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Frank Sinatra Revealed Marilyn Monroe’s True Cause of Death

In the final years of Frank Sinatra’s life, he would often find himself reminiscing about his many loves and losses. The connections that he made throughout his incredible journey as an entertainer. One of those relationships that affected him the most one he shared with the late Hollywood socialite and notorious sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe.

While the circumstances surrounding what really went down on that fateful day in August in 1962 when Monroe found dead of a purported drug overdose remain somewhat mysterious. Sinatra’s close friend and former road Manager, Tony Oppedisano recalls how Frank believed that she murdered. According to him, Sinatra never fully recovered from her death either. Join Facts Verse to know Frank Sinatra’s Revelation about Marilyn Monroe’s cause of death.

Oppedisano claims that while Sinatra and Monroe were very close, they weren’t lovers as some have speculated. Sinatra found Monroe charming, beautiful, and funny but he also recognized that she deeply troubled, fragile, and vulnerable. He couldn’t just sleep with her and walk away as some people could. He was far too much of a gentleman for that kind of thing.

Even though they’re not intimately involved, Monroe did confide all of her deepest, darkest secrets with ol’ blue eyes. She shared with him such things as the scandalous details of her affairs with John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert F. Kennedy for starters.

When those steamy – and not to mention infamous – affairs abruptly ended. Marilyn disclosed to Frank that she didn’t understand why they cut her out of their lives so completely once she stopped sleeping with them.

About a week before she died, Monroe spent time at the prestigious Cal Neva Lodge right outside of scenic Lake Tahoe. Frank had controlling ownership of that establishment at the time.

What the rest of the world was oblivious to was the fact that she was there to spend a little alone time with her ex-husband Joe DiMaggio who was staying in the area as well. She even planned on announcing that she and the Baseball legend had gotten back together publicly via a press release that she intended to make a week later.

The press, not knowing what the big announcement was all about. Assumed that she was going to share the juicy details of her relationships with JFK and RFK. But according to Oppedisano’s memoir Sinatra and Me: In The Wee Small Hours. Marilyn would have never spilled the beans on that topic because she still had feelings for John. Join Facts Verse to know Frank Sinatra’s Revelation about Marilyn Monroe’s cause of death.

Frank apparently believed that if she had never called that press conference. Then she very well could have lived a lot longer than she did.

Just days after her untimely passing, Sinatra’s attorney Mickey Rudin who happened to also work with Monroe broke the news to him that she had been killed. There’s a rumor floating around at the time that even seemed to suggest that Mob Boss Sam Giancana’s minions may have been somehow involved in her death. Some of those men even claimed some level of involvement in her slaying.

According to Oppedisano’s book, Frank had several sources close to Monroe that told him the same story. According to his intel, Monroe murdered with a Nembutal suppository and either Robert Kennedy or the mafia involved.

More than five decades later, the truth still remains elusive. Countless conspiracy theories have been in circulation for ages. But Oppedisano still admits that he hasn’t been able to lay them to rest. What he can confidently confirm however is that Sinatra remained haunted by her death to the grave.

Monroe was one of Frank’s best friends and closest allies. When his fellow Rat Pack brothers Sammy Davis Jr and Dean Martin got together at Franks Palm Springs compound. They would often reminisce about her into the early hours of the morning. Those conversations and the stories that they would swap remained private for many years. But Oppedisano’s hope is that by sharing them now, he can show the human side of the iconic crooner. Join Facts Verse to know Frank Sinatra’s Revelation about Marilyn Monroe’s cause of death.

Godfather Actor Gianni Russo Believed RFK Had Marilyn Killed

Russo, as you may remember, played the mobster Carlo Rizzi in the Godfather films. In his book Hollywood Godfather, My Life in the Movies and the Mob, Russo revealed numerous details of Marilyn’s death that had previously been kept under wraps.

Russo claims that he had an on-and-off-again affair with Monroe that started when he was 16 and she was 23. To back up his claim, Russo produced a photo of them together at the Cal Neva Lodge taken just days before her tragic death on August 5, 1962. He further claims that the cameraman who took their picture was none other than Chicago crime boss, Sam Giancana.

Russo speculates that Giancana and the mob had targeted Monroe in an attempt to get to President John F. Kennedy. According to an eye-brow-raising report put out by the Daily Mail. The plan was to film Monroe participating in a threesome with JFK and Robert. They then planned on using said tape to blackmail the president into invading Cuba and returning the Island nations casinos to the mob.

But when the President never showed up to the resort, they had to make a few tweaks to their sinister plan. Russo alleges that Monroe caught wind of the plot and threatened to have the mob reported to the media. When RFK learned of Monroe’s plan, he supposedly plotted to have her killed to put a stop to her agenda.

Russo is convinced that only Bobby could have the one to have Marilyn killed. The mob wouldn’t have done it because they were far too fond of her. They knew that she had the reputation of being a party girl. All they would have had to have done is feed her a few pills. And maybe a couple of stiff drinks and she would have slept with just about anyone.

According to Russo’s book, a man who went by the nickname The Doctor – who was both a hitman and a genuine MD. And routinely carried out major hits for the mob. Injected air into a vein near Monroe’s pubic region which ended up giving her an embolism and ultimately claimed her life. But to the coroner, her death just looked like a run-of-the-mill drug overdose.

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And be sure to stick around for a bit. In a moment we’ll cover some glaring inconsistencies found at her death scene that to this day still calls into question the official narrative. Was Marilyn Monroe’s death really an act of suicide or did somebody want her dead for some reason? The truth may never come to light, but the question still is worth pondering. Join Facts Verse to know Frank Sinatra’s Revelation about Marilyn Monroe’s cause of death.

Did Marilyn Actually Take Her Own Life?

So, the official story goes that Monroe deeply depressed and under a tremendous amount of pressure in the weeks and months before her death. She supposedly felt like her life’s no longer in her control so she killed herself. But is that what really went down?

Well, there is no doubt that Monroe had indeed depressed. But was that enough for her to feel compelled to put an end to her own life? That’s a question that has hotly debated for more than half a century and likely will never fully resolved.

What we do know is that she struggled to keep up with the demanding obligations of being a star. And that she coped with that stress by relying on a hefty regimen of psychiatric and recreational drugs to keep herself somewhat level-headed and pacified.

Not long before her death, she had fired for her consistent tardiness while working on her latest film with 20th Century Fox. She also had a ton of ex-lovers and husbands to contend with including big-name stars like baseball maverick Joe DiMaggio and playwright Arthur Miller.

On that ill-fated evening of August 4, 1962, Marilyn Monroe had contacted a man named Peter Lawford, a British Actor and husband of JFK’s Sister, Pat, via telephone. Monroe’s voice heavily slurred and somewhat shaky. And she ended that conversation rather ominously by telling Peter to ‘say goodbye to Pat’ for her.

She then told Lawford that he should also say goodbye to the president. And to himself since he was as she put it ‘a nice guy’. Just a couple of hours later, Monroe found dead in her LA mansion with her body lying face down and naked in her bed.

Eunice Murray, Marilyn’s housekeeper reported seeing a light on in her bedroom around 3:30 am. And felt compelled to phone Monroe’s psychologist, Dr. Ralph Greenson and her personal physician Dr. Hyman Engelberg.

Greenson was the first to arrive at the scene around 3:40 am and found Monroe’s recently deceased body. Engleberg showed up just a few minutes later and subsequntly pronounced her dead. The coroner’s report ruled that her death caused by acute barbiturate poisoning ingested in an overdose. That report further concluded that her demise was a likely suicide. Join Facts Verse to know Frank Sinatra’s Revelation about Marilyn Monroe’s cause of death.

But that official telling of events fails to account for some major discrepancies that might have indicated foul play. Many of the most prominent witnesses tied to the case would later cast reasonable doubt on their original reports. Some even claimed that they had been coerced into participating in some kind of cover-up. A few of these witnesses even implied that she was murdered in an attempt to protect President Kennedy and his brother Robert.

Everyone back then either knew explicitly of the President’s affair with Marilyn or suspected such. But it’s now known that Monroe and the President were among the overnight guests at Bing Crosby seaside house in Palm Springs that very same evening and it’s confirmed that they had met up on several occasions before that.

And it’s also fairly clear that Marilyn had been involved in an even lengthier affair with Robert Kennedy. So it still entirely plausible that he may have been trying to distract Marilyn from a mutually damaging relationship with the president. Join Facts Verse to know Frank Sinatra’s Revelation about Marilyn Monroe’s cause of death.

So, what do you think? Were the Kennedys somehow involved in Monroe’s death in some kind of attempt to prevent her from taking their dealings with her to the press. Or was it the Mob that snuffed her out to bolster their gambling operations? Let us know what you suspect in the comments section below.

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