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Future Toys Are Already Here

#1 The Wiggy Piggy BankThis is an amazing piggy bank that teaches your kids to save. You don’t put actual money into the pig, it is linked to your child’s own bank account. To use the piggy bank, you would download the app on your tablet or Smartphone and on your child’s tablet or Smartphone as well. You can send chores for your child to do, and the pig will let your child know when they have a chore waiting. When the chore is complete, your child will check it off the list on their app so that you can see it on yours. If your child wants to do some work and there are no chores listed, they can request a chore. Each time a chore is completed, the amount of money that is offered for the chore would go from your bank account to your child’s. It’s that simple.
#2 OlibaFuture toys are already here and this is one of the best. If your child is constantly losing their favorite stuffed animal, this is a perfect idea. You put it on the toy and if the child loses it, you can set up the app and the bracelet on the animal will make a sound so that you can find it. If the stuffed animal is over 100 feet away from your phone, you will get an alert as well as its geographical location. Your child never needs to worry about losing their favorite stuffed animal again. You can even download stories to the Oliba and they will play back to your child whenever they push the button. If you want, you can record stories in your own voice, so your child will be close to you. You never need to worry about your child being scared in bed or losing their stuffed toy in the dark because Oliba is also a flashlight.
#3 AntBoAntboe is a robot that anyone can put together. It has 6 legs and a robot body. It is a great toy for any kid who is interested in robotics. When he is assembled, you can control your Antbo with a remote control, your voice, or by drawing lines. When you start learning how to use your Antbo and computers, you can learn to write code to teach him to do different things. The more you use him, he will become smarter, faster, and more capable. He also shows feeling. He can show love, fear, and anxiety, depending on what is going on around him. He is the first robot that you can make yourself who learns to adapt to his surroundings. If you have two Antbos they can be friends and you can even challenge them to friendly fights.
#4 ToyishThis is a toy that your child can create themselves. They can figure out what they want to do, create it, and then play with a toy that they made themselves. Each toy has all of the necessary parts for a child to make any type of character and toy that they like. Not only does this toy allow a child to be creative, it also gives them a chance to feel a sense of accomplishment when they brought their idea to life. The toy has been tested on children, teachers, and parents. Everyone loved the toys and the fact that the kid is in charge of what they make and what they play with.
#5 LekaThis is a toy that is designed for children with autism. It is a friend for a child who has trouble making friends. Many children with autism have no problem interacting with it. It is a Smart Toy that will help children feel part of something. Leka helps to teach kids with autism and it is a reinforcement. It will make the kids motivated and engaged. It has been tested with over 100 autistic children and the results have been amazing. Many educators think that it is a great tool for therapists because it keeps kids engaged. Not only does it light up, it also plays music and it has a face that your child can get to know. It is more than a toy, it is an educational tool. Parents and educators can download apps from the app store so that the child can get the most from the toy. It is an interactive robot who will actually be a friend to your child.
#6 Virtual RealityYou see in futuristic movies such as Back to the Future, where kids have video goggles over their faces and they are in a virtual reality world. Today, these are available. The goggles attach to your child’s Smartphone, and they are able to see what is happening on the screen as if is happening in real life. Kids can walk through a haunted house, they can ride a roller coaster, and they can swim with the dolphins without even needing to leave their bedrooms. It is a great way for kids to experience new worlds like they are actually there. With all of the games available in the app store, you child will never get bored with their virtual reality. They will be able to do something different each day. Games can be added and deleted as often as your child likes, so they will always have a new adventure to go on. There are several companies who sell the virtual reality goggles and they are very reasonable priced.

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