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Fans Decided THESE are the Most Hated Seinfeld Characters

For a show ‘about nothing’ Seinfeld certainly made a tremendous impact on the world of network television. Arguably, no sitcom before or after it has had the same kind of chemistry that Seinfeld had when it came to it’s cast of series regulars and countless guest-stars. And the misadventures and hijinks that they somehow managed to get themselves into.

Seinfeld was the creation of Larry David. whom you might know from his other hit show, Curb Your Enthusiasm. And Jerry Seinfeld, who was just a relatively unknown standup comic before he ventured out into the realm of television. The series ran for nine seasons consisting of 180 episodes on NBC between 1989 and 1998; and has thrived in syndication ever since.

Jerry Seinfeld was the show’s lead. Playing a fictionalized version of himself, and much of the show revolved around his personal life with his three friends. George Costanza played by Jason Alexander; his ex-girlfriend Elaine Benes portrayed by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and his oddball neighbor from across the hall, Cosmo Kramer, played by Michael Richards.

Seinfeld’s whole point was to present to the audience a show that displayed people with despicable personalities and questionable traits. Because of this, you don’t have to dig very deep to find out which characters turned out to be the most detested. While many of them were largely unlikable for one reason or another. Still a few of them managed to garner a fan base for one reason or another.

Join Facts Verse as we take a look at some of the most hated characters to ever appear on what’s called the greatest sitcom ever made. And after you’ve heard all that we have to say; be sure to let us know in the comments section down below who your least favorite Seinfeld character was.

Bubble Boy

This offbeat character was a real piece of work, if you ask us. His cringe-worthy condescending and ill-mannered attitude didn’t make him a particularly beloved character. And he often butted heads with the equally curmudgeonly, George. Since Bubble Boy wasn’t a series regular like George was; however, his personality led to fans of the series despising him for having no discernible traits that could be categorized as likable.

Bubble Boy so pompous that he would often mock those around him who didn’t know all of the useless trivia that he did. And he would become murderously infuriated when he’s not given the credit that he insisted he should receive. It is after he gave the right answer to a trivia question. In one memorable scene, George insisted that an incorrect misprinted answer to a question was the right one just to get a rise out of him. Inevitably this led to Bubbly Boy attempting to strangle George, who refused to acknowledge that he was right.

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Mr. Pitt

Like so many other characters featured on the show, Elaine wasn’t a particularly good person. Even so, she still managed to become unexpectedly attached to the character Mr. Pitt, who perplexingly misread her intentions and became convinced that she was actually trying to have him killed.

It’s for this lone reason, fans of the series aren’t that fond of his character, seeing as how he managed to break Elaine’s heart when he told her that she was a lot like his daughter, only to later treat her in a very hurtful manner. Granted, it can be argued that this plot all just to get a laugh out of us, but this still made us hate Mr. Pitt more than we probably should have.

Susan Ross

One of the character’s whose name comes up quite often when discussing the least liked characters on Seinfeld is Susan Ross. She introduced in season 4 in the episode ‘The Pitch’, in which George and Jerry gave their pitch for their own show at a meeting full of stuffy executives. George and Susan’s relationship, despite the fact that the two eventually got engaged. Definitely not nearly as intriguing as others on the show, and it’s safe to say that she’s a near-universally hated character. 

Some thought of George and Susan’s relationship plot was an example of lazy writing, while others considered her death. And the circumstances that led to it, to be senseless. In case you don’t remember, she was the one who died after licking hundreds. If not thousands, of envelopes containing her and George’s wedding invitations. 

It’s later revealed that Susan’s death partly tied to how difficult to work with the actress that portrayed her, Heidi Swedberg. While Heidi’s off-putting behavior onset; and how she failed to mesh with the rest of the cast; was reason enough to write her off the show, fans of the series also found her to be unbearable. It’s difficult to pin down the precise reasons why she’s so detested. But at the end of the day, it boils down to the fact that she simply annoying. 

She was snobby and thought that she was above everyone else who was around her. Beyond that, she was also just kind of bland. There wasn’t much to her – and even less to love. 


Kramer had quite a few girlfriends throughout the course of the series. But of all of his lovers, Toby was easily the most difficult one for audiences to connect with and appreciate. She had this one-big character flaw that made her especially loathed by viewers. She was unnecessarily loud, and if that wasn’t enough to hate the lady, she would also heckle Jerry’s comedy routine whenever she went to see him perform. 

And to make matters worse, she refused to express any regret for the way she would act. But she was quick to get irate when Jerry gave her a taste of her own medicine when he showed up at her workplace. And verbally lambasted her in front of all of her co-workers. The icing on the cake, however, was the fact that after hearing her talk just once. It was virtually impossible to get her incessantly irritating manner of speech out of your head. 

The Doorman 

Even though he was a part of some truly memorable and uproariously funny scenes, the Doorman is without question one of the most frustrating people to ever appear on the show. His whole shtick was how he would constantly lay into Jerry for looking down on him even though Jerry didn’t actually do or say anything patronizing. 

The Doorman lacked a sense of humor. He would constantly put Jerry down at his place of employment and then accused him of being negligent after he disappeared for a lengthy bit of time. Essentially, this guy was just a hypocritical opportunist, and his character was never really developed, so we didn’t get a chance to get over our distaste for him. 

Rachel Goldstein 

If you’re going to be a cast member on Seinfeld, the worse thing you can be is bland. The show’s magic was based upon it’s strong supporting cast, who made the whole experience so unforgettable. Rachel Goldstein apparently never got that memo, however, and she now holds the somewhat dubious distinction of being the least-memorable and interesting girlfriend that Jerry ever had. 

If you’re a bit of a bore, then the fans of Seinfeld will definitely dislike you. And that’s exactly what happened to Goldstein, who’s such a bland character that no one batted an eye when she finally written off the show. 

In case your memory is a bit like a goldfish’s, she was the one that poked fun at George’s infamous ‘shrinkage’ problem and then had the audacity to get all bent of shape after George got back at her for demeaning him. Besides that one memorable moment, Rachel was much too boring to deserve the status of being Seinfeld’s longest-lasting relationship on the series. 

Kenny Bania 

It’s easy to hate Bania, seeing as how he was the one who was the one to blame for initiating the debate over what actually constitutes as a meal. Some folks actually buy into Bania’s lies and subscribe to the unfounded and ridiculous idea that soup doesn’t actually deserve to be classified as a meal – and decades of absurd and preposterous debate have ensued. To put the matter to rest, SOUP IS A MEAL. Full stop. 

Aside from that, Bania’s personality, if you can call it that, was simply intolerable. Jerry couldn’t stand the guy from the moment he laid eyes on him. The man would ramble on and on about how this or that was the ‘the best’ even though it clearly wasn’t, and beyond that, you’d have to be a real schmuck of a comedian to come up with a bit about Ovaltine and deem it to be pure ‘Gold’. 


This deplorable creature was essentially Jerry’s archenemy. Newman was the Joker to Jerry’s Batman, and fans were pretty much conditioned to hate him right out of the gate. It didn’t help that everyone else on the series also seemed to loathe him as well. 

Newman lacked anything resembling a good quality, and he was completely content with putting the moves on the daughter of a man who had kindly given him a place to live. When the main characters of the show went to jail, all he did was laugh, and he even used the postal service office that he worked at as his own private interrogation room. What kind of man desecrates something as sacred as the US Mail?

Even though he is perhaps one of the most memorable characters to appear in the series, that doesn’t mean we have to like him. I mean, how could we? He deserved what he got in Jurassic Park.

Which Seinfeld Character did you hate the most? Which ones were your favorites? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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