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Fitness Guru Visits An Exotic Island And Stumbles Across An Ancient Tradition

Roger Snipes

Roger Snipes lives in England, and he is all about fitness. You can tell just by looking at his physique. From a very young age, he loved competitive sports, specifically track and field. In London, he was part of an athletic group called the Young Socialists. This is where he developed his “never give up” attitude.

Mr. UK

From the looks of him, you would think that he has been working on his body from a very young age, but that isn’t the case. It wasn’t until he was 31-years old that he won his debut bodybuilding competition, Mr. UK. Many people compare him to a young Arnold Schwarzenegger. Next, he went on to compete in Mr. Britannia, which he won, and the Fame U.K. contest.

Magazines and Seminars

All of the titles that he won garnered him a lot of attention. Fitness magazines heard about him, and they wanted to interview him. He did interviews with magazines including Men’s health, Muscle and Fitness, and Ultra Fit. His impressive physique gets him attention everywhere he goes. He has also done a lot of traveling for seminars. He has been to several cities in India, from Hyderabad to Mumbai. Also, he enjoys traveling for rest and relaxation. There is one place that he really loves.

Los Gigantes Beach

The place that Roger loves the most is Los Gigantes beach in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. He says that it the complete opposite of the hustle and bustle of his life in England. When Roger is on the beach, he says that he feels at home. He always believed that there was no better place to be than on a sandy beach. On one of his trips, he left the shore of Tenerife and started exploring inland. He compares it to the natural beauty of the Caribbean or Africa. While visiting the area, he discovered one of the island’s best-kept secrets.

Anaga National Park

Tenerife is the largest of all the Canary Islands and is the most populated. There are times when Roger gets tried of dealing the tourists, so he goes out searching for a more quiet place. One of his favorite spots is the Anaga National Park. He says that when you walk through the greenery, you feel as if you are in another world. Suddenly, there is no traffic, no sidewalks, and no crowds. He calls it his Zen Master’s retreat. The highest mountain peak is 3,500-feet, and he loves the view of the Tenerife coastline from so high up. On one of his treks up the mountain, he found something very unusual.


From above, Roger saw shepherds, which wouldn’t be unusual on the island if it weren’t for the way that they were herded. They were known as shepherd jumpers. The shepherds use long spears and brace themselves like pole vaulters, which helps them get up and down the rocky terrain quickly. It is a more efficient way to get around, and Roger was impressed by their aerobic ability. After asking around, Roger discovered that these shepherds had been using this technique to herd their goats for hundreds of years. This fitness guru visits an exotic island and stumbles across an ancient tradition.

The Cuisine

When it comes to the cuisine on the Canary Islands, Roger says that he has to be careful with what he eats. To keep his physique, he needs to eat the right things, and there are plenty of dishes that are suitable for him.

Off The Beaten Path

Roger says that if you want to get an idea of the culinary taste of island life, you should avoid tourist spots. When you visit a trendy, touristy restaurant, you will find pizza and hamburgers on the menu. To get a real taste of island food, you need to look for small eateries that are off the beaten path. These are the places where you can find authentic island food.

Eating Organic

Roger says that if you try to eat right the way he does, these local eateries are perfect. They use fresh fruits and vegetables, grown right on the island. Also, they are free of pesticides and other chemicals; therefore, when you eat local, everything you are eating is organic.

The Routine

The weather in Roger’s oasis stays the same all year long, which helps him get into a routine while he’s visiting. He says that he likes a morning workout on the beach before an afternoon trek up the mountain. He says that you can never find anything like this place in London. Something else that has drawn him to the area is the sights and sounds of the island. Roger says that you will never experience anything like it.

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