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Elvis Presley’s Daughter Remembers Being Spanked

Elvis Presley may have been the king of rock and roll but he wasn’t exactly a saint. Sometimes he would get pretty upset with his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley. One time, he paddled her just because of something she did with her crayons. But before you jump to conclusions, it’s important to look at the situation from all sides. Elvis didn’t seems motivated purely by anger whenever he punished his daughter. In fact, after hearing what she and her mother had to say about his spankings, it would appear that he was more than likely just trying to protect her from getting into more serious trouble. In 1985, Priscilla Presley wrote a book that revealed what her husband thought right after he whopped little Lisa Marie. Keep watching to see what she had to relay.

The Reason Elvis Got So Upset With His Daughter

Priscilla described the time when Lisa Marie scribbled all over a velvet couch with her crayons in her memoir Elvis and Me. Apparently, after seeing what happened to the couch, Elvis became irate and decided that he needed to ‘paddle’ Lisa Marie to teach her a lesson for damaging his prized furniture.

Priscilla said that after the paddling, Elvis got upset about his response to his daughter’s actions and that he immediately went into full-on panic mode. Elvis desperately wanted Priscilla to comfort him, assure him that he’d done the right thing and that Lisa wouldn’t resent him for it.

Although her husband clearly upset about his own knee-jerk reaction to little Lisa’s behavior, Priscilla responded rather mildly to his action. She told him that if he hadn’t spanked her, then she would have done it herself. But the interesting thing that Priscilla brought up in her book is the fact that this wasn’t the only time that Elvis spanked Lisa Marie.

Priscilla wrote that Elvis paddled her another time after she failed to heed his admonitions to stay away from their swimming pool. When she disobeyed his warnings and went close to the pool anyway, Elvis very upset and spanked her once again.

But according to Priscilla’s recollection of events, Lisa Marie didn’t have a negative reaction to Elvis’s discipline. She says that Lisa Marie remembers these two spankings quite well and is to this day reportedly ‘proudly pleased’ by her dad’s corporal punishment.

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And don’t go anywhere just yet. Stay tuned to learn all of the gritty details that emerged in Lisa Marie’s 2017 divorce filings involving her ex-husband Michael Lockwood.

Lisa Marie Recalls Another Time Getting Spanked

Talking to the Huffington Post, Lisa Marie recalled how she would spend quite a bit of time with her father on the upper floor of Graceland. She would try her best to sneak around him because she was always getting into some kind of trouble. Marie told the press outlet that whenever her dad’s door was open and he was sitting up there, she would always try to sneak on by because she was constantly making mischief or in trouble for one reason or another.

If he saw her out of the corner of his eye, he would call out her name. She would then go into his room trembling because she knew she had probably done something naughty, or had broken something, or had done something that she knew she shouldn’t have. Lisa Marie is the first one to admit that she was a little hellion as a child.

But Lisa remembers how her father would especially upset whenever she hurt herself.

On one occasion, Lisa Marie got on a motorcycle with her friend even though Elvis told her explicitly not to. While he was fast asleep, Lisa Marie had an accident and the motorcycle fell on her leg.

The muffler landed on her leg leaving her with a blister. When Elvis saw it and found out what she had done, he spanked her once again. He would especially upset with her whenever she put herself in danger. Lisa Marie says that generally speaking, he wouldn’t get upset with her that easily but in cases like that where she put herself in harm’s way, he would especially exasperated.

But after Elvis died in 1977, he was no longer around to keep her out of trouble. Lisa Marie had to learn the hard way what the real world was really like.

Lisa Marie’s Family Life Is A Trainwreck

A few years back, Presley went through a really ugly divorce from Michael Lockwood after having married to him for nearly 12 years. She filed the initial paperwork in June 2016. 

Presley’s attorney claimed that Lockwood was a poor father, was verbally and financially abusive, and mismanaged her inheritance leading to money issues.

In February 2017, court documents revealed that Presley and Lockwood’s twin daughters, Harper and Finley, removed from their home after Presley allegedly discovered that Lockwood had hundreds of inappropriate photos of children in his possession. At the time, Presley claimed that Lockwood was facing sexual abuse and neglect charges.

Lockwood and his lawyers put out a statement denying the claims and the investigations into the allegations have since closed. Law enforcement found insufficient evidence to prove that any actual crime had occurred.

Even so, the girls, who were 8 at the time, remained in the custody of Presley’s mother, Priscilla for quite some time. She told reporters in March 2017 that the girls were doing great and that they were still seeing both of their parents. Lockwood reportedly allowed to have monitored visitation with his daughters, but Lisa Marie accused him of calling the paparazzi to make himself look like a doting father to the public.

She Went Completely Broke

Lisa Marie Presley revealed in court documents that she received $4,361 per month from her father’s estate. Beyond that, she reportedly receives an additional $100,000 per month in dividends from investments and other business ventures. In total, that means that she takes in roughly $1.25 million a year for essentially doing next to nothing.

That might sound pretty nice, but in that same paperwork, Presley claimed that she’s $16.7 million in debt.

In February 2017, the court ordered her to pay Lockwood $50,000 for court fees. Her legal team claimed she wouldn’t be able to pay that amount because of Lisa Marie’s money problems. They further claimed that most of Presley’s debts were unpaid income taxes from 2012 to 2015, totaling more than $10 million.

It also came out that Lisa Marie had $50,000 in credit card debt, although the documents pointed out that she successfully paid off some of her cards in full – one of which was for $300,000 and another was for $111,083. The documents also noted that Presley had defaulted on a $6 million mortgage for her home in the U.K which she had been attempting to sell for a couple of years at that time. 

Lisa Marie Is Suing Her Old Business Manager

In response to Presley’s financial woes, she sued her former business manager for allegedly mishandling her assets. Presley accused Barry Siegel of turning her $100 million trust from her father’s estate into a mere $14,000. Presley asserted in court documents that Siegel placed her funds in risky ventures hoping to attain his own celebrity status in the entertainment industry. She further accused Siegel of selling 85% of her trust over an 11 year period. When his sketchy investments didn’t pan out the way that he would have liked, he supposedly started liquidating her assets to hide the money that was purportedly missing from her trust.

Siegel’s lawyers denied that their client was involved in any wrongdoing in regards to managing her money. They further pushed back against these allegations by accusing Presley of sabotaging her own financial stability by recklessly spending all of her money.

Siegel’s countersuit claimed that his investments actually did pay off but Presley blew it all almost as soon as it was available to her. After depleting the funds, Lisa Marie allegedly stopped paying Siegel’s company, Providence Financial management. According to Siegel, Presley was only suing him because she was hard-up for cash.

Lisa Marie Has Struggled With Substance Abuse And Addiction

According to court documents, Presley battled substance abuse issues during her marriage to Lockwood. Supposedly, her drug and alcohol issues were at their worst during the final years of their marriage. She admitted to abusing cocaine during the last year of their marriage. She was also apparently dealing with an addiction to prescription painkillers and was mixing her medication with alcohol in the last couple of years of their relationship.

Presley attempted to get help for her substance abuse issues on a few different occasions. She recounted going to rehab in Mexico what she said was ‘three or four times’, but later she revealed that it may have actually been five times.

Two months after filing the divorce paperwork, Presley received treatment in Los Angeles for prescription drug abuse. In October 2017, it was reported that Presley had completed rehab and that she got custody of her twin daughters back.

Lisa Marie’s drug abuse problems go all the way back to her teenage years. In 2003, she told People that she used substances like cocaine, sedatives, marijuana, and alcohol all the time. She admitted that she couldn’t stay sober and she was lucky to have survived those years.

Lisa Marie’s Music Career Dried Up

Presley burst out on the music scene with her 2003 debut album, To Whom It May Concern, which featured the hit single ‘Lights Out’. The album went gold and hit the top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Unfortunately, Presley was never quite able to recreate that success. Her second album, Now What, peaked at number 9 on the Billboard Charts and her third record Storm & Grace which was released in 2012 barely managed to peak at number 45.

Lisa Marie hasn’t put out another album since and it appears at least as of now that she doesn’t have any intentions of producing any more music any time soon.

Well, here we are once again at the end of another facts-packed video. Honestly, Lisa Marie’s financial problems coupled with her history of substance abuse issues seem to be slowly consuming her. It’s looking increasingly unlikely that she won’t be able to pull herself out of the hole that she had found herself in, but then again everybody is capable of changing if they are sufficiently motivated to do so.

Do you think that Lisa Marie Presley will be able to stage a comeback at some point or do you think that she is destined to continue to flounder in her troubles? Let us know in the comments section below.

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