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Everyone Laughed When He Vowed To Marry Her In Preschool But Look At Him Now

True Love

Some people believe in true love. They believe that there is one person out there that they were destined to be with. Finding this person is amazing. There are others who don’t believe in true love. These people believe that there is no one person destined to be with another. Those who don’t believe that true love is real might change their mind after hearing this story.

Matt and Laura

Matt and Laura met in preschool in Phoenix, Arizona. They were just three years old, and the moment they met, they had an inseparable bond. Their parents were surprised by their connection. They hung out together every day on the playground, and they tried to be in the same playgroup during class. The two were attached at the hip, and the adults in their lives thought it was adorable. Everyone believed that in time, the two would go their separate ways and their friendship would end. This is common with most children who become friends at such a young age.

“I’m Going To Marry Her”

The two best friends didn’t just spend time together in school. They often hung out together on the weekends. They didn’t wait for their parents to set up the play dates. They planned them on their own and informed their parents of their plans. One day in class, Matt stood up and told his classmates and his teacher that he would one day marry Laura. Everyone laughed. He also told his parents about his plan to marry Laura. Nobody believed the boy since he was only three-years-old.

Going Their Separate Ways

When kindergarten began, Matt and Laura were in different schools. They tried to keep their friendship alive by spending time together outside of school. Unfortunately, the physical distance between the two created distance in their friendship as well. They both made new friends in their schools and made new memories. Even though they had their own lives now, the two never forgot one another. Seven years after saying goodbye to her friend, Laura started to think about him more and more. When she saw a photo of her and Matt together when they were young, all of the feelings she had for Matt back then began coming back.

Going Through Her Friend’s Phone

When Laura was a freshman in high school, she was looking at the contacts on her friend’s phone. When she saw Matt’s name, her heart almost stopped. Her friend saw her reaction and asked what it was all about. Laura told her friend about her childhood sweetheart. Laura’s friend decided to get Laura back in contact with Matt. Being the romantic that she is, she wanted her friend to be reunited with the love of her life.

A Date

Laura sent Matt a text, and he was thrilled. They decided to meet up and spend some time together. Neither of them knew if they were going to have the same chemistry that they did in preschool, but they wanted to find out. They met at the movies, and the chemistry was still there. The two officially started dating two weeks after Laura’s initial text.

High School Sweethearts

Matt and Laura dated all during high school. They went to different schools, but they made sure to find time for one another after school and on the weekends. During their senior years, they started to question their future. Laura was accepted to Northern Arizona University, and Matt was going to Chicago to attend Columbia University. They weren’t sure if they were going to be able to make it work living so far away.

A Huge Decision

Matt decided that he didn’t want to lose Laura again the way that he did in elementary school. He wanted to prove to Laura that they could make it work despite the distance between them. He took her to the preschool where they met for a picnic. During the picnic, he got down on one knee and asked Laura to marry him. Laura said yes.

The Wedding Decades In the Making

Laura and Matt were married in December 2016. Her uncle officiated the ceremony. During the ceremony, he said, “For most kids in preschool, it’s about finding your snacks and your sleeping mats, but for them, it was about finding their soulmates.” Matt made good on his preschool promise. He said that he would marry Laura one day, and he did.

“The Way We Met”

After the wedding, Lara created a social media account and called it, “The Way We Met.” Shortly after she started the page, it went viral. Romantics all over the world were sharing the page and Matt and Laura’s story. Her story has been shared over 300,000 times. Their story is proof that people do have soulmates and there is someone out there for everyone. This couple was lucky enough to have found each other in preschool. Everyone laughed when he vowed to marry her in preschool, but look at him now.

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