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Every Man Pamela Anderson Dated or Hooked up With

Pamela Anderson shares high-profile relationships, temporary engagements, and turbulent marriages throughout her career in the spotlight. She’s been making headlines with her rocky dating history since the early-90s when she became a global sensation.

Over the years, Pamela has walked down the aisle a total of five times. Her first marriage was to Tommy Lee back in 1995. The duo stayed together until filing for divorce in 1998. Throughout their marriage, the world seems to obsess with the couple. Hulu issues a popular documentary about their relationship, proving that the interest of the public is in their “love” story.

After Tommy Lee, Anderson tied the knot with country-rocker Kid Rock in 2006. After that marriage fell apart less than a year later, Anderson moved on to marry Rick Solomon. Once again, their marriage only lasted a year, but in 2014, Anderson married him yet again. Not surprisingly, a year later, they called it quits once more.

Anderson also claims to marry her first boyfriend, Jon Peters, 30 years after reconciling their romance in 2020. It discovers that their marriage isn’t legally binding, and they part their ways two weeks after exchanging their vows.

Anderson shocks the world once again when she marries her bodyguard Dan Hayhurst in December 2020. In January of this year, however, it comes out that the two are divorcing.

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Tommy Lee

The Canadian-American actor, animal rights activist, and model got into one of her most infamous relationships. She elopes with Motley Crue drummer, Tommy Lee, on a Cancun beach in February 1995. What makes their marriage especially fascinating is that the two only know each other for 96 hours before they hitch. A year after their wedding, the couple welcomed their first son into the world, Brandon Thomas Lee, in June 1996. In December of 1997, Anderson gave birth to her and Lee’s second child, Dylan Jagger Lee. The following year, they divorced.

Throughout their marriage, Anderson and Lee endured numerous scandals. Not long after splitting up, Lee go to prison for six months in prison for assaulting his wife in 1998. He pled no contest, and there was ample evidence to convict him.

Perhaps their most controversy revolves around a sex tape that the duo made on their honeymoon. They end up getting stolen from their home in 1995 before posting on the internet.

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Marcus Schenkenberg

Anderson engages with this male model between 2000 and 2001. Throughout their courtship and subsequent engagement, they managed to keep the details of their romance out of the tabloids.

Kid Rock

After tossing Schenkenberg to the curb, Anderson and Rock started dating in 2001. A year later, the ‘Bawitdaba’ singer and blonder-than-blonde bombshell were engaged. Their love, however, isn’t last. In 2003, the couple split up. After some time, they decide to marry on a yacht off the coast of St. Tropez, France in 2006. In November, Anderson revealed that she had a miscarriage. Just 17 days later, she filed for divorce.

Rick Solomon

Pam walks down the aisle once again. Together with this world series of poker players in October of 2007 at The Mirage casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Two months later, the two separated, and their marriage was officially annulled in 2008.

Always willing to give things a second try, Anderson and Solomon got back together for another go-around in 2013. In January 2014, they marry once again. While they were both highly optimistic that “this time things would be different”, by July, they call it quits. Their divorce was finalized in April 2015. Are you starting to see a pattern here?

Adil Rami

This famed French football legend and the buxom actress-turned-activist started dating in the early days of 2017. In June 2019, Anderson shocks the internet when she posts an Instagram post accusing him of ‘living a double life’. Needless to say, their relationship was over. Remi later categorically denied Anderson’s claims that he had cheated on and abused her throughout their relationship.

Jon Peters

Producer of A Star Is Born, Jon Peters and Pamela Anderson met while attending a party at the Playboy Mansion in the mid-80s. Not long after they started dating, the couple moved in with each other in LA. Peters popped the question to Anderson shortly after that, but she turned him down, citing their 22-year age gap as reason for why she didn’t want to wed him.

In 2019, Peters and Anderson reunited and decided to give their relationship another try. They got married in a clandestine ceremony in Malibu in January of 2020, but it was later discovered that they had never obtained a marriage certificate. Regardless of that technicality, they ended up splitting up after just two weeks of “marriage”.

Pamela Anderson and her bodygaurd, Dan Hayhurst, got married in December 2020 in a Christmas Eve private ceremony in her backyard in Canada. While you would think Anderson would have learned her lesson by now and would be a tad more cautious about who she chooses to marry, apparently, she hasn’t. Less than a year after exchanging their vows, Hayhurst and Anderson filed for divorce in January of this year.

Reportedly, their was no major fallout or infidelity that brought about the end of their marriage. A source close to the couple shared with the media that Pamela Anderson simply ‘fell out of love’.

Scott Baio

Not long after she was named Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in January 1990, Anderson started dating this Happy Days star. In fact, the first acting credit that Anderson ever added to her CV was guest-starring on Baio’s popular 1984 sitcom Charles in Charge. Their relationship never really went anywhere, and Baio went on to marry another model whom he had met at the Playboy mansion, Renee Sloan, in 2007.

Bret Michaels

Before her Tommy Lee days, Anderson dated another famous rocker, Bret Michaels of Poison. The two met and started dating in 1994, and he immediately set out to make a good impression with Anderson’s family Knowing that Pam’s mother’s favorite band was the Beach Boys, Michaels called up his friend John Stamos, who occasionally played drums for the band. After using his connection to Stamos to get Anderson’s mom stageside tickets, he further arranged for her to go out on stage and sing with the band.

To his surprise, Pamela called Michaels up the following day and let him know that her mother didn’t like him very much. When Bret questioned her as to why, she revealed to him that she hadn’t dated a rocker before and that her mom didn’t like the way that he looked and presented himself.

Kelly Slater

While Lee was in Jail serving his spousal battery sentence, he learned that Anderson was dating her former Baywatch co-star, Kelly Slater. Anderson’s relationship with the pro-surfing world champion was a brief one, but even after they broke things off Slater said that he had no ill feelings towards her.

David Spade

While we can’t say for sure, Anderson and her long-time friend David Spade are rumored to have been lovers back in the day. Anderson nor Spade has never confirmed or denied their alleged fling.

Vladimir Putin

In 2015, Anderson visited the Kremlin in Moscow to discuss wildlife protection with Vlad’s chief of staff. In 2018, when she sat down and chatted with Piers Morgan, the Baywatch alum didn’t outright deny that she and the Russian autocrat had a bit of thing for a bit.

When Morgan asked her whether she spent any time with the divorced president of Russia, Anderson vaguely replied by saying that they had obviously been in the same place together at some point, but she then abruptly changed the subject by saying that she didn’t want to go into any further detail.

Julian Assange

The Wikileaks founder and Anderson just might have hooked up while he was confined to his room at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. In 2019, she told the press that she and Assange talk about everything from religion to politics to her family life.

That same year, Assange was arrested in April and has spent the subsequent years locked up in a maximum-security prison in London. While behind bars, Anderson has paid him several visits and remains to this day one of his most outspoken defenders.

In 2020, Stella Moris-Smith Robertson, Assange’s attorney revealed that she has mothered two children with him since 2015, when their relationship took a romantic turn. When asked what she thinks about her lover’s celebrity female visitors during his time in prison, she told reporters that she would rather the press report about Pamela visiting him than stories about her being pregnant.

Pamela Anderson has come a long way since her days back on television shows like Baywatch and Home Improvement. Over the last several decades, she has had many high-profile lovers, flings, and marriages, but all the while, she has remained markedly well-spoken when talking to the media. It might seem easy to look at her many failed relationships with a critical lens, but at the end of the day, she’s just living her life. There’s no sense in faulting her for having a few exes.

Which one of Pamela Anderson’s past relationships intrigues you the most? And can you think of any other people she has dated over the years? Let us know in the comments down below.

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