Everyday Habits That Could Kill You

#1 Eating Fish

Not only does fish taste great, it also is food for the brain. What you may not know is that the fish that you are eating could be very dangerous. There are some types of fish that can be full of poison. There are many fish that have traces of mercury in them, which can be dangerous. To avoid eating mercury in your fish, you should avoid ocean caught fish. If you eat farmed fish, they could be toxic, because they are often given pesticides to keep away the sea lice. The amount of cancer causing toxin PCB is 16 times higher in farm-raised salmon than in wild salmon. If you don’t eat the right type of fish, you could get very sick or worse.

#2Using Hot Water Bottles

Many people have been using hot water bottles for a variety of ailments for years. These water bottles were made from polycarbonate plastic, which contains a toxic chemical called bisphenol A (BPA). This has been linked to prostate cancer, brain cancer, brain damage, and problems with the endocrine system While many companies agreed to stop using the chemicals in the water bottle, they still claimed that it was safe. Many countries have also banned the use of the material in baby bottles. BPA is not just found in hot water bottles and baby bottles it is also found in DVD’s, CD’s, and laptops.

#3 Flossing Your Teeth

Preflourinated compounds, also known as PFC’s, are found in a variety of products, including floss and shampoo. The problem with these compounds is that they are very difficult breakdown, therefore, they remain in your body for years. They are also very toxic. They are linked to liver damage, kidney damage, and they can be especially harmful to babies and fetuses. According to a recent study, people living in the United States have the highest levels of PFC levels in the world.

#4 Drinking Fruit Juice

Many people have a glass of fruit juice in the morning. What they may not know is that it could be killing them. Dried fruit, fruit juice, and even museli, contains sulphur dioxide. Not only is it used as a preservative, it is also a glue that holds food together. Unfortunately, it is not made for the human body. When it is introduced, it can restrict lung performance, it can inhibit certain nerve signals, and it is also a direct allergen. It is one of the two most common air pollutants and it has been linked to miscarriages. When you are drinking fruit juice and you believe that it is going to help you reach your daily intake of vitamin C, you should also consider that it could be killing you.

#5 Eating Fast Food

Everyone knows that eating fast food is bad for them, however, it is not just because they are loaded with grease and fat that can clog your arteries. The packaging that fast food companies wrap our food in to make them grease proof contain chemicals that are known carcinogens. This chemical gets into the body and can be very dangerous. As if eating the high fat, high-calorie food isn’t enough to kill you, the packaging could be as well.

#6 Eating Microwave Popcorn

The invention of microwave popcorn made the popcorn lover’s life much easier. There was no more need to plug in the machine and pop the seeds yourself. Unfortunately, eating a great deal popcorn can kill you. There is a chemical found in the fake butter flavoring call Diacetyl. It is an FDA approved chemical, however, it is responsible for a respiratory illness, which is often known as popcorn workers lung. People who work in the factories that make microwave popcorn are especially susceptible to developing the disease. Also, an American who ate a great deal of popcorn each day also developed the illness.

#7 Using Sunscreen

We have been hearing for years and years that you need to wear sunblock to protect us from the harmful UV rays from the sun. These UV rays can cause cancer. Unfortunately, while the sunscreen will keep you from getting a sunburn, it also keeps you from getting the vitamin D that you need. Vitamin D keeps our bones healthy, it keeps your immune system strong, it even eats cancer cells. If you are deficient in vitamin D, it can be very dangerous to your health.

#8 Eating Lunch at Your Desk

Recent studies have shown that there are 400 time more germs at your workstation that the average toilet seat. This doesn’t make eating lunch at your desk the best idea. Also, when you eat at your desk, it lengthens the time that you are going to be physically inactive.

#9 Plucking Your Nose Hair

The is one of the less known everyday habits that could kill you Most people believe that the worst thing that can happen when they pluck their nose hair is the pain that they feel and the watery eyes that come after. If you pluck your hair out, you can tear the skin around it. This opens up an entry point in your body for bacteria to find its way inside. This can open you up to a variety of health issues.

#10 Crossing Your Legs

If you often sit with your legs crossed, you should stop. The first reason is that crossing your legs can temporarily raise your blood pressure. It can also result in neck pain and back pain. There have also been some studies that have shown that crossing your legs can cause nerve damage and can create varicose veins. It is important that you try to stop crossing your legs for a long period of time. If you find that you cross your legs too often, you should try to get up and walk around if it is possible. You should also get a chair that gives your adequate support for your back, and keep a conscious effect to keep your feet on the floor.

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