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Dolly Parton’s Love Affair With Porter Wagoner

Dolly Parton has always been fairly open about her love and appreciation for the opposite sex. Despite the fact that she’s married to her husband, Carl Dean, for half a century now. She’s a flirt and she isn’t ashamed to admit it. 

Her openness about the subject has inevitably given rise to various rumors about affairs she’s supposed engaged in over the years with everyone from Burt Reynolds to Sylvester Stallone and even her longtime friend and confidant Judy Ogle. We’ll address those rumors in a few minutes so make sure you watch the whole video. 

Parton freely admits that she loves to flirt and as she has said on more than one occasion. She’s never met a man she didn’t like. 

The endless speculation about her love life only intensified when Dolly confessed to sharing a bed with best friend and assistant Judy. But it should be noted that the 74-year-old country legend claims that she has never been in a relationship with nor has she ever desired to be with a woman sexually or romantically. She says that the time she shared sleeping space with Judy was purely platonic. Join Fact Verse to learn more about dolly parton affairs.

Open Or Closed?

Dolly has described her marriage as ‘open’. But even though she refers to her relationship with Dean in those terms, she is quick to tell you that the idea of getting physical with other people is off the table.

Dolly admits that men are her weakness. Throughout her life, she has had crushes on many different types of men. It doesn’t matter if they are short, fat, bald, or skinny. She is attracted to people more so for what’s on the inside anyways.

Parton told the Daily Mail that at the end of the day, her husband knows that she isn’t hooking up with other people and that she’s always coming home to him. He is fully aware that she likes to flirt and according to her, he’s a bit of a flirt himself. But they are at a place in their relationship after years of building trust in each other where they don’t get jealous anymore. 

It’s still a little puzzling that she refers to their relationship as being ‘open’ when in reality they aren’t sleeping around with anyone. Parton says that if she ever suspected Carl of having sex with someone else, she would probably kill him. She says he’d do the same to her if the tables turned, but despite that intense rhetoric, they love each other very deeply. Join Fact Verse to learn more about dolly parton affairs.

An Affair Of The Heart 

‘In the early 80s, Dolly left feeling suicidal when an ‘affair of the heart’ as she put it ended in a very heartbreaking way. She discussed this event in her book ‘Dolly on Dolly’. 

After the emotional fling she was in came to an end, she found herself sitting in her bedroom staring at a loaded gun in the drawer of her bedside table. She stored it there just in case she ever had to defend herself from burglars, but on this particular occasion, she couldn’t seem to keep her eyes off of it. She stared at the firearm for quite some time before picking it up.

Moments after holding the weapon in her hands, her little dog Popeye came sprinting up the staircase. The pitter-patter of his paws jolted her out of the spell that the handgun had cast on her. Suddenly she froze, put the gun down, dropped to her knees, and started praying. She convinced that Popeye was used by God to deliver a message. Her time was far from up and she still had plenty to accomplish. Join Fact Verse to learn more about dolly parton affairs.

She Couldn’t Wait To Hop In His Bed 

There was one celebrity that Dolly couldn’t wait to get close to. That would be the one and only Burt Reynolds. They had played lovers in ‘The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas’ and there on and off-screen chemistry was undeniable. 

Pretty soon, the rumors began to fly that they were secretly having an affair in real life. Dolly fed into those rumors as well by stating that she couldn’t wait to jump in bed with him – in the movie that is, not in real life. 

Burt reciprocated those feelings by letting her know that he attracted to her as well. Humorously he once said that he had worked with her long enough that he eventually was even looking at her face. Implying that his gaze had previously been directed towards another part of her anatomy.

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And make sure you stick around to find out all about Dolly and Carl’s unique ‘open’ marriage. Join Fact Verse to learn more about dolly parton affairs.

Just Because I’m A Woman 

It doesn’t take a lot for Dolly Parton to feel inspired to write a new song. Throughout her decades-long career, she’s never had that big of a problem with writer’s block. A lot of her music springs forth from her colorful imagination while other songs are based on actual things that happened to her in real life.

A good example of that is the song ‘Just Because I’m a Woman’ which she inspired to write after having a difficult conversation with her husband. Carl Dean , shortly after they got married. He was curious if she had ever been with anybody else. Dolly hadn’t previously volunteered that kind of information but once they felt a little more comfortable with each other, he had finally worked up the courage to ask her.

She wanted to be as honest and forthright as possible especially since their marriage was fresh, so she told him the truth. She had indeed been with others before she found him. 

Carl didn’t take the news very well. At first, he felt crushed and Dolly says in her book that she felt like an outcast for a while, but then inspiration hit and she felt compelled to pen a song about the situation.

‘Just Because I’m a Woman’ is a song all about double standards between the sexes. Its lyrics came straight from her heart. They’re essentially an intimate letter to her husband explaining the fact that she is prone to mistakes just like anyone else, and just because she’s been with someone else before doesn’t mean that she loves him any less. Join Fact Verse to learn more about dolly parton affairs.

Eventually, Dean got over his hurt feelings and moved on.

To this day, ‘Just Because I’m A Woan’ is still one of the most popular songs that Parton ever penned. When it debuted in 1968, it went straight to the top of the charts and stayed there for many weeks.

Inside Dolly’s ‘Open’ Marriage With Dean

Dolly Parton and Carl Dean tied the knot on May 30, 1966. The two have been together ever since despite the fact they don’t appear to share much in common. 

Dean, a former asphalt contractor, has always done his best to stay out of the spotlight, while Dolly thrives in it. She’s created dozens of hit albums, starred in several Blockbuster movies, made countless TV appearances. And walked the red carpet on more than one occasion while Carl has always seemed perfectly comfortable in the background – out of sight and out of mind. 

Dolly has always done her best to respect her reclusive husband’s wishes to maintain his privacy even as she has grown more and more famous. Even though he hardly makes public appearances, he has always been very supportive of his wife’s career, even when it drew unwanted attention in his direction.

Even though their marriage might appear a bit unconventional from the outside looking in. It’s survived so many hurdles and trials because of their mutual love and respect for each other. Join Fact Verse to learn more about dolly parton affairs.

They Met At A Laundromat

It might not be the most romantic place in the world, but Dolly and Carl met in Nashville at a laundromat. It was the first day that she spent in Nashville. She graduated the night before and had left two boyfriends back home. She wasn’t looking for love in the least bit, but that’s how these kinds of things happen. Romance strikes when you least expect it.

Dean revealed in a 1984 interview that it was love at first sight on his end. His initial thought after laying his eyes on her was that she was the one he’d marry someday.

Parton likewise felt an immediate attraction to Dean although she wasn’t looking for love at the time. She invited him to come visit her at her aunt and uncle’s house where she was staying at the time, and he proceeded to come by every day for a solid week. On their very first date, he took her to go meet his parents. That would have scared some girls off, but apparently not Dolly.

Speculation and Rumors 

As we already mentioned, Dean has taken great lengths to maintain his privacy. He knows that if he ever started doing interviews and whatnot, then people would start hounding him wherever he went. All he wants is able to go to the store or catch a ballgame without bothered. Can you blame the guy for that?

But because he’s so elusive and is rarely ever seen with Dolly. Some have speculated that their relationship is just an elaborate rouse to cover up a supposed relationship between Dolly and her lifelong friend Judy Ogle.

Over the years, Dolly has relied heavily on Ogle, but she has repeatedly denied rumors that their relationship is anything more than platonic. She told Vanity Fair back in 1991 point-blank she isn’t her lover and never has been. She further stated that if she was in fact her lover, she wouldn’t be ashamed of it.

Their Separate Lives Have Strengthened Their Relationship 

Dolly fully admits that she and her husband have very little in common. She told People magazine back in 2015 that they are essentially complete opposites, but that’s what’s makes their relationship so fun. He’s always surprising her and they still make each other laugh after all of these years.

She even thinks that their frequent separations have only strengthened their marriage. After all, they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

Even though Dean rarely accompanies his wife on tour, she’s is always eager to see him once she returns home. That’s a big reason why they get along so well because when they are together they always have a great time.

54 years is a long time to married, but after all this time. Dolly still says that Dean is the love of her life. What they have is unique to them, and it works, so what more could they ask for?

In 2016, the couple renewed their vows for their 50th wedding anniversary. That same year, Dean declared that he wouldn’t trade the last 50 years for anything on this earth.

Sure, their union might be a little unorthodox, but if you ask us, it’s one of the most beautiful love stories we’ve ever heard of.

What do you think about Dolly and Dean’s ‘open marriage’? Do you think you could pull something similar off with your significant other or does it sound like something you wouldn’t be in to? Let us know in the comments section below.

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