument, they finally believed that Scott had a chance.


Scott was transferred to Spectrum Health’s Rehab and Nursing Center. He spent six days a week in rehab for the next 16 weeks. His therapists and doctors used music therapy, instruments, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy to help him regain his speech, coordination, and strength.

Heading Home

Finally, Scott was strong enough to go home. He arrived at the rehab on a stretcher, and he left walking with a walker with one hand in the air saying, “Rock on.” Danielle praised both Scott and the facility for his speedy recovery. Scott was strong, and he fought his way back to her. The people at the rehab facility knew that Scott had a fighting chance and they fought to help him regain his life.

Feeling Thankful

Danielle was thankful that she didn’t listen to the doctors when they told her to give up. Doctors insist wife pull plug on husband, she kisses him — then covers his trach. She knew that he was going to come back to her and she had faith. Had she given up on him, she would be a widow. She is thankful every day that she had faith in her husband that she did. Thanks to her faith in her husband, the couple will enjoy a long and happy life together.

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