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Electrician Fixes Broken Heat For Free And Struggling Couple Lure Him Back For A Fake Inspection

Stacy and Josh Lemonds

Stacy and Josh Lemonds lived on Oklahoma City where the winters are very cold. When they got home one day, their heat wasn’t working. Soon, the electricity was on the fritz. It wasn’t long before the electric company pulled their meter because the wiring in their home was a fire hazard. Stacy and Josh didn’t know what to do. They were told that they couldn’t get their electricity turned back on until the wiring was repaired and inspected again.

Down On Their Luck

When Stacy and Josh got the news about their home, they panicked. They had both been laid off from their jobs, and they had no income coming in. They were already struggling to pay the bills and put food on the table so there was no way that they could afford to have their entire house rewired. The job would cost thousands of dollar, and they had already gone through most of their savings.

Asking God For Help

Stacy and Josh were religious people, and they were part of a church marriage group in their community. The group was designed to help married couples keep their relationships strong through prayer and the Lord. When Josh and Stacy found out about their electrical problem, they reached out to the other members of their group and asked for collective prayer. They knew that since they didn’t have the money to fix the problem that they would leave their fate in the hands of God.

Ask, And You Shall Receive

The day after Stacy sent the request for the collective prayer, she got a phone call from a man named Josh Matthews. They knew who Josh was because he was in their marriage group. They had crossed paths in the past when Josh’s wife got sick, and they brought Josh hot meals so that she could focus on his wife’s recovery. Stacy didn’t know why Josh was calling until he told her that he was an electrician.

Who Is Josh Matthews

Josh Matthews is a husband and a war vet. He served two tours in Afghanistan before returning home to work as an electrical apprentice with Dane Electric. He told Stacy what he did for a living, and he offered to help her out. She told him right away that she couldn’t afford to pay him, but he didn’t care. He offered to fix their electricity for free Stacy couldn’t believe it, but her prayers were answered.

Working Tirelessly

Joshua worked hard to get the Lemonds’ electrical wiring up to code. Because it was so cold outside, the couple would sit in their car to keep warm while Josh worked. Stacy worried about him while he was working. It was freezing cold outside and raining. He had to go up and down a ladder over and over again. Stacy says that it would have taken just one wrong step for him to slip. He worked many nights until midnight trying to get their electrical wiring to code so that the electric company would turn their power back on.

Turning the Power Back On

It took about three days and finally, Joshua had fixed the power. Finally, Stacy and her husband were able to move back into their home. She appreciated everything that Joshua did for her and she wanted to do something for him.

Pay It Forward

With the help of News 4 and First Fidelity Bank, Stacy was going to be able to give Joshua something back. After the electrician fixes broken heat for free, struggling couple lures him back with fake inspection. Joshua’s boss told him that he had to go back to Stacy’s home for another inspection. Little did he know that he had a surprise waiting for him.

The Big Surprise

When Joshua arrived at the home with a journeyman from his job, Stacy let him in. He didn’t know that a reporter from News 4 was there as well. When she came out, Joshua looked shocked. There was also a rep from First Fidelity Bank there. Stacy gave Joshua $400 from the bank and thanked him for what he did. He said she didn’t have to give him the money, but she insisted that he take it.

An Amazing Gift

What Joshua did for Stacy was amazing. He did the work for free without expecting anything in return. Stacy was just happy that she was able to give him something for all his hard work.

YouTube Description

When a woman and her husband find out that their electricity was shut off in the dead of winter due to unsafe wiring, they panicked. The woman and her husband were both out of work and could barely pay their bills. There was no way that they could afford to have their home rewired. When they asked their prayer group to say a prayer for them, Joshua Matthews answered their prayers.

The man offered to rewire their whole home at no charge. He worked tirelessly day and night to get the job done. It was raining and freezing, but he didn’t stop until the job was done. When he completed the job, the woman wanted to do something special for him. She reached out to the local news for help. The video is absolutely amazing.

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