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Every Man Elizabeth Taylor Dated or Hooked up With

Before her death in 2011, Elizabeth Taylor was one of the last remnants of Hollywood’s Golden Age. The actress married a staggering eight times throughout her life, to seven different men. Her spouses ranged from fellow Golden Age actor Richard Burton to alcoholic construction worker Larry Fortensky, whom she met at the Betty Ford Clinic during the 1980s. In addition to the beloved actress’s numerous spouses, she also hooked up with a good deal of other men. Join Facts Verse as we take a look at every man Elizabeth Taylor hooked up with.

Robert Wagner

Early on in Elizabeth Taylor’s Hollywood career, she hooked up with actor Robert Wagner. Robert is best known for his performances in such hit series as Hart to Hart and It Takes a Thief. Besides his work in entertainment, the thing that Robert has arguably become best known for is the possibility that he killed his late wife, Natalie Wood. Natalie Wood was a fellow actress, and she died under mysterious circumstances. Many people believe that Robert is actually her killer. Thankfully, Elizabeth didn’t share this same fate!

Peter O’Toole

Though it isn’t 100% certain, it seems pretty likely that Elizabeth Taylor had an affair with British actor Peter O’Toole. The actor remains best known for his titular performance in the 1962 feature Lawrence of Arabia, for which he received an Academy Award nomination and immense acclaim from both critics and audiences. If Elizabeth and Peter had an affair, they kept is secret.

Richard Long

In 1948, Elizabeth Taylor spotted out on the town with actor Richard Long, who was known for his roles on various successful television series on the ABC channel.

Marshall Thompson

Another figure that Elizabeth Taylor seen dating in 1948 was Marshall Thompson, who was an American actor.

Glenn Davis

Before eventually getting married to her first husband in 1950, Elizabeth Taylor engaged for some time to a professional football player by the name of Glenn Davis. The two engaged in the late 1940s, though they didn’t end up tying the knot. Instead, Elizabeth continued dating around before eventually marrying first husband Conrad Hilton Jr.

William Pawley

One of the men that Elizabeth Taylor dated in between breaking off her engagement to football player Glenn Davis and marrying first husband Conrad Hilton Jr. was actor William Pawley. Elizabeth and William dated sporadically from 1948 until 1950, the same year she married Conrad.

Ronald Reagan

According to various sources, another person that Elizabeth Taylor hooked up with before marrying her first husband was then-actor and future politician Ronald Reagan. The two were said to have had a fling in 1949, when Ronald still firmly placed in Hollywood.

Robert Taylor

Perhaps bonding over the fact that they shared a last name, Elizabeth Taylor hooked up with actor Robert Taylor, whom she starred with in the feature Ivanhoe, released in 1952.

Conrad Hilton Jr.

In 1950, Elizabeth Taylor met and married a man named Conrad Hilton Jr. Conrad was one of the sons of the founder of Hilton Hotels. The marriage short-lived with the two divorcing only a year later, in 1951. The wealthy socialite swept Elizabeth off her feet, but the young starlet proved too immature to truly settle down with a partner.

Stanley Donen

In 1951, after things fell through with first husband Conrad, Elizabeth moved on and seen dating Hollywood filmmaker Stanley Donen. Stanley was a director, as well as a cinematographer. Some of the filmmaker’s most prominent works included Singin’ in the Rain, Royal Wedding, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and 1957’s Funny Face.

Pat DiCicco

Another notable figure that Elizabeth Taylor spotted dating in 1951 was American film producer Pat DiCicco.

Michael Wilding

After dating around for a few years, Elizabeth Taylor finally settled on a second husband: actor Michael Wilding. The two married from 1952 to 1957, making Elizabeth’s second marriage a tad bit more successful than her first.

Ralph Kiner

Sometime in the 1950s, Major League Baseball player Ralph Kiner escorted Elizabeth Taylor to a film premiere.

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Mike Todd

In 1957, the same year that she divorced from second husband Michael Wilding, Elizabeth Taylor married another Michael! Elizabeth had already begun drawing attention from the tabloids for her variety of suitors, and it wasn’t too surprising to the public when she moved on so quickly after her second marriage. Sadly, Elizabeth’s marriage to third husband Mike Todd ended too soon, and tragically.

Mike Todd was a film producer, best known for his work on the 1956 feature Around the World in 80 Days. Though Elizabeth’s marriage to Mike Todd didn’t last very long, Elizabeth considered Mike to be the love of her life all the way up until her 2011 death. Though Elizabeth had many notable romances after her marriage to Mike Todd ended, Mike stands as the only one of her husbands that she didn’t divorce. Instead, Mike taken from her by death.

A year into Elizabeth and Mike’s marriage, the film producer tragically passed away after crashing in his private plane. Ironically, the private plane named “Lucky Liz’s”. Elizabeth was understandably devastated, and the death of her third husband left an impression on her forever.

Arthur Loew Jr.

Mike Todd passed away in 1958, and newly widowed Elizabeth Taylor was seen fraternizing with film producer Arthur Loew Jr. later that same year. Arthur Loew Jr. was a figure with a good deal of Hollywood pedigree in his blood, as one of his grandfathers had founded Paramount Pictures and the other had founded MGM! Sadly, Elizabeth and the film producer didn’t find that they had much in common.

Eddie Fisher

When Elizabeth Taylor first met baseball player Eddie Fisher, he was married to her friend Debbie Reynolds. Elizabeth ended up stealing him away from her, though that didn’t seem to ruin the pair’s friendship! Eddie Fisher became Elizabeth Taylor’s fourth husband, with the two marrying in 1959 and staying married until 1964.

Richard Burton

On the set of the 1962 film Cleopatra, while Elizabeth Taylor was still married to Eddie Fisher, she started up an extramarital affair with actor Richard Burton. Richard was similarly married at the time, and they both subsequently talked their respective spouses into divorcing them so that they could marry each other. Elizabeth and Richard married for the first time in 1964, divorced in 1974, and then married once again in 1975. Their second marriage didn’t last nearly as long as the first, dissolving in 1976 after only a year. The two were drunk throughout the majority of their two marriages, constantly fought in public, and Richard later claimed that he beat Elizabeth twice a year.

Frank Sinatra

In between her and Richard Burton’s first and second marriages, Elizabeth Taylor apparently dated Frank Sinatra. Frank Sinatra got around in his lifetime just about as much as Elizabeth did, and the two found they’d gotten everything they needed off of each other after being romantically involved for only a short period in 1974.

Vic Damone

Oddly enough, Frank Sinatra wasn’t the only singer that Elizabeth Taylor dated in 1974. The actress was also seen getting together with Vic Damone during the time period.

John Warner

From 1976 to 1982, Elizabeth Taylor was married to sixth husband John Warner. Halfway through their marriage, John became a senator. Elizabeth accompanied him throughout most of his campaign, and reluctantly wore more conservative clothing in order not to catch the ire of John’s Republican demographic. After John successfully attained his seat, Elizabeth found that the politician no longer had enough time for her. The actress became depressed, and gained so much weight that she weighed nearly 200 pounds! She had always been a big partier, but she developed a startling reliance on painkillers during her marriage to John Warner that would see her later need to go to rehab… where she met her seventh and final husband.

David Bowie

In between her marriages to her sixth and seventh husbands, Elizabeth Taylor was apparently romantically involved with popular music legend David Bowie.

Anthony Geary

Anthony Geary is another man that Elizabeth Taylor dated between her seventh and eighth marriages. The two began dating in 1982, and continued dating until 1984. Anthony is an actor, best known for his role in General Hospital.

George Hamilton

In 1987, Elizabeth Taylor apparently dated esteemed character actor George Hamilton.

Larry Fortensky

In the 1980s, Elizabeth Taylor checked herself into the Betty Ford Clinic. There, she met a former construction worker named Larry Fortensky, who was at the clinic for alcoholism. They fell quickly in love, though Elizabeth was two decades Larry’s senior. In 1991, the pair made things official, tying the knot at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. Though the two went on to divorce in 1996, they remained good friends up until the time of Elizabeth’s death. After divorcing from Larry, Elizabeth never remarried.

Rod Steiger

After divorcing Larry Fortensky, Elizabeth hooked up with fellow actor Rod Steiger during the late 1990s.

Colin Farrell

Though he has claimed that the two never made love, Elizabeth Taylor apparently struck up a romantic relationship with Irish heartthrob Colin Farrell from 1999 to 2001.

Jason Winters

The last person that Elizabeth Taylor was known to have been romantically involved with was Jason Winters. Jason is known as a public speaker and author, and the two apparently dated from 2007 until Elizabeth’s 2011 death.

Elizabeth Taylor was married to seven different men throughout her lifetime, but her husbands only represented the tip of the iceberg when it came to her plethora of lovers. Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that Elizabeth Taylor dated Colin Farrell towards the end of her life, and did you know that her final marriage was to a former construction worker that she met at the Betty Ford Clinic? As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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