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Furious Outraged Landlord Collects Mess Left By Rude Tenants And Gets The Last Laugh


Being a landlord has its benefits and its downfalls. As a landlord, you can bring in some extra money on the units that you rent. In some cases, the rent money that you collect will pay the mortgage, and you can live in the building rent-free. Unfortunately, unsavory tenants and frequent repairs are also part of being a landlord which can be very frustrating at times. A landlord named Thomas Ravaux understands all too well the problems that landlords face.

The Tenants

Thomas rented an apartment in his building in France to a couple with three children. They filled out the necessary paperwork and passed the background check with flying colors. Everything seemed to be in order, and he was sure that he was renting to a good, responsible family.

Getting the Unit Ready

Thomas worked for an entire week getting the apartment ready for his new tenants. He repainted every room in the house to make sure that it looked nice for the family. He checked all of the fittings, the cornices, the plumbing, and the door handles. He wanted to be sure that everything was in working order. Just a few days before the family was scheduled to move in, he rented a machine to police and buff the hardwood floors.

Moving In

The family arrived on schedule to move in. They brought their boxes up the stairs, and they stacked them in the hallway neatly. Thomas thought that this was a good sign. If they were so organized while moving in, they would certainly keep the unit organized as well. After giving the family the keys to the apartment, he left.

The Rent Wasn’t Coming

The family had been living in the apartment for two months, and Thomas still hadn’t received any rent. At first, he thought that it was an error with his bank. He had a family of his own to support, and he really needed the rent from his tenants, so he called the bank to see if they saw an error on their end. After speaking to a customer service rep, he was told that they hadn’t received any payments from the tenants. Thomas was furious.

Making the Phone Call

Thomas called the number that he had for the family, and there was no answer. He called again and again, but still, there was no answer. One of the times that he called, the phone rang about a ring and a half and went to voicemail. They were ignoring his calls. At first, he assumed that the father of three was busy. He was a father himself, and he knew how hectic things could get. Thomas called over and over again and got no answer. This went on for 14 months.

Paying Them a Visit

Finally, with no other options, Thomas decided to stop by the apartment to figure out what was going on. He knocked on the door, and there was no answer. He used the master key to gain access to the apartment, and he was furious with what he saw. The apartment was stacked from the floor to the ceiling with trash. There was broken furniture in piles. Children’s toys littered the floors that he had recently redone. There were dishes on every surface, and the smell inside was horrendous. The family had punched holes in the drywall, and there were dog feces and urine all over the apartment.

Getting Some Information

Thomas first called his lawyer. He had a plan, but he wanted to know if it was legal. When the lawyer approved of Thomas’ plan, he went next door to the neighbor’s house. They told Thomas that the apartment had been empty for weeks. Thomas was furious, so he tried to find the tenants. Fortunately, they were listed, and he was able to find out where they moved.

Getting His Revenge

Thomas was devastated by what this family did to his apartment. He inherited the building from his grandfather, and it meant the world to him. The fact that they made such a mess and caused so much damage infuriated him. He called a few friends, got a truck, and began cleaning out the apartment. Thomas and his team loaded everything into the trucks. Trash, dirty dishes, even the dog feces went into the truck. When they got everything loaded into the truck, Thomas headed for his former tenant’s new home. When he got there, he dumped the contents of the truck right in front of their new home. He made sure that there was no garbage in the street. It was just in front of the house. He took a few photos of his revenge, and he went on his way.

Mixed Reactions

When he got home, he posted the photo of his revenge on Facebook and added a caption. It read, “It was carnage inside. Everything was totally destroyed. The carpet is messed up, there are holes in the walls, all the paintwork need to be redone, and we had to disinfect it all. The smell is unbearable. I had a legal representative witness the damage before we emptied the place. This is how this flat was returned to me. Living like that with three kids, bravo. Good luck to your new landlord.”
People on Facebook had mixed reactions. Some thought that what he did was great and others felt that he went too far. Thomas says that he doesn’t care what people say. This family destroyed his property and skipped out on 14-months of rent. This furious outraged landlord collects mess left by rude tenants and gets the last laugh. Good for you, Thomas.

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