Examples Of Angry Drivers Getting Parking Revenge

#1 The Facebook “Dislike” Business Card

A person went out to their car and found this business card on it. It is a Facebook “Dislike” card. The card let the driver know that they suck at parking, and it didn’t stop there. The card also told the driver to learn how to park. They also added that if the driver ever parks like that again that the person who left the sticker will key their car. This is a pretty funny way to get back at a poor parker.

#2 Blocking the Driveway

This is one of the most passive aggressive parking notes of all time. The person who left the note not only wrote a description of a curb and a driveway. They also drew a diagram so that the other driver could see what they did wrong. They also added something mean about the driver’s personal hygiene at the end. After the driver got this note, chances are they never blocked this person’s driveway again.

#3 The Potato Clan

The person who left this display on a bad parker’s job much have had a lot of time on their hands. The driver took four potatoes and sculpted each one of them to make them look like people. Next, they left a strongly worded letter about their poor parking. This is pretty funny.

#4 The Trees Are Punishing Poor Parkers

This photo was taken after a storm. Sadly, the storm knocked three trees down in a busy parking area. Two of the trees missed the cars that were parked properly. The car that was parked in a no-parking zone was crushed by the third tree. Talk about karma

#5 A Very Angry Driver

The man in this video was trying to park his truck next to a car who was parked illegally. For close to 30 minutes, he was trying to get into the space. When he finally lost his temper, he intentionally slammed into the car, parked his truck, and walked along on his merry way.

#6 Parking Violation

The person who left this parking violation on a car was not working with the police or the city. They create ticket violations for cars that they saw parked horribly wrong. Not only did they go off about the terrible parking job, they wished death on the driver’s vehicle as well.

#7 Bikes Don’t Get Parking Spots

The top picture is a parking lot full of cars and one bike. The person who rode the bike used up one of the parking places in the lot. A driver was obviously angered by the bike in the space, so the threw it up into the trees. If that was a child’s bike, that is just mean.

#8 No Parking Means No Parking

In London, it is a good idea to pay attention to no parking signs. In most cases, you won’t get a ticket, you will get towed. The men in this photo figured that out the hard way. As they were bringing a casket out of the building after a funeral, they found that the hearse was being towed away. The police in London don’t care why the vehicle is there. It will be towed.

#9 Motorcycle Parking Only

There aren’t too many parking lots with special spots for motorcycles. This parking lot does have a space, however, this Ford SUV was in the spot. Instead of looking for another place to park, the owner of this bike put it in his designated spot. You can only imagine the look on the driver of the SVU when he saw the bike there.

#10 Too Far?

Some people go too far when it comes to parking so that they don’t get hit by another car. The people who saw this car got their revenge, however, they may have gone too far. Not only did they put trash, toilet paper, and silly string all over the car, they also put two orange cones on the roof.

#11 Never Park in a Contractor’s Spot

The person who parked their Smart Car her probably regretted it later. They parked in a contractor’s spot. To get back at the driver, they created a barricade around the car. They wrote, “No Parking Means No Parking” on the wood.

#12 A Friendly Note

Of all the examples of angry drivers getting parking revenge, this is probably the nicest. The writer of the note was pretty polite in calling the driver out on taking up two spots.

#13 Punished For Taking Up Two Spaces

This car took up two spaces at a store. This angered another driver enough to completely surround the offender’s vehicle with shopping carts.

#14 Where Will the Helicopter Land?

The reason for the huge circle with the H in the middle is to let drivers know that they cannot park in this area because it is where helicopters land. The person driving this vehicle thought that they had every right to park there. Even though there are empty places in the car lot, they still chose to park in the circle. You can see the shadow of an incoming helicopter. Chances are, the pilot was not too happy.

#15 An Artistic Warning

The person who parked in another person’s spot got a funny, witty cartoon to reprimand them for their poor behavior. It was cute but they got right to the point.

#16 Gone Way Too Far

The man in this video was waiting for a parking spot with his directional on. The woman driving the convertible clearly didn’t see the car waiting and she pulled in. The man got out of his car, stood in her car and peed in it. This is a man who took revenge to a whole new level.

#17 Locked In

The man in this video was locked in a parking garage. Rather than calling a cab and waiting until the garage opens, he tried driving under the parking structure. Not only did he hit his friend with his car, he eventually flipped it over completely. Patience is a virtue and unfortunately, this man wasn’t patient.

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