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Don’t Eat At Texas Roadhouse Again Until You Read This

Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse is a chain of steakhouses. The first restaurant opened in 1993 in Indiana. The corporate offices are located in Louisville, Kentucky, and today, there are 580 locations in 49 states. There are also nine locations in foreign countries. If you are a fan off the food, don’t eat at Texas Roadhouse again until you read this. It is shocking and impressing by what you learn.

Choosing the Best Time To Dine

The average Texas Roadhouse location serves 5,000 guests each week. This is a lot of people considering that they aren’t open for lunch during the week. If you want to eat at Texas Roadhouse, but you don’t want to wait, there are a few times that are best. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are relatively slow days. If you are going to eat there on a Wednesday, you will likely need to wait because of their special, WildWest Wednesday. If you go on a Friday or Saturday, there will probably be a wait.

Children Are More Than Welcome

Kids are welcome at Texas Roadhouse. On Monday or Tuesday, depending on the location, kids 12 and under eat for free. Kids are welcome on any other night as well. Because the floor is littering with peanut shells, you won’t need to worry about your child making a mess. Texas Roadhouse plays the music loud, so you won’t need to worry about your children disturbing the other diners.

They Serve Free Food

If you need to wait for a table, you can eat free peanuts in the waiting area. When you seat at your table, your server will bring out a basket of rolls. The rolls are baked fresh at each location, and a batch comes out of the oven every five minutes. Your server will bring either regular butter or cinnamon butter to your table.

Each Location Has Its Own Butcher

The meat doesn’t arrive at the restaurant frozen. It is always fresh and is hand-cut by the on-site butcher. All of the meat keeps in a meat cooler at a safe 34 degrees. You can order your favorite cut including rib eye, fillets, prime rib, and New York strips. This doesn’t include the ribs or the other meat on the menu.

Everything Is Made From Scratch

Everything in the restaurant is from scratch. None of their sides come frozen or pre-made. Even the croutons for your salad are made right in the kitchen. Each meal comes with two sides, and you can be sure every option is freshly made.

The Menu Rarely Changes

It is not uncommon to go into a chain restaurant to find that your favorite dish has been discontinued and replaced with something new. This won’t happen at Texas Roadhouse. Their menu has been the same for the last 20 years. The execs realize that if it works, there is no need for change.

It’s a Rowdy Place

You will never walk into a Texas Roadhouse and hear soft music playing in the background. The music is loud, the servers have fun, and they made sure that their customers have fun. According to the founder of Texas Roadhouse, Kent Taylor, “If your employees are having fun, they are going to have fun with their guests.” This is why it is not uncommon to see the employees line dancing or singing happy birthday to their guests.

They Spend a Lot Of Money On Meat

Each year, Texas Roadhouse spends over $1 billion on meat. They only serve USDA Choice meat, and they choose only the highest grades of beef.

The Prices Are Reasonable

The reason that Texas Roadhouse is so popular is that the prices are great. For a meager price, you can get a very generous portion. It isn’t one of those fancy, expensive restaurants where you will pay $40 for a meal that only consists of a few bites.

They Take Cocktail Hour Very Seriously

As of June 2019, all locations have over a dozen different specialty cocktails on the menu. These drinks are fantastic, and the drinks sometimes change depending on the season. There is something on the drink for everyone. If you like to pair a cold beer with your steak, Texas Roadhouse keeps their beer chilled to 36 degrees.

It Can Be Habit Forming

After your first visit to Texas Roadhouse, it could become a habit. Ron and Diana Watson from Wichita, Kansas have been going to the same Texas Roadhouse for 15 of the 20 years that they were married. They order the same menu item six days a week. The only reason they don’t go there seven days a week is that Diana works late one night a week, and the restaurant is too busy by the time she gets out.

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