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Famous Supermodel’s Wild Halloween Costumes Leave Her Totally Unrecognizable

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum is one of the most well-known supermodels of our time. When she wasn’t busy modeling, she was working on the show, Project Runway, and for years, she was a judge on America’s Got Talent. She may be a busy woman, but she always makes sure to set plenty of time aside to plan, create, and execute her elaborate Halloween costumes. To help her create the costumes, she has a team of body painters, stylists, metal welders, and set designers on hand to help. Her 2019 costume left people shocked, but this isn’t the first time. For close to 20-years, Heidi has been wowing people with her crazy costumes. This famous supermodel’s wild Halloween costumes leave her totally unrecognizable.

2000 Punk

Heidi started with her crazy costumes back in 2000. This was the year that she decided to take the punk look to new heights. Her dominatrix costume included vampy studs, a skin-tight spandex dress, a wig, and heavy makeup. When people saw the photos on November 1st, they couldn’t believe that it was Heidi.

2001 Lady Godiva

In 2001, she took her Halloween a bit further by riding into a party on horseback. She was dressed up like Lady Godiva, during her famous ride. She wore a long blonde wig and a barely-there outfit. And she knew that she couldn’t go out naked the way that Lady Godiva did, so she wore a skin-colored outfit. People were shocked when they saw her on horseback.

2002 Betty Boop

In 2002, Heidi threw a Halloween party where she paid homage to Betty Boop, everyone’s favorite cartoon flapper. She dressed in a skin-tight red dress, similar to the one that the famed cartoon character wears. She wore an identical wig and wore makeup to arch her eyebrows and to create extremely long lashes. He even carried around a cigarette holder. She looked amazing in her costume, and it was hard to tell that it was Heidi under the costume.

2003 Golden Girl

When Heidi dressed up as a Golden Girl in 2003, she didn’t dress up like Sophia, Blanche, Dorothy, or Rose. She dressed like a real Golden Girl. She first had her whole body dipped in gold, then accessorized the look with metallic gladiator gear. Everything was gold on her, even her teeth. This costume took a lot of work, but it was well worth it.

2004 Witch

Heidi didn’t wear a traditional witch costume in 2004. She decided to amp it up a bit. She wore a huge red wig with a lacy bodysuit to make her look bloody. Also, she wore sparkly red makeup and had a skeleton hanging off her neck. It was one of the best witch costumes of all time.

2005 Vampire

In 2005, Heidi dressed like a vampire, and again, she wore a huge wig. She woe a tight black dress with thigh-high boots. Her makeup was incredible, and her vampire’s teeth tied the whole costume together.

2006 Biblical

In 2006, Heidi decided to go Biblical with her costume, and she dressed up as a Forbidden Fruit. She was dressed like a huge apple, and there was a snake wrapped around her, devouring her head. This was one of her less sexy outfits, but it was incredible.

2007 Cat

In 2007, Heidi looked like she was preparing to perform in the Broadway play, Cats, but it was really her Halloween costume. She wore a skin-tight catsuit, a sparkly collar, and a black tail. She reinvented the cat costume forever.

2008 A Hindu Goddess

In 2008, Heidi dressed up like Kali, the Hindu goddess of death and time. While some people criticized her costume, others were in awe. It is an incredible interpretation of the Hindu goddess.

2009 The Birds

Heidi wanted to recreate the horror film, The Birds in 2009, and she did a great job. She made sure to leave her mouth free so that she could enjoy the food and drinks served at the Halloween party.

2010 Futuristic Robot

Heidi decided to create her version of a futuristic robot on Halloween 2010. He dressed in a purple and red outfit, and even wore stilts to tower over her guests, making the costume look even more authentic.

2011 No Skin

Heidi’s Halloween costume in 2011 was one of her best, and it allowed her to relax all night. Her makeup was done so elaborately that all of her tendons and veins were visible. She was carried in on a stretcher by two men wearing bloody coats. She was a woman with no skin, and it was an incredible and gory costume.

2011’s Second Costume Gorillas

In 2011, Heidi wore two costumes. Her second was a couple’s costume with her then-husband, Seal. The two dressed like gorillas, and the costumes and prosthetics were so incredible that the pair were unrecognizable.

2012 Cleopatra

In 2012, Heidi dressed like Cleopatra, and she looked incredible. Her makeup team bedazzled her face with jewels, and she balanced a heavy golden headdress. Her sparkling gold outfit tied the whole thing together.

2013 Elderly Woman

In 2013, Heidi decided to move up the clock by dressing like an elderly woman. The costume was very elaborate, and her makeup team covered her body with wrinkles and varicose veins. Her costume gave people a glimpse into her future.

2014 Butterfly

Heidi’s 2014 butterfly was one of her most elaborate of all time. The wingspan of the costume was incredible, and the colors and patterns were unreal. She had her eyes done up like a fly’s, making her costume a piece of art.

2015 Jessica Rabbit

Over the years, Heidi has dressed like some of the most well-known bombshells, which make it no surprise that she dressed like Jessica Rabbit, from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. She wore a curve-hugging dress and prosthetics to give her the cartoon-like buxom body.

2016 Made In Germany

We all know that Heidi is German, and she used herself and her heritage for her costume in 2016. She got a few look-alikes, and they all dressed the same. They came out of a huge crate that read, “Made In Germany.” Her entrance was something that people will ever forget.

2017 Thriller Werewolf

In 2017, Heidi dressed like the werewolf in Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. She wore the werewolf head and the Letterman jacket, which thrilled the guests at her party.

2018 Princess Fionna

In 2018, Heidi’s inner child came out when she dressed up like Princess Fionna. She even had Shrek by her side.

2019 Autopsied Alien

In 2019, Heidi’s costume took 12 hours to create. She dressed like an autopsied alien, complete with Frankenstein-like stitches, and terrifying prosthetics. This was, by far, her most incredible costume to date.

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