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Dolly Parton Just Revealed How Much Her Breasts Cost

75-year-old country legend Dolly Parton’s ample bosom has brought her a great deal of fortune over the course of her career. But it has also cost her a fortune to maintain. As well, the numerous surgeries that she’s had on her breasts over the years have caused health issues that are only getting worse as the singer gets older. Join Facts Verse to know if does dolly parton have implants and how much her breasts cost.

Although Dolly Parton is certainly an immeasurable talent, the country singer/songwriter believe; that a great deal of the attention that she’s garnered over the years has come from her ample bosom. The singer has always received just as much recognition for her looks as for her songwriting talent. And Dolly has played into that over the course of her career. Despite her plastic surgeon claiming that she’s genetically gifted; Dolly’s signature looks haven’t come naturally. Dolly’s large breasts, as well as many of the singer’s other trademark physical attributes; are the result of numerous elective surgeries.

Over the course of her career, Dolly Parton has had cosmetic surgery performed on her eyes, lips, breasts, and many other areas of her body. The singer has expressed that if she sees any little piece of skin starting to sag. She’ll go to her cosmetic surgeon to have it fixed. This keeps the signer looking pretty, but it also keeps her swimming in expensive medical bills. Still, Dolly believes that these expenses are worth it for her career.

Out of the numerous surgeries that Dolly has undergone. The ones that have proved the most detrimental for her health and savings have been the breast augmentations. Dolly first received breast implants decades ago. And has since had to put her boobs back under the knife for various reasons. In 1992, one of Dolly’s implants ruptured, which caused the star to have to have it replaced. In 2004, she had the size of her implants reduced due to severe back pain from their weight.

Currently, Dolly is a 38DD. Previously, she had been a 42DD. Now, doctors are advising the singer to have the size of her implants reduced once again due to the ongoing pain that she is experiencing from the heavy chest load. However, Dolly fears that reducing the size of her breasts beyond what she’s already done will have a negative impact on her career. When the issue is brought up, Dolly simply laughs it off. However, those close to the 75-year-old country legend are becoming increasingly concerned as the singer’s numerous health issues become harder to ignore.

The size of Dolly’s breasts have always led to jokes that the singer was likely going to suffer from some back problems in her old age. As she’s gotten older, these jokes have apparently become the reality. The size of Dolly’s implants are greater than doctors would normally recommend for her body size. Given that the singer weighs 90 pounds and stands five feet. Still, Dolly has continued to downplay the negative impact that her breast implants have had.

In addition to the positive effect that the singer’s breasts have had on her musical career. Another reason that Dolly might be hesitant to part with her big boobs is the simple fact that she has spent so much money on them. Viewers will likely have heard of a “sunk cost fallacy. Which is the phenomenon wherein someone has invested so much in something that they refuse to admit it’s failure. In most instances, this refusal to jump ship only leads to further negatives consequences. In Dolly’s case, these negative consequences could be life threatening.

After the numerous breast augmentations that she’s undergone; many have wondered how much Dolly has spent on her bosom over the years. Although no exact total has been given. The singer has shared that she has likely spent around a million dollars on all the combined surgeries. However, she feels that the investment has been well worth it for her career. Even if Dolly’s songwriting and performing talents were enough to hold the attention of the crowd. Her breasts are arguably what got them looking in the first place. Sadly, there could some truth to Dolly’s belief that having her gigantic breasts remove would hurt her career. Still, true fans would likely understand the need.

One of the reasons that Dolly puts up with her breast implants despite her increasing back pain is the fact that she is simply willing to suffer in order to perceived as beautiful by her fans. The reason that Dolly puts so much value into looking good is because she grew up poor and with little means to practice hygiene. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! As well, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

Despite what her plastic surgeon has said about her genetically gifted. Dolly Parton is adamant that she was never naturally beautiful. Instead, Dolly claims that her beauty is the result of her own hard work and effort. The singer made herself the beautiful woman that she aspired to be as a child. Growing up poor in a small Tennessee shack, Dolly and her large family had few amenities.

Dolly idolized the people she saw in town that were able to take care of themselves and be fashionable. Apparently, there was one woman that Dolly idolized more than others due to her fashion sense and charm. As Dolly grew older, she realized that this woman was a prostitute. Dolly then went on to incorporate much of this woman’s personality and fashion into her own stage presence as a country singer.

Many have come to view Dolly as a hero for her sexually progressive attitudes. The country legend has gone on to inspire future generations of pop singers. One modern pop singer that greatly inspired by Dolly Parton is Miley Cyrus. In fact, Dolly Parton is Miley Cyrus’ godmother. While much of the world balked at the former child star’s attempts to make her image more adult in the early 2010s, Dolly was behind her all the way. Dolly has always been supportive of those that want to freely showcase their sexuality. Which is part of why she’s so adamant about showing her breasts off.

Despite what Dolly has done for body positivity and women’s rights, she doesn’t consider herself a feminist. As well, Dolly is fairly old-fashion in many ways. The singer married to the same man for over 50 years. Dolly’s husband is a man name Carl Dean, and prefers to keep out of the spotlight. The couple has rarely seen together, though their marriage is still apparently just as strong as it ever was. Though Dolly is certainly a monogamist, the pair remains untraditional in other ways. Even after 50 years of marriage, the couple has yet to have any children. Given that Dolly is now 75 years old, it’s unlikely that they ever will.

Despite the numerous health setbacks that Dolly has suffered as a result of her elective surgeries. There was one figure that claimed that the legendary country singer had healing powers. This figure was Roger Ebert, who interviewed Dolly after giving a positive review to the film 9 to 5. Of course, Dolly starred in that classic comedy alongside Lily Tomlin, and also performed it’s popular title song. After meeting Dolly, roger recalled that he felt as if he had been in the presence of some divine entity that had filled him with rejuvenating energy. Hopefully, Dolly has saved some of this rejuvenating energy for herself in her old age!

Besides the issues already mentioned. There are other reasons that doctors advise Dolly to removed her breast implants now that she is getting older. Breast implants can cause health issues for even the healthiest individuals, and Dolly is far from being in her prime. Dolly has already suffered from a ruptured implant, which thankfully didn’t cause any other issues at the time. However, all breast implants deteriorate, and even a stable implant isn’t doing Dolly any favors at this age.

Breast implants have linked to an obscure type of cancer known as anaplastic large cell lymphoma, or ALCL. In rare cases, women with breast implants have died as a result of this cancer. This is just an example of one of the many concerns that can come about after breast augmentation surgery. While most women who undergo breast enhancement may be able to live healthy lives, the relative size of Dolly’s implants, as well as the amount of time that she has had them, continue to cause her pain.

It remains unlikely that Dolly will ever decide to have her breast size reduced any further from her current 38DD. From the sound of it, Dolly would likely rather die from back pain then suffer the fate of appearing before her fans without her ample bosom. Perhaps, Dolly’s acceptance of her inevitable fate is the reason that she enjoys hanging around cemeteries. One of the strangest bits of trivia surrounding the country legend has always been her proclivity for taking nighttime strolls around graveyards and pontificating the afterlife. When asked about the hobby, Dolly has shared that she likes cemeteries because walking around in them gives her the chance to be by herself. As fans may know, Dolly’s thoughts are typically just as heavy as her bosom. And she is never quite as chipper as she appears.

Dolly Parton could save herself a lot of pain having her 38DD breast implants significantly reduce in size; but she feels that doing so would hurt her career. Comment down below to share if you think fans would refuse to see Dolly if she didn’t have her famous breasts, or if you think that it’s her voice and personality that fans really love. As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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